Yesterday I was out on the patio leaning over the containers checking for any new growth. I find myself doing this numerous times per day.

And then, surprisingly, I saw this…

See that daisy rising up above the annuals? When I planted this galvanized container about a month or so ago, I planted a very pretty daisy right in the center.

My thought was that this year I’d surround it with annuals to give the galvanized tub a quick pop of color. Then the daisy, being a perennial, would spread out and fill the container at a slower rate.

Perennial plants are all about the roots. Keeping the roots strong and healthy is the number one goal so that you will be rewarded in the years to come. Annuals are cheaper, but perennials are an investment in your garden.

The only daisy that was blooming on the plant when I brought it home had faded away. No other blooms appeared.

I figured the annuals had grown over it and not let it get any sun. I was disappointed.

Then yesterday I saw that the daisy had miraculously survived the competition of its companions. It now rose above the other flowers, having shoved the annuals aside, and taken its rightful place.

Like a soldier that has slipped past enemy fire and run back to camp unscathed.

That soldier might later receive the purple heart for bravery.

Maybe my sturdy little daisy should be rewarded as well.

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    1. I had daisies in my yard, but they took over EVERYWHERE and then the earwigs came and ate them and all my other plants! that was 3 years ago.. I finally dug up all the daisies, every single one.. and the next year still had alot of ear wigs, but last year and so far now, I haven’t seen many eating my plant leaves. I never want a daisy again! We had gotten them from some neighbors, so maybe the earwigs came with the plants and were on the roots or something. I’ve fought a 3 year battle with ear wigs though!

    2. Hello, thank you for your beautiful photos. Your garden is amazing and I love seeing the pictures of the gorgeous flowers. I want to take a minute and say thank you for having the topic, Resources for Women. I have spent most of my carreer working for various non profits working for women’s rights with a concentration on sexual violence and human trafficking. I greatly appreciate you making information for help available.

      1. I’ve been in the position in the past where I needed information and didn’t know quite where to turn. That’s why I have those resources listed here. I get emails from all kinds of organizations wanting to know if I will link them there, and oftentimes, if I think it will be of benefit to women, I do.

    3. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. The tenacity of our beautiful flowers never fails to surprise me. The single daisy is commanding and has survived against the odds. I have volunteer seedlings sprout up in the cracks in the driveway, coming out of the spaces on the garden bed retaining walls, along the curb where salt and tons of yucky snow and everything else are piled up every winter. They’re amazing – nothing seems to daunt Mother Nature. The gigantic reddish colored columbine that appeared a few seasons ago in one of my front yard garden beds from who knows where has completely taken over the area where a struggling ground hugging viburnum used to be, and has spread seedlings here and there, which I let grow as they will, for the most part. I see that the volunteer milkweed plants that appeared in two areas of my garden beds last year have popped through the soil – all month long I had not seen any signs of them and figured they’d died out over the winter but nope – there they are, all of a sudden. All we needed was sufficient rain, lots of sunshine and a sudden warming from the 30s and 40s that lingered here far too long. I hope spring is here to stay – the Summer Solstice is less than a month away, and they days start to get shorter again, yikes!

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