A Suitcase Of Santas

I used my vintage suitcase as a base for Christmas decor. I added trees and Santas and layered netting underneath to resemble snow.
I placed my arrangement on my green sideboard in the living room.
I think this year might be a record as to how slow I’m decorating for the holiday season. I’m just not getting things done as quickly as I normally do for some reason. 

When I get out my Jim Short collection of Santas and snowmen for the holidays, I always think of Pat from the Back Porch Musings blog which she had for years.

She is dead and gone now, but her legacy is still with his. And for me her legacy is her wonderful photos. 

I often see her photos on Pinterest. She was such a phenomenal photographer and I admired her photography skills.

We can still pin her photos, even though her blog won’t be updated any longer. 

Pat was all about family and decorating. I recall she was also a great cook. She often took photos of her scrumptious dishes for  Back Porch Musings.

Her death hit me hard, though I’d never met her in person. She was such a kind and wonderful blog friend.

I know all of us are feeling the depth of her loss. As is her family. It’s so hard to say goodbye.


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  1. Love your Santas in the suitcase … and that wonderful green paint! Thank you for sharing Pat's blog … so sad that she's no longer with us but nice that her memory lives on thru her blog and amazing photos.

  2. Wow I was shocked to read Pat at Back Porch Musings had died? She was so active and great looking for her age of 73. I always wonder why someone as active and full of life die from?

    Your suitcase is adorable with the Santa's in it

  3. The suitcase of Santas is pleasing to the eye. I think that using the cranberry tree in the middle instead of another silver tree is what gives a little twist to this collection. Then, putting it all into the suitcase was the final special touch. I hope you enjoy looking at it in the coming weeks. Pat was a gracious host at her blog. You might not have met her, yet you are introducing her to many others. I appreciate how you shared your thoughts about her today.

  4. I noticed you changed your blog style. This one is much cleaner, but does not look like you. I am not complaining really, but I find myself missing your old one, it was cozy just like you are. But again, this is something I myself would do, I am always changing things around, I get bored easily I guess.

  5. It is always sad to hear of the passing of a fellow blogger. When we visit someone through their blog and interact with them year after year, they become a constant in our lives. May she rest in peace. Your Santas in the suitcase are lovely. Happy December!

  6. Your suitcase of Santas is adorable, Brenda.
    I first became aware of Pat's blog years ago when she was featuring her house on a Christmas home tour. It was so inspiring and beautiful. She was a talented lady and I, too, was saddened to read about her passing.

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