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  1. Poor little Charlie!! My old girl Lily will be 17 tomorrow….she has good days and bad days. She is nearly blind and deaf at this point, and can’t do any steps. I have to carry her outside some days, she can’t even get over the little threshold at the door. Yesterday she fell off the lower deck and into the bushes, and couldn’t get back out. It’s not a big fall, just a few inches, but the poor sweet angel looked so confused, and she absolutely hates to be picked up so she wasn’t happy when I picked her up out of the bushes!

  2. Chi Chi Mum says:

    Very sorry to hear about your teeth problems…prayers for a resolution and pain to go away. Hope some of the others’ suggestions will pan out for you. Poor Charlie..having and being a senior citizen is not always a piece of cake. I have been out of touch with Internet..rving, for almost 3 weeks…surely missed your blog. Love the other posts about your new BOHO decor…fabulous. I am a believer in buying and decorating what you like and want..not what designers tell you to :0) .. Hope you have a blessed day. That soup sure sounds great.

  3. Three years ago my husband developed sepsis. He had become delirious one morning after being sick for a few days with what the urgent care place said was a stomach bug. I questioned the urgent doctor about that because my husband had been delirious for a short time the night before going to the urgent care. I’ve known him for close to 50 years and had never seen him so sick. His high fever would come and go. when he had the fever it was like actors in an old movie when they had malaria, fever chills, talking out of their head. Then his fever would go down and he’d be alright. His blood pressure dropped so low in the 911 ambulance on the way to the hospital that he would have died from it, had he not been in an ambulance where they took care of him. He was in the hospital for a total of 14 days, 4 days in the ICU. After a week, the cultures that they grew showed that the infection was one that can come from from bad teeth. He had developed a cyst on his liver from this bacteria that is what was making him so sick. He had no other health problems or known exposure to anything else that could have caused it. They ran all kinds of tests and scans to try rule out any other problems and then tried to figure out what antibiotic to use. At one time they had him on four or five antibiotics at once, because they didn’t know what they were fighting until the bacteria finally grew in the culture. After they discovered what it was, they said he needed to get his bad teeth taken care of. as soon as he was healthy enough to. He had to have some pulled and now wears a partial.
    I hope you will be able to have your teeth taken care of, I know it is extra scary for you with the shingles that are triggered by dental work. I have heard of other people having that problem, too. I have a back tooth that had a 55 year old filling fall out, and my orthopedist who did my knee surgery wants me to wait a while before having it fixed because of risk of infection. That is making me nervous, though my husband had let his bad teeth go for a few years.
    I hope you will feel better very soon.

  4. I hide my little dog’s pill in a spoon of baby food chicken or turkey and she eats it right up. Maybe that might work for Charlie?

  5. Hi Brenda,
    I’m sorry to hear of your recent discomfort – teeth, shingles shot, bumps and falls. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    I wanted to bring to your attention some of the articles about cats and salt lamps. It’s very toxic for them, and if Ivy is as curious about those as she is about other things, well, that streak of good health for her could end. Please do a Google search.

  6. You may want to search into a dental plan. It’s not insurance but can be used for discounts on most procedures. Just Google dental plans. Your dentist must be in the plan so you may want to check that too. No waiting periods to use it like you do with dental insurance. Also your dentist must accept care credit, not every dentist does.
    Take care!

  7. Laura Doan says:

    There is a essential oil from Young Living called Theives. It has alot of different uses one of which is to rub on teeth and gums. I have given some to many friends and they are amazed how it helps for pain! Can you see my address? If you send me your address I send you a bit.

    I just finish a book called Home for Unwanted Girls. It was a great book. Could not get it for free but found it as a Ebook at my library. Had to wait for it a bit so just put it on hold!

  8. My MIL and BIL both didn’t feel well after the shot. It was gone the next day tho.

  9. I’m late commenting but I wanted to let you know that I have a Care Credit account which I use for dental, medical and vet charges that are larger than I am able to pay at the time. One account will cover all the various medical costs including Vet. It has really helped me with unexpected medical expenses. There is no interest *until* you get to a pre-decided date based on the amount of money borrowed. But – if you don’t think you can pay it off before that date then don’t do it because the interest is awful. As long as you can pay it off in the required time period it is a helpful way to handle such expenses without interest.
    I’m keeping you, Charlie and Ivy in my thoughts. I always read but don’t comment too much. Take care Brenda!

  10. ‘socially unconventional in an artistic way’. I love that, I think that is so me.

    I love plants to, I follow Hilton Carter on face book, he lives in a fairly small apartment which is filled with plants.

    You may want to take a look.

    Glad you are feeling better today Brenda.

  11. Hi Brenda. Perhaps you can put house purchases on hold for awhile to focus on your dental issues. When dental problems aren’t dealt with, bacteria that lingers there for a long time can result in infection that can get into the bloodstream and cause problems elsewhere, including aggravating issues that you already have. I know that it seems expensive when you don’t have insurance, and I know you’ve had the shingles complicating your dental appointments. But gosh, you’ve got to get your dental issues dealt with because if you aren’t well you can’t take care of the pets. We don’t have dental insurance because our dentist quit taking the type of insurance that we had because they weren’t reimbursing him properly. We didn’t want to change dentists because he had done so much to help my husband with some issues, so we cancelled the dental isurance and started putting money aside each month to save up to cover the dental bills and did without other things. Because the dentist appreciated that we stayed with him, he started giving us a discount on our regular appointments and X-rays and so on. It’s hard when you have a lot of health issues to deal with. I hope you can get things resolved for you and Charlie.

  12. Same as what Eileen said. We are fortunate though, where I live we have a university that has a dental school and so people can sign up and if they meet the requirements they are accepted as low or no cost patients at the school clinic. Yes, you have advanced students working on you under the supervision of an experienced dentist, and you may have some other students gawking at you like the “rounds” they do in hospitals that are training grounds for medical schools. It may be an option to look into though. I maintained dental insurance after I retired. This year the premium for the year was $593 for “enhanced” coverage. The cost of dental services has skyrocketed and the insurance on most things I’m lucky if it pays half, but half is still better than zero. I had a five tooth span bridge installed in my lower left jaw back in the early 2000s when I was still working full time but opted not to take advantage of the dental insurance program offered at work. The bill was close to $9,000. It’s ridiculous, but I decided I wasn’t going to end up like my parents who never received any dental treatment other than having bad teeth pulled, and they ended up essentially toothless with dentures. NO WAY.

  13. Have you checked out dental schools? My husband is going to one know and their oversight and attention to detail is fantastic. You are never looked at by a first or a second year student. It must be a third year student with a dentist overseeing everything. Worth checking into.

      1. I know many people who go to dental schools and it is much less expensive.

        1. We had great experiences at a dental school. Appts take much longer, but the savings make it worth it. HTH

      2. I went to a dental school when I was in Kentucky. It was fabulous and much cheaper. Unfortunately there isn’t one in Atlanta.

        1. I think there is a dental school associated with UGA

  14. Hi Brenda — I have Care Credit (Synchrony) and I can use it for vet bills. I know they also have one for dental. I find it works really well. They give you “same as cash” interest free for whatever the agreed term — in the case of my vet it is 6 months to pay off anything over $250. It is a lifesaver when it comes to the vet bills for me. Just gives bit of breathing room in my budget when sudden, uncontrollable expenses show up. In the last six weeks I’ve had $1,485 in vet bills for the two cats. Nothing you can do but pull the credit card out and pay over the six months! Of course if you do not pay over 6 months the interest is outrageous. You must pay it off prior to that!

    1. Brenda, Care credit card works for both Vet and Dr bills, it’s such a good card to have.

  15. Hope you’re feeling better.


  17. Do you have a cold or sinus trouble , both of those will pick on your weak teeth . It’s happens to me , I take Sudafed, it helps to relieve the pressure, and I feel better . But I don’t know if this would effect any other meds you might be on . I hope this helps you . I love seeing your new decorating style . Thanks for sharing.

    1. I never get colds, occasionally will have sinus problems. Not often. The main problem are back broken teeth that I’ve never done anything with and the nerves in them.

  18. I actually took the same vaccines for shingles. In fact I was part of the study to see if it was safe and effective before it was released to the public.
    I didn’t have any issues with it at all.
    I wonder if the reason why you do is because you actually have had multiple bouts of shingles.

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