1. Too many collection photos and not enough of the apartment itself. Six hundred square feet? For two people? No way I could do it! Seems like you would be running into each other all the time! Or tripping over things! Well, more power to them if it works for them.

  2. Love this tiny apartment and that they have contained most of their collectables in glass cases. Although they have a lot of things in a small space their home does not look cluttered. I have always wanted a 'white' house inside. Can't make up my mind if this would be too much if I painted the whole house, except the kitchen and bathrooms. It seems to be in style at the moment. All the pictures I see of white spaces I absolutely love.

  3. Their home is fabulous! With Toronto being one of the most expensive places to live in NA, it appears that they have a good sized apartment. I love their style. Cindy

  4. I love that they did not go minimalist when it came to their collections. A home should reflect the owners' personalities.

  5. This is a sweet little place that this couple has made work for them. Love the history of the building too. Happy New Week.

  6. It's nice to see a place with bright colors. Even though I prefer calm neutrals, I like going to places that are zesty with color.
    When I see the collections I think, ugh! Dusting all that! But I guess if each piece holds meaning, then something like dusting would turn into a moment of reflection and contemplation.

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