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  5. Whether you have a house, or rent an apartment, dealing with these kind of maintenance issues always seem to be a hassle to get resolved. And they do have an uncanny ability to happen on the weekends! Two weekends in a row, we had a leak in the main valve of a water pipe, and the attic fan went on the fritz. Looking forward to the day when you tell us you can say good riddance to that scooter!

  6. When we were going to move into this apt, apparently the carpet needed changed, and our son and wife who were handling things then prior to our arrival, let them know that wood or linoleum floors would be easier for us being Hubby has issues with walking, would be better anyway. (Might be cheaper too…not sure). Any rate they put in what is called vinyl plank…looks like actual wood and it is much easier than carpet it!! You could always suggest it…see if they agree it is better than carpet in the long run, even for them…carpet must always be professionally cleaned between renters etc…whereas cleanup is much faster and cheaper without it…hope it all works out. It does seem that troubles come in droves (not 3s as is the common saying…not at least in my life…we are continuing to have issues of one kind or another it seems, it is like every company has gone stark raving mad these days!!) Hang in there…rest so much as you can!!

    1. That’s what I had at my old apartment. But it’s carpet here. I doubt they do anything with the carpet that got soaked. Just dry it out. And let me tell you, it’s hard to get a knee scooter over carpet!

  7. So sorry about the problem with the water leak in your apartment. I find it very frustrating when things don’t work properly. Probably because I usually don’t have a clue how to fix them and because it is usually so expensive to call someone in to do it.

    I hope you can get your carpet dried out completely as prolonged dampness can cause mold to grow which you definitely do not want. I don’t have carpet anymore for exactly that reason. I have hardwood floors with just large rugs in my LR and bedrooms.

    I hope the water problem gets diagnosed and remedied pronto. And be careful on that knee scooter!

    1. There has been a fan going all weekend. But it is small and could only tackle one area at a time.

  8. Just read one of your blogs from August 2018…called When We Fail to heed the signs…I want you to know it was truly beautiful and brought me to tears as I sang the song along with it…you touch hearts in many ways..thank you for that💕Good luck with the leak🦋

  9. Brenda, I am sorry that you have a leak. Thankfully Steve caught it and brought the man to mitigate it on your side. Prayers that they can find the problem ASAP.
    Ask them to lift the carpet, and spray it with something that kills mold spores, etc, if they won’t replace it. Although I would push for them to replace it if you can.

    Happy to hear things are going well with your therapy, you will be up at at it in no time. Take care Brenda!

    1. I did think my ankle would progress faster than this. But I just couldn’t get a PT appointment.

  10. Ugh on the water leak! How awful. If they do have to end up jackhammering your floor, I hope you and Ivy can go somewhere else, like to one of your neighbor-friend’s apartments or to one of your daughter’s houses. That kind of noise is bad enough for a human but with an animal with ultra-sensitive hearing, it would probably traumatize them.

    Yes, it does seem like these kinds of things happen on weekends. Clementine’s UTI started on a weekend, so had to go to the vet ER. Then yesterday, we woke to electrical problems in the house with our GFCI outlets due to the bad storms in the night. Brian had to end up calling an electrician.

    1. We could go over to Steve’s for a while I guess. But he now has a cat and it’s being treated for fleas, so I’m a little hesitant to do that.

  11. Be careful with the carpet. If they didn’t bring a machine in to suck the water out first, the fan won’t do much and you will have
    mold in the padding and the underside of the carpet! Been there, done that. You don’t need more health problems from black mold. Just because you can’t see it on the surface does not mean it isn’t there. You are 100% right about landlords. They take your money but don’t want to shell it out for repairs.

    1. I think the guy used something to suck up some of the water, but I can’t see over the top of the couch what exactly he did do from my chair.

  12. Brenda, I hope they don’t need to jackhammer your floor. I hope that they replace your carpet, because it will never be the same again. It probably will be moldy!

  13. Oh dear that water leak definitely sounds like it could be a big problem. Fortunately it does sound like the owners of this complex are much more responsive to fixing things.
    I didn’t realize that scooter you have is three wheeled. I didn’t even think they made three wheel scooters. That just sounds like an accident waiting to happen. My husband has Achilles tendon repair surgery and we have a four wheeled all-terrain scooter. Very sturdy.
    It’s all water under the bridge now but I sure do wish your doctor had ordered home care for you from the start. Starting from when you were in the cast they would have been in the home to assess what your needs were and appropriate equipment, and then as soon as you went into the boot I’m sure they would have had you up walking with a walker. I cannot imagine at this point that you should even still be using that scooter. It sounds like this whole thing has put you way behind. The good news of course though is you have had no mishaps to cause harm.
    For the record, Medicare does not have to approve home physical therapy. The only real issues that could slow it down are A: finding an agency that has availability or B: The doctors office not sending a complete referral to the agency. But Medicare approval has nothing to do with it.
    But like I said at this point all water under the bridge and I’m glad you have home therapy going now. I just hope they get that water situation taken care of quickly. Have a good Sunday and stay safe

    1. When I had the two previous ankle surgeries, I was on the scooter and in the walking boot for six weeks.

  14. I’m also in the “it’s always something” category. Went out to run an errand yesterday & the starter or alternator on my car has gone bad. Whirrs good but won’t crank.

    Luckily my kind neighbor’s said a guy down the street from my home does mobile auto repairs & is honest. So hopefully no tow to pay for.

    Wish it wasn’t so hot! We’re still boiling & I don’t envy anyone working out in it.

    Trust me, you cannot be there if jackhammering must take place. Hopefully you can go to a neighbor’s for a few hours if necessary. And Ivy can be sequestered or crated & come with. I really hope it does not come to that!

    Going to try & enjoy Sunday since Monday will bring a repair bill!

  15. I pray 🙏 it’s an easy fix, and no jackhammers are required. I was only thinking of the mess and inconvenience. I didn’t think about how Ivy would react, until I read someone else’s comment. Poor Ivy. It’s true, whether you rent or own, homes always require maintenance/repairs. I’m sorry yours had to happen now, while you’re trying to recover. Please be careful.

  16. I’m sorry about this! But it helps that Steve is involved, too. That makes it harder to ignore two valuable tenants. Mostly, I’m relieved that response is far better than it would have been in the old place. There, they’d tell you to buy some sponges and call it good! You might mention that you’re worried about black mold developing which would make the apartments uninhabitable. (I hope I’m being an alarmist on that issue!)
    You’re not alone in the “things falling apart” department. My husband took his car in a month ago and was told the engine frame was rusting. A disaster if it fell out of the car with a full tank of gas! $1300 to repair and the earliest appointment is this Tuesday. I think we can trust this place, but who knows for sure if what they’ve told us is true?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to live the way our cats do? Lounging on the couch, waiting for one of us servants to solve our problems? 🤣

    1. Yes, a cat has an easy life. I know Ivy does anyway. Of course there are those that are homeless too.

  17. Yes, it’s always something whether you rent or own. Big, big sigh! Stay away from the wet/damp areas. I sure hope it’s an easy fix so you aren’t having to deal with challenges providing more angst. Ugh!
    I know it won’t be easy but try to enjoy your Sunday, Brenda!

  18. Oh dang it — it’s always something. A week ago I had the washer and dish washer going. I try to use them after 9 pm for energy. I came back into the kitchen about 10 to find my kitchen sink and laundry room sink filled with water. My plumber couldn’t get here the next day so had to wait a day. He graciously came at 8 am! I hope it’s not too difficult to repair and it’s done quickly.

  19. Darn, there’s always something wether u own or rent that has to be done!
    I’ve been dealing for the last wk of someone lying on my grass over by the trees! They even came on my porch rummaging thru my recyclable’s! The st light is off so it’s pitch dark way over there! I let them know that I have protection and I will use it on a peeping tom if there on my property! Nice cool breeze and I can’t even keep my doors open very long at night! Yrs ago I did catch someone using my water spigot outside to clean up everyday! Gross!

    Another hot day so stay cool everybody and hydrated!

    1. J, that sure leaves you anxious having someone lying in your yard and then having the nerve to come on to your porch! I’m glad you let them know you have protection! Stay safe!

  20. I have had several foot surgeries requiring the use of a knee scooter, and have had three scooters. Each had FOUR wheels, making them very stable. I bought each scooter on Amazon, and none cost over $150. I can’t imagine the stress and danger involved in using a 3-wheeled knee scooter!

    1. Well, if you count the two wheels that are so close together, it would be more accurate there are actually 4 wheels. But those that are close together are why I tip over. So it might as well be 3.

  21. oh dear Brenda you could have done without the leak! I do hope they don’t have to get up the concrete for your sake and for Ivy’s. Cats just don’t like noise and that would be awful. Anyway lets hope it doesn’t come to that.

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