A Small Montreal Apartment/Work Place


This is Danielle’s apartment in Montreal. It is 700 square feet with a small balcony. She lives on the 5th floor of a typical five-story Montreal style apartment complex.

Danielle is an avid supporter of her local community. Everything she owns has a personal connection, either created by a friend or local artist. She also loves to shop at thrift shops and collect decor during her travels abroad.

apartment resident

She is a registered holistic nutrition practitioner and works from home. Because she lives in a small home she has learned to be multi-functional in purpose and utilize the space to its fullest potential.


She has divided her main room into her office space, a professional living room/sitting area where she works with clients, and a dining area which doubles as a photo studio and a place to entertain.

The reason I chose this apartment tour is because the imperfections show. They aren’t covered up or skillfully hidden. It is a real home with a real person living in it, and it isn’t perfect.

dining space

I’m moving around the room a bit at a time so you can see the overall layout. I’m showing you window air conditioners and reality.

dining space

Danielle’s inspiration is Charles and Ray Eames, nature, wood grain and plants. Feng Shui/Zen vibes, minimalism and simple living.

Her favorite element in her home is the second-hand glass and chrome book shelf. She bought it from a man at a vintage indoor market who happened to be having a garage sale.

She picked up a couch, the bookshelf, a teak chair, and the small teak bookshelf.


Because the kitchen is so tiny she has extended her work space by bringing in furniture and building them up to the size of her counters with stacked books.

Yes, stacked books. You won’t see that on many home tours, I would wager. But I think it is part of the charm of this home. (I have done it myself and it works just fine!)


The kitchen is not styled to perfection. The yellow tile is a bit much, but it is what it is, and she’s working with it instead of against it. I admire that.

This is a real working kitchen for a resident who really cooks.


Everything in this apartment is something Danielle loves. When you live in a small home you have to be choosy about what you bring in. You have to love it to make a space for it.


Here is a bit of vertical storage on her wall. There is a shelf holding items for cooking. And below it are jars filled with handy spices.


I call this intentional living. It isn’t perfect. It isn’t styled. But it is cozy and it is loved. It is lived in, worked in, entertained in.


This is the small balcony, her outdoor space. Just enough to put a few pots or a chair to enjoy the view.

And below is the view Danielle enjoys.

balcony view

The west facing windows and balcony provide a clear view of Mont Royal to the south and north, where she is able to catch the most spectacular evening sunsets.

I hope you enjoyed this realistic home tour.




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  1. So wonderful to see unhidden imperfections. Makes me less conscious of my own home issues I am trying to live with – this gives me incentive to appreciate all that I have. Not just what is on trend.

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