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  1. I love the views and the outside dining space. I also really liked the corner window in the bedroom. I can just imagine sitting there and reading a good book.

  2. Lovely setting and house, those views! Thinking of Joni Mitchell who,among so many musicians and artists, lived in Laurel Canyon.

    1. Mary, I as well. the eagles, the mamas and papas, Linda Ronstadt, so many more

  3. Lovely decorating, but too much white for me. I love the sofa – it looks like it has a bench seat, those are so nice for entertaining guests (nobody has to sit on a “crack” between cushions) and they’re great for laying down and napping. I don’t have that expensive sofa but I do have a bench seat sofa (purchased from Overstock in 2015) and I love being able to stretch out on it for my summertime naps. The built-in display shelves are great. The views to the outside are incredible, and the outside dining area is gorgeous. My one question is who would want to sit on those hard-looking metal chairs at the outside dining table when you have those cushy sofas to sit on!

  4. The outdoor space with the incredible view is wonderful. Beautiful indoor space, as well.

  5. Beautiful space and very inviting. Thank you for sharing. I love these home tours!

  6. Brenda, just sent you an email on the background of Laurel Canyon. It is indeed a beautiful canyon that separates the San Fernando Valley from Los Angeles. Has so much history. I used to
    drive thru there to work often. Sadly it is extremely expensive now. I haven’t been thru there in years so i can only imagine the homes have gone from tiny cabins to mega mansions.

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