I’ve been meaning to go to Woodward Park to indulge my love of photography for some time. I managed to get over there yesterday morning.

The trees are in their fall zenith. I could have spent hours just taking photos of trees. 

I took over 450 photos!

There were lots of hydrangeas. 

So many textures that fascinated me. The front of leaves. The back of leaves. Tree bark. I try to pause to look at everything. And so many things beckoned to me.

I prefer to take photos between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. I like the way the sun hits objects at that time. The slant of rays on the foliage.

Even though I was surrounded by the city, this little nook carved out for a park is one of my favorite photography jaunts. 

Now if I can just drive out into the countryside before winter sets in.

I saw squirrels preparing for winter by digging in their nuts. They were busy foraging all over the park. 

All over town, the tree leaves are perfection right now. 

Fall signals the end of a season. Leaves fall from the trees and plants turn brown and wither. 

The textures are just amazing this time of year. (As you can see, I get excited over the little things.)

After a week of feeling bad, this was just the tonic I needed! 

Nature to me is such a wondrous gift. I hope you don’t mind my sharing it with you.

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  1. I feel the same way you do about the natural world, Brenda. It's just so varied and the colors and textures and variety of plants and animals are so amazing. If we came to this planet from somewhere else we would be astounded at the feast for our eyes and ears, wouldn't we? Being a photographer myself I understand how the smallest things can be absolutely fascinating and the challenge of making something "permanent" with the camera is something I never tire of. Even though the photo is never as amazing as the real thing.

    You are a wonderful photographer, Brenda. You have a wonderful eye for the subject and the light falling upon it, which to me are the most important abilities for a a photographer to have in order to make outstanding photos.

    I am curious about what camera you use. Due to a theft a few years ago I have not had a camera that I really like and that works the way I want a camera to work for quite a while. I lost the camera I loved right at the beginning of the digital change-over and although I have a couple of digital cameras I don't feel I use them competently enough to get the kind of images I'd like to get. When I think of buying a really good digital camera I don't have a clue where to begin. Anyway, I tho't I'd just ask what you use because you certainly get great images with it.

  2. Beautiful!!!!! How wonderful to be out enjoying nature and doing what you love. I am looking forward to seeing more of your 450 photos. I hope that you have a fabulous weekend.

    By the way, Williams Sonoma has the little counter top ovens on sale today for 40% if you are still looking for one.

  3. I know- I think sometimes I like the texture even better than I like the color of something. You have some beautiful images here and a whole lot more, I bet, if you took 450 pictures! lol
    Our color is almost gone now and it wasn't as spectacular this year as it is some years.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Brenda- xo Diana

  4. Oh I wish we had a park here like that! I just LOVE flowers and shrubs, trees, plants, leaves, creeks, rocks, etc. Every single thing has something unique about it. There's not a whole lot of diversification here in nature, in the dry country, but I keep trying to find it! Marilyn

  5. You are one of those people who really sees her surroundings, like I do. I can't understand people who just walk through life and never notice, much less appreciate all the beauty around us. Fall is just a magical season! Glad you're feeling better!

  6. I am fascinated too by the wonders of nature, as you say Brenda the textures and different shades of color are a joy to see. We live so near to Botanical Gardens I do hope to get there before winter sets in.
    Glad you are feeling better Brenda. I meant to say yesterday that you can buy (at least here in Canada) some strips that you can use to dip your urine to see if your discomfort is a UTI. It is such a quick and easy way to know for sure.

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