A Small Laurel Canyon House

Betsy Simon, the founder of marketing company Marshell Consulting, happened upon a small hilltop house to rent in Lauren Canyon.

She now shares it with her fiance Greg Sadler.

In A Small Laurel Canyon House, this couple have moved into this rental house and made it their own. This is the light-filled living room.

Simon has since created a magical outdoor dining area with comfortable seating, a fire pit, and string lights. Most of it was created with found and repurposed items.

Vintage chairs were arranged around a long wood table, a flea market find, and the sofas were inherited from the previous owner.

A Small Laurel Canyon House

Betsy Simon loves sharing her 900 square foot home with family and friends.

Because it’s a rental, she says she and her fiance had to find creative and non-permanent ways to decorate and alter the space.

They had the interior painted white and swapped out some of the light fixtures and kitchen knobs.

In A Small Laurel Canyon House, this is the small but light-filled kitchen.

Her favorite room is the white farmhouse-style kitchen. It is accented with natural wood elements.

The kitchen space has stools from Saffron + Poe, a brand owned by friends.

The cabinets have hardware from Rejuvenation and a Ruggable area rug warms up the space. A light fixture from Cedar & Moss bring a touch of contemporary style to the space.

“We love being in the kitchen, looking through the main room to the view of the mountains. It’s the space we come to every evening — cooking dinner together, chatting about our days, watching the sunset as our tiny home fills with golden light, dancing to records, and drinking wine,” she says.

A Small Laurel Canyon House

Cooking has been one of the things Simon has loved doing in the year she’s lived in her home. She hosted a Friendsgiving for her girlfriends.

“I only recently learned to cook (thanks, quarantine), so it’s been nice to share my own meals — even when they are absolute garbage — with people I love,” she jokes. 

She says a dining table was necessary when she was shopping for furniture. But with such a tiny space, she knew it would be difficult to find one.

Friend and interior designer Claire Thomas suggested a long narrow table positioned under the window. It is made from reclaimed wood from the couple’s previous West Elm table.

They arranged Saffron + Poe chairs around it and added a wall sconce from CB2.

“Because the interior is tiny, we wanted to maximize the space as much as possible without it feeling cluttered. We wanted the space to be cozy and inviting,” says Simon.

The fireplace in this rental home

Another great feature is the fireplace in the living room.

“It’s surrounded by so many beautiful wood details. The original owner was a woodworker (he built a workshop in the shed behind the house), so the home is covered with his gorgeous wood designs,” she said.

The living room in this Laurel Canyon home.

The living room has built-in shelves for showcasing books and decor. They have a custom white sofa from Saffron + Poe, accented with throw pillows from the same brand.

The nesting tables are from Rejuvenation and serve as a coffee table atop a Pottery Barn area rug.

But the best thing about the space is the abundance of natural light

The bedroom in this small laurel canyon house

The bedroom is a space they go to unwind. It too has sunlight coming in from a unique corner window.

The couple chose a Saffron + Poe leather strap headboard, a leather lounge chair, and a decorative throw blanket.

The wall sconce is from Serena & Lily, and the curtains are from Pottery Barn.

A few one-of-a-kind pieces is the Moroccan flat weave rug. The antique bronze curtain rod accent the space as does a repurposed media console from West Elm.

“We completed everything within a few months of moving in, but are forever tweaking and would love to redo the outdoor space!”

In A Small Laurel Canyon House, this is the outdoor space looking out over Los Angeles.

“The location is our absolute favorite part of the house — the views, the natural elements (deer, coyotes, hawks, hummingbirds), the sunrises that light up our entire home and sunsets that turn the entire sky magenta,” said Simon.

“The canyon is very peaceful; it’s quiet and at the same time so alive, filled with the love and community that makes Laurel Canyon such a special place.”

Their home has views of the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, and the San Gabriel Mountains.

“Once you wind down the treacherous road to our home, you completely forget you’re in Los Angeles. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a lovely outdoor space to host brunches, dinners or cocktail hours al fresco,” she says.

{Photos courtesy of Margaret Austin; content courtesy of Lonny}



  1. I love the views and the outside dining space. I also really liked the corner window in the bedroom. I can just imagine sitting there and reading a good book.

  2. Lovely setting and house, those views! Thinking of Joni Mitchell who,among so many musicians and artists, lived in Laurel Canyon.

  3. Lovely decorating, but too much white for me. I love the sofa – it looks like it has a bench seat, those are so nice for entertaining guests (nobody has to sit on a “crack” between cushions) and they’re great for laying down and napping. I don’t have that expensive sofa but I do have a bench seat sofa (purchased from Overstock in 2015) and I love being able to stretch out on it for my summertime naps. The built-in display shelves are great. The views to the outside are incredible, and the outside dining area is gorgeous. My one question is who would want to sit on those hard-looking metal chairs at the outside dining table when you have those cushy sofas to sit on!

  4. Brenda, just sent you an email on the background of Laurel Canyon. It is indeed a beautiful canyon that separates the San Fernando Valley from Los Angeles. Has so much history. I used to
    drive thru there to work often. Sadly it is extremely expensive now. I haven’t been thru there in years so i can only imagine the homes have gone from tiny cabins to mega mansions.

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