1. Happy Birthday Brenda!!! I hope your day was filled with all you love and peace!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Wishing you a happy, contented day, filled with sunshine and thawing!

  3. Happy Birthday Brenda🎂 I hope it was a wonderful day I enjoy your post and love seeing your fur babies your home is beautiful you’re like me in many ways I have my moments when I have to change things or move things but lately I’m content and enjoying my home just the way it is You stay warm it’s cold here in upstate South Carolina but by next week in the 60’s yah ! We’re about to freeze it’s been very cold rainy and nasty outside I’m ready for spring and planting flowers I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready you take care!

  4. Brenda, wishing you a healthy happy birthday. Stay warm and cuddle your sweet Charlie and Ivy (if she’ll let you)!

  5. Hope your birthday is good…good plan to wait to go out until better weather arrives!!!

    1. Happy birthday Brenda! I just live your apartment. I haven’t read through all the comments so maybe somebody already suggested this, but have you considered possibly being the manager? It seems like you would be a natural for it. Did the other managers live on site? I don’t know how that would work, if you would have to spend most of your time in the office, but it seems like maybe you could have it set up to where if someone Came into the office you could go there and meet them. I don’t know just a thought. Anyway stay cozy and warm

      1. The managers don’t live here. They spend all their time in the office. And I couldn’t handle that many people coming in and out. I’m better off alone. If they can’t get someone I’ll just have to make do on my own fixing things or find some place else.

  6. Sending HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to you. I hope you have something delicious planned for your dinner this evening.
    You’ve made your home cosy and interesting…and comfortable for you and your two companions. You are right that affordable one floor/no outside stairs apartments or condos with private outside areas (for sitting and/or gardening) are rare finds. Husband and I looked for years and finally found one six years ago…the kitchen needs updated, but we can’t afford a renovation. (we replaced the fridge and faucet). Hoping the owners of your complex find a good manager soon.
    Thinking of you in these winter months.

  7. Happy Birthday “Young” lady….As we get to be a certain age, don’t really know what that age is, birthdays tend to be a little bit “softer” and more quiet. When you get to be my age, 82 this year, I am happy to be healthy and alive, even tho when I look into a mirror, I see “old”, but that doesn’t bother me, like it used to. Birthdays are a good thing, and I’m wishing you many many more!!!!!!! Big Birthday Hugs from cold WI

  8. Happy Birthday, my husband is 75 and I am 73 today we have been cleaning and moving furniture in the dining room and living room, we both have problems with our backs, but we do a lot of sitting to rest for a few minutes before we continue on. We are done now till tomorrow.

  9. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Brenda. Wishing you also continuing comfort and much coziness in your darling home. Have a happy forever. :0)

  10. Happy Birthday – I hope you and Charlie and Ivy have a wonderful day! 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday, hope you have a warm and cozy day! Hugs, Roberta

  12. Happy Birthday, we have 3 family birthday’s this month and I only got to see my grandson at Outback for supper. Oldest son doesn’t live close to me and my daughter lives in South Carolina and with weather and masking and social distancing haven’t seen her since last May. This is a crazy time we live in. Stay warm, stay in and stay safe.

  13. Happy Birthday Brenda! Stay safe and warm and relax the day away! Hugs to Ivy and Charlie too.

  14. happy birthday dearest Brenda!
    the picture of Ivy on your/her table there just warms my heart.
    and then little Charlie! you are loved. because you give great love.
    and that quote from Lao Tzu is one of my favorites.
    I have an especially wonderful translation of the Tao de Ching and
    I recall it from that I think!
    we had 7 inches before it was all over. new snow on top of 2 inches before!
    like you… it’s a pure pleasure to stay home. I am totally content.

  15. Happy Birthday! I wonder if the managers don’t get any backing from the owner about trying to improve the place—? Sure must be some reason so many of them quit. Love the pics of the fur babies.

  16. That is terrible with your apartment management. With the complex being one level apartments, you’d think someone would see this as an investment opportunity for senior housing. On the other hand, it’d probably cost a lot of money to fix the place up and then they’d have to jack up the rent.

    I meant to comment on your last post about your car battery. If it is indeed 15 years old, it definitely needs to be replaced. Car batteries usually are only good for 4-5 years. I know you don’t drive much, but batteries still deteriorate just by sitting in the vehicle.

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely day.

  17. Happy Birthday Brenda. Wishing you peace and joy just like you give to your readers everyday with your words and pictures.

  18. Happy birthday, I hope you have a lovely day. I lived in apartments after moving away from home at 17 until I bought my first home at age 34, and I never had to buy myself new appliances or pay for my own repairs and replacements of anything that was considered a fixture in the apartment! I support the idea of getting back in your own small home or considering going into a much better managed apartment complex, maybe one for seniors. It’s not likely you’d be dealing with younger partying neighbors in a complex for 55 and older people. I’m shocked about the lack of snow removal. Snow in Tulsa is not an unheard of phenomenon. Are there no enterprising 12 year olds running around with shovels offering to shovel people out for some money? When I was a kid that’s how I, my siblings and other kids in the neighborhood all made spending money – and back then we worked for cheap, LOL!

    1. I don’t know any kids. There are two senior places that I know that don’t cost a fortune. Both have two floors and stairs and I don’t want anyone living above me. It’s why my neighbor is moving out of town.

  19. This is cause for celebration!Congratulations and Happy Birthday my friend! What better way to celebrate than with your sweet pup and miss Ivy!
    If I ever win the lottery, and I only play the big ones, I would buy this place, 100 apts on one level would be a perfect place for seniors. I am keeping your facility in my prayers, I am sure that at some point someone is going to come there that cares about this place and all of you.

    Have a wonderful Friday friend.

  20. Happy Birthday, Brenda. I am kind of at that- I like this the way it is stage- in this condo, too. I am sorry you have had such crummy management there. It’s too bad they couldn’t take an interest in the properties they own. Happy winter day- Diana

  21. Happy Birthday to you. Your apt looks very comfy the way it is. But if you want to change it up some you always have your magic closet!!
    Stay warm.

  22. Happy Birthday Brenda🎂 ! I think you would be so happy in a tiny home with a small yard!

  23. Happy Birthday Brenda. May it be a calm peaceful day. Take out for dinner sounds like a lovely way to treat yourself❤️

  24. Happy Birthday. May you continue to be content and snug in your cozy environment. That contentment brings great peace.

  25. Happy, happy birthday, Brenda! Enjoy your day!
    I don’t understand why the managers don’t stick around but it could be because they get little support from the owners. One never knows what goes on behind corporate walls.

  26. My son in Texas made a little tent in a chair for his cat and she loves it! With and old fleece sweatshirt to sleep on and a small blanket tucked around her loosely and a blanket over to the top! Help her to stay warm! Happy Birthday. Read every day!!

  27. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brenda~~~ mine was yesterday and stayed in as it snowed all day here in NJ~~~ have a wonderful day🎂🎂🎂💖💖💖. Haydee

  28. Happy Birthday! Does that means you are a Pisces? That’s what I am (March 5).
    I’m like you. Now that I have things the way I like them, I have no desire to change them around. Eventually I’m sure I’ll get tired of it and want to change things up a little but I do it a lot less anymore now that I’m in my 60’s.

  29. Happy birthday to you. We still have the power out in Texas so many places. This has been so long and cold that my friends have lost their house plants among other things. I have learned that I need a good sleeping bag and lots of hot chocolate. Thankfully, when this first began my neighbor asked me if I needed anything from the store and I told him hot chocolate. Snow is so unusual here that it is still pretty and a surprise when I look out the window. Again happy birthday to you.

  30. Happy Birthday, Brenda! I hope you have a wonderful day and the snow melts soon.
    Stay warm and safe with Charlie and Ivy.

  31. That is crazy about your managers at your complex. I hope they can find someone that wants to put up with the owners and will be there for you guys. Happy Friday. Have a good weekend.

    1. My next door neighbor is moving out of town in June. I told Kendra if someone loud moves in or things further deteriorate to start looking for a tiny house for me. Don’t want anything over 1000 square feet.

      1. Happy Birthday!

        Regarding the owners of the apartment complex, seems there are problems if they are located in another area. My parents lived in an apartment in Syracuse, New York. The owners were in New York City and spent very little money with the upkeep. My parents finally moved!!!
        I love your apartment.
        Have a wonderful day.

      2. First, a very happy birthday to you! Second, I sure hope Kendra can find you the perfect little cozy place for you, Charlie and Ivy real soon. Of course it will have to have a small yard!

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