A Visit From Vickie

Yesterday we had a visit from Vickie, the woman who brought Gracie into our lives. I had invited her to come to see us. I knew we’d be fast friends due to our love of animals.

At first the kitties were shy and wouldn’t come out. But then finally Ivy came out and plopped herself on top of her tall cupboard that looks out the front window.

Ivy laying on the floor when we had a visit from Vickie yesterday

It was amazing to me that Vickie went over and petted and talked to Ivy and Ivy talked back to her! Ivy almost never meows, but boy she did yesterday. I’d love to know what the trick is.

Shy Little Gracie:

Then slowly out came Gracie, low to the floor and running behind one piece of furniture to the next. After a time she would climb up in my chair and walk across me to the other side. She did this for a long time.

Gracie is still very shy. I don’t know if she recognized Vickie’s voice or not. After all, Vickie rescued Gracie and her siblings when they were babies.

Gracie rolling over on the living room rug

Vickie said that Gracie’s brother is twice her size. She said that Gracie is “petite.”

I don’t know if she’ll stay on the smaller size or be like Ivy, who came to me as a five-month-old kitty and grew to the size she is now fairly quickly.

Cats Do The Darndest Things:

Friday I saw Ivy briefly lick Gracie. But then before you know it they’ll be hissing and rolling over one another and chasing each other. All within mere minutes. The next time you look they’ll be sleeping on the couch.

Such strange creatures cats are! I don’t think I’ll ever figure them out. In fact I don’t think we are meant to figure them out. It’s part of their charm.

Ivy on top of the cupboard looking out the window.

Vickie stayed for a time and we chatted and talked about the kitties. She told me about hers.

Gracie spent most of her time slinking from one place to another, usually using me as her base of operation.

Maybe Lunch?

We’ve tentatively planned to have lunch together next Saturday. I told Vickie I have not actually been to a restaurant to eat since March 2020.

But if we could find a place that serves outdoor tables, that would be fine with me.

Gracie May on the rug when we had a visit from Vickie

I held Gracie while Vickie clipped her nails. Vickie also brought her a different type of cat scratching post she picked up from Target because I can’t get her interested in any of the other cat scratchers.

Gracie will play around it, but so far she hasn’t used it. I’ve even rubbed catnip on the scratchers and held her paws up to them and made the scratching motion, but still she has not connected the dots. (Then I read not to do this. To not hold their paws up and make the scratching motion).

So some of my furniture have blankets draped over them at the moment.



  1. Brenda, how nice to have a visit from Viki, I hope that you are able to enjoy a lunch date together before the weather turns cold. I don’t have cats but they are cute, my three pups keep me on my toes. Have a fabulous week.

  2. I’ve always read to do the scratching thing with their paws on the posts to “teach” them to use it, plus using the catnip rubbed on it. Don’t know why you’re not supposed to do that – never heard that.

    I have also read that some cats are vertical scratchers while some are horizontal scratchers. So some cats like the taller posts and other like the flat, horizontal ones. My cats have this one and both love it:


    They both use it so much that I have to replace it every year – year and a half!

  3. The kitties are such cuties – they are photo naturals! If there isn’t a restaurant nearby that has an outdoor eating area, perhaps you could each go to a drive-through place you like best (or make your own lunch at home) and meet at a park to eat outdoors surrounded by beauty.

  4. Very heartwarming post to read. Shows compassion, caring and true devotion to making sure pets are well taken care of. A big round of applause to you, Vicky and so many saints that take care of the weak and innocent.

  5. What a bonus – you got a new kitty and a new friend! What could be better than that?!! Cat behavior is certainly a mystery. But, it sounds like overall, they are getting along well!

  6. Gracie is adorable and Vicki sounds lovely, Brenda. I hope you two remain friendly and are able to see one another often. It’s great when you find a friend that you click with so quickly.

  7. Ivy and Gracie will be buddies forever now. I’m happy to hear that they are settling in well together. The scratching thing with Gracie, from my own experience, I draped blankets over a favorite scratch spot on a chair and was horrified to find that our cats had scratched beneath the blanket and at times right through the blanket and our chair was a mess. I found they liked to scratch and pull on a tall jute rope covered post the best. Not twine but actual rope. Cats need to be able to reach up and pull down when they scratch and the post needs to be heavy enough to tolerate the aggressive pulling. A flat cardboard scratch pad is nice too for pulling up and tugging. I use the kind found at pet supply stores. As you know it’s certainly worth the cost of a good scratch post of it saves the furniture. I’m doing well with these things for Chloe and so far no damage to furniture. She did chew on a hard plastic toy (teething again) and that’s something to consider for Gracie as well as they continue to get new teeth in. Charlie liked to chew on plastic straws such as those we get at fast food shops. He chewed it but never could break a piece off. A humane group person had suggested that to me. Cats like to bat straws across the floor too. Good luck with your kitties. So far so good. 🙂

  8. I wonder if Gracie worried that Vicki came to take her back?…..
    My dog, Roxie, was rescued from a serious hoarder situation. She was featured on a news story, and that’s when I knew I wanted her. A few weeks later, we were snuggled up in front of the tv for a story on an award given to the rescue’s founder. She was nominated by Roxie’s foster mom. At the sound of that lady’s voice, Roxie’s head jerked and her ears stood straight up. That made me cry….animals never forget the hands that reached out to help them in their greatest time of need.

  9. Sounds like here, Brenda, Buddy and Bella will lay together, groom one another and then the hissing and chasi g starts…never fails😻
    Buddy is small for his age too, wonder if they were the runts?
    We have a cactus scratcher collecting dust also, I frequently think of a FB post I saw of a cat lying next to its bed in a cardboard box and the caption is “not my fault you like to waste your money!”…true story!
    They light up our lives with their antics though😻😼

  10. That is so nice that you found a friend in Vicki and you can get together to have lunch. I think it is great that Vicki follows up after placing her rescues. I am sure it makes her feel good to know Gracie has a nice forever home.

    1. 😉 Yes, absolutely, I agree! Very glad for you Brenda rescuing Gracie! It certainly was a nice surprise!! A new & loving pet changes our lives for the better!! There’s also! Eventually, Ivy will be happy 😊 about lil sister’s arrival!! ❤ Wonderful (for everyone) to have company!!!

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