A Southern-Style Birmingham Apartment

This home tour features a 900 square foot southern-style Birmingham apartment in Alabama. The soft pink and white palette is relaxing and easy on the eye.

Caroline Bramlett, a fashion and travel blogger, lives in a feminine-style apartment with lots of personal touches. She obviously has an eye for style.

A clear acrylic console table with books and flowers and a mirror above on the wall

By using clear acrylic furniture, as with the console table above, the piece of furniture looks “barely there.”

Because you can see through it, it takes up little visual space.

An entry with a clear acrylic console table filled with books and flowers

The mirror reflects light and makes the room appear larger than it actually is.

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Caroline always wanted a fresh and light coastal feel in her home.

A living room dressed in pink with a clear acrylic coffee table in front of the couch

It was important for her apartment to function as both her home and office.

She turned the front room into “LCB Style HQ”.

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Her round table serves as a place to create mood boards, look over contracts, and take flat lay photos. It’s also where she eats most of her meals.

A console table with two gold lamps and books

The traditional gold of the lamps looks very elegant alongside the pink and white palette in her apartment.

A wall of hats with a white and gold bar cart below it

A whimsical wall of collected hats serves as well decor above her portable bar cart.

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A wall of hats as decor
A corner of an apartment with a white tulip table and clear acrylic chairs

Once again, using clear acrylic chairs around her white table is perfect for this corner of her apartment.

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Light streams in the windows, giving her the brightness she needs to take photos for her blog.

A white tulip table with a basket filled with dining gear and a jar of hydrangeas.
A white upholstered headboard with pink and white accents in a bedroom

Her pink and white colors move on into the bedroom. The look is soft and peaceful, and the perfect place for sleep.

pink and white pillows on a bed

Her various patterned pillows look beautiful against the soft pink coverlet on her bed.

Caroline says her biggest decorating tip is not to be afraid of mixing high and low-priced pieces. She never shied away from shopping at IKEA, Amazon, or other budget-friendly stores.

She says she loves the blank slate that a simple piece of furniture provides.

Caroline uses neutral pieces and then dresses them up with elegant accessories.

{Photos and details via The Everygirl}

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  1. It’s very interesting to see how using acrylic and glass makes things seem very light and airy. It makes her place seem bigger and brighter. Good trick for someone who wants their home to feel light and airy. I look forward to your Friday posts!!

  2. I love seeing a Bar cart, with a vase of flowers on it. It just looks so “finished” or something, I don’t know, but I like it.
    I remember when I first saw acrylic chairs, and they were called Ghost chairs (for obvious reasons),I thought that was such a neat way to describe them. It is amazing what can be done in 900 sq. feet. Lovely apartment. Hugs to you and Ivy, from WI.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love it! Reading your blog has shown me that there are so many different styles but what is most important is to follow your own…..do want gives you peace and comfort! Thank you Brenda for sharing your gift of showing us it’s okay to be us!

  4. I would never had thought to use acrylic furniture in my home! The way she displays it makes it look so beautiful! I looked up the coffee table and it is made of tempered glass which makes sense because hot objects might be put on it! Thank you for showing us!

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