A Squirrel Caught Digging In My Rose Pot


This is the culprit. This silly squirrel has been digging pecans they’ve hidden in my big red rose pot. I caught the little stinker red-handed.


I saw him jump up there and start digging furiously in the soil. I could have gone out on the patio and run him off. But I’d rather take photos instead.

Because aggravating as they can be, they are pretty darned cute with their antics.


Just look at that! He’s got his whole head in that hole.


Mission accomplished. Then he ran across the fence and disappeared.

I’ve been seeing holes in my containers out there. And now I know what’s going on. They’ve got their nuts dug into the pots and now they’re coming back to reclaim them.

Silly squirrels. They are entertaining though, I have to admit.


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  1. Last summer I was actually able to sneak up behind a squirrel whose butt was hanging out as he was busy digging away in a large planter on my patio. I swatted him hard and boy oh boy, did he take off, LOL! They were also digging (burying nuts) in the large pot in which I had a tomato planted, so I covered the soil with a couple of layers of newspaper and then covered it with a layer of larger marble stone – that kept them out. Lesson learned. When I do my planters in May I will be sure to put newspaper down around the plants and then put a layer of marble stones over the top. Me bad, I actually invite the squirrels into my yard by feeding them hazelnuts (filberts). I get a tremendous kick out of them, they are so entertaining, and I have my favorites 🙂

  2. Great pictures. I feel like I can reach out and touch that squirrel. Squirrels are in my back yard all the time; they visit the bird feeders and entertain my dogs. They use my fence as a highway to neighboring roofs and trees. I can watch them for hours. Free entertainment and all from the comfort of my den (and when the weather permits, my patio).

  3. I have a couple of squirrels in my yard, they like to tease my outdoor cats by coming halfway down the tree and barking at them, then racing up when they have the cat’s attention. Little rascals!

  4. You got some great pictures. I’ll have to show them to my three-year-old niece. She was asking me a lot of questions about squirrels the other day and we ended up watching a squirrel documentary online. She was fascinted by it.

  5. We have squirrels in our yard. They stolen my solar yard stakes and took them up the tree. I thought it was pretty funny. Guess they needed light in their home.

  6. LOL the little squirrels are adorable but here’s a tip for you I found online a few years ago and it worked. You can still feed them and love them but just get some cheap plastic forks from the store and stick them wherever you don’t want them to dig. They get the message and it is a cheap message :to implement 🙂

  7. You’re so right!! Brought a smile to this exhausted mama today– thanks so much. ?

  8. I love to watch the squirrels as they can be so funny. My two cats love them as well. All we have to do is say “Squirrels” and they both go running to the patio door. I wonder if the squirrels have nuts hidden in many of your pots?

  9. I agree with you–they are fun to watch. We just have one squirrel that shows up, but we have lots of chipmunks!! I’ll bet Charlie likes to watch for your squirrel to come around.

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