A Steamy Saturday To Stay Indoors

It’s sunny outside today. Supposed to be really hot today and the next few days.

There was no taking photos outside this morning because my camera lens steams up as soon as I walk out the door.

Charlie is tucked in beside me in my recliner and the sounds I hear are the air purifier and the tinkling of the chimes. I sure do love that sound. The chimes that is.

There is something so utterly cheerful and promising about the soft tinkling of chimes.

My daughter and I had a nice lunch yesterday. We meet up on Friday about every two weeks or so. It’s a nice outing to look forward to.

Last night I watched two more episodes of “Wanted” and then I read until bedtime.

The ebook is about a woman whose husband is rushing her to the hospital to give birth when there’s an accident. He is killed.

She tries to make ends meet waitressing but she just can’t stay afloat with her infant son. She swallows her pride and goes back to her childhood home, where she was banished 15 years before for “marrying beneath her.”

The old dynamic between her father and older sister come into play. And the closeness that evolves between she and her mother. The story at times goes back to when the mother was young and the events that shaped her.

Ivy is cleaning herself. I like to watch her do that. Cats have this innate sense of just how to do it and for some strange reason I find it fascinating. I’d be a cheap date, huh?

I really need to clean the apartment, but I haven’t been to physical therapy lately and my neck and back are really hurting. I can pay for physical therapy and then come home and mop and I’m right back where I started.

Getting old is not for the faint of heart.

My daughter was telling me how, at 40, she’s noticing she’s stiffer when she wakes up in the morning. Well, hold on. You’ve got a lot of years ahead.

I wish she shared my love of gardening. I always had house plants when she was growing up. But it just didn’t take with her.

She does love to read, so there’s that.

Today is a good day to read or watch Netflix. I came across a movie on there one day this week and it looked interesting.

However I was in the mood for a series, so I passed it up. I think I might watch that today.

You all have given me suggestions of shows to watch in the comments and I so appreciate it.



  1. I was out houseplant shopping again yesterday. I can’t seem to get enough of them, but I know when the winter months hit I will appreciate every bit of their greenness. It is very hot here this weekend too, but I do love the summer weather. xo Laura

  2. Brenda, what is the name of the beautiful green and white plant in the first photo? I garden outside but have struggled with indoor plants. This fall/winter I’d like to try adding some house plants. It was not a good gardening season, and many other fellow gardeners here in central Illinois have had few tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., and have abandoned their efforts this summer. I’m still hoping to get a few veggies out of my container pots, as what had come in so far is very undersized. I guess I just need to pick what I have sooner because some critter has been chomping on my tomatoes and little peppers. The peppers are about 2″ instead of 4″ . My cucumbers are also half the size they should be – 4″ instead of 8″ .

  3. Hi Brenda, I am just new to your blog and so wish I had found you sooner. But everything in its time life teaches me. I wish you knew how much enjoyment I receive from your blog each day. I love your plants/gardening your tales about your beloved pets and the wonderful person that is you. I live in Australia in a small town in the hot tropics and the Great Barrier Reef is on my doorstep.

  4. Brenda, I too have back trouble and sadly now it rules much of my life. I’ve had one back surgery and now my neurosurgeon says I need rods and screws. He said though to hold off as long as I could as it’s a very difficult surgery to recoup from. He’s a really good doctor and people travel from all over to get to him so I feel blessed to have him nearby. But now I can’t truly garden but just keep a few hosts in pots. It makes me sad but I try to be thankful that I am still walking albeit with a walker but still ambulatory. My granddaughter has inherited my love of gardening and at her summer camp she signed up for a three week activity called farm to plate. She’s learned so much about vegetable gardening and I’m so proud of her for this. She went to a camp in Vermont and it was quite beautiful right on Lake Champlain. My Kate is just ten but stayed for three weeks and told me she could have stayed another three weeks she was having so much fun. It’s still hot and humid in SC and I understand why the rich used to escape up to the NC mountains to Asheville ( Biltmore) and beyond. It’s thundering now as it does most afternoons. At least I don’t have to try to pull the hose to water my hosta. I love picturing Charlie nestled in next to you on the recliner. Just nice knowing he has such moments of contentment and rest next to his Mama. I saw a little video the other day of a dog on Facebook. He was jiggling low hanging garden chimes and singing aka howling to the sounds. He was a beautiful Golden Retriever. I went to a grocery chain store the other night and found a book titled “ The Lost Girls of Paris”. I love historical fiction. I always learn something new and that’s exciting. After reading “ The Weight of Ink” I did lots of research on the Black Plague. The History Channel had a whole show on it and I always enjoy the History Channel. Amazing how tiny insects have changed the course of mankind on more than one occasion. From the Black Plague I went on to reading about mosquitos and malaria and about how many fierce armies were deterred by this disease. Mankind with all its weaponry has been brought to its knees by insects on more than one occasion. Hope the rest of the weekend is restful for you and the babies.

  5. My mom and grandma had green thumbs but not me so I understand how your daughter didn’t get that gene from you.
    I do love in my yard a good flower garden so I try but it looks nothing like my ancestors and too much time to work on it when I would rather be sewing or reading. I did inherit a love of reading from my mom though. My kids don’t spend any time gardening with their jobs and lifestyle but do read occasionally so maybe once they hit 50 and done raising children they are into things we enjoy.

  6. Hi Brenda, I visited a plant loving friend yesterday. She also has a cement patio with so many pots of gorgeous plants and flowers just like you. I noticed something and wondered if it might help with the heat from the cement. She has two short cut 2×4’s under her pots. She stained them and they really protect her pots from the heat. I suppose you can make them any size. I wondered if you had ever heard of that. She said she just bought scrap lumber at Lowe’s and most was free!! Thought I would pass it on. I am anxious for fall and maybe Charlie can breath easier then! Thanks for your wonderful blog. I’ve been reading it for years and years and finally got the courage to comment. We share a very common history along with others on here. I think all of us feel we have a kindred spirit! Diane

      1. Brenda – I had an Aunt who bought some used wooden pallets to raise her plants up off her concrete patio. It really seemed to help. Just a suggestion. At one point she even painted them in pretty colors that made everything even more colorful along with her various containers.

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