A Swiss Apartment

This is Isabelle’s apartment in Switzerland…

I like the vertical organization.
Her blue and white bedroom.
Her living room.
She has abundant lighting in her apartment.
A small outdoor space.

Do you think you could live in this apartment?


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  1. So charming! It reminds me of a good friend of mine from Germany who lived here for a long time. I loved her European style and envied her green thumb too! I enjoyed the simplicity yet comfort and style of this apartment.

  2. I love her apartment! Sometimes I wish we were back in our 900 sq. ft. home. Now we have 2000 sq. ft. and I cannot keep up with it cleaning wise.

  3. It is a very neat apartment. But, I would have to have more color in it. I have tried to live with neutral colors around me & it doesn't work.

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