A Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland in my neck of the woods. Rain turned to ice and covered everything outdoors while I was sleeping.

The ice hung from the trees like elegant Christmas ornaments. Crystal glass dangled from the tree branches, more beautiful than anything manmade.

The Beauty Of Frozen Rain:

The clear prisms outline every shape. It is artistic in many ways. Like the fine fibers of spun glass.

What started out as rain turned into a drip and then became frozen in time, icing everything it could cling to.

Every horizontal space in my yard has been transformed into a winter wonderland. A beautiful and simple work of art.

There isn’t a bird or squirrel or any of nature’s creatures to be seen or heard. I wonder where they’ve gone? If they’ve found a place to burrow out of the cold and wait until the ice melts?

Photographing A Winter Wonderland:

When I opened the front door to more clearly photograph these images, silly Abi slipped through my legs and took off down the street. I hope she enjoyed her brief escape.

She would run one way and then another, pausing to look at me as if to say: “Look where I am and you can’t catch me.”

Finally, I stood on the porch holding Charlie, and the jealousy in Abi prevailed. She can’t bear to see me giving Charlie attention without her being right there as well.

She quickly found that she couldn’t run on the ice. So she came walking as fast as her short little legs would take her back down the slippery street.

Right back to the safety of Mama.

I’m sure she was quite proud of herself for escaping, for it’s a rare occurrence when she can slip past my legs and take off running across the yard.

Silly Dogs Trying To Run On The Icy Road:

I just wonder what she thought when her feet hit the ice and she started slipping and sliding?

Now she’s snuggled up in the dog bed with Charlie, worn out from her morning escapade. I imagine she’ll sleep for a while after her big adventure.

There they are curled around one another, as peaceful as can be. No mischief in the offing.

Innocent little darlings that love to get off on their own, but not so far they can’t see Mama waiting for them to come home.



  1. What a beautiful winterland!! I just love the look of your table and chairs outside!! You did great thinking fast to get Abi to come back! Good old sibling rivalry!!! Stay safe and warm, And have an enjoyable Merry Christmas spoiling those two precious puppies!!

  2. Life has been kicking my butt lately and I've missed coming by your blog. Yours is the first I check when I sit down at my computer to visit. Gorgeous photos of the ice. Nice day to say inside and enjoy fresh ground coffee. Snuggle up! I'm off to read the previous posts I missed.

  3. It has been to look at. I couldn't make it work on Friday morning though! On the upside, the sledding hill in our yard was super-slippery for the kids and i to fly down! 🙂

  4. We just barely escaped that same ice storm last night. We had the warnings though. The pictures are so pretty! Thanks for sharing. Stay warm and be safe if you get out. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. I"m so glad Abi came back when she saw you paying attention to Charlie Ross. My Ella the lab has jumped the fence twice this week. I go in search of her in the car and the minute she sees me she comes running, the darn scamp. I do not miss icy winters! I am spoiled!

  6. The ice is gorgeous in your photos, but i know how awful it is. Ice storms here just shut us down!! I bet when Abi hit the ice she had a shock, but the fun of running kept her going. Silly dog! Glad she came back and is all snuggled and warm now. Take care and don't you go near that ice!!!

  7. Hard to believe something so beautiful can also be so destructive……..Ice storms remind me of the fairy tale about the Seven Dancing Princesses as they passed through the forest of diamonds! I am sure it looked like your pictures!

  8. We have ice here, too and I've heard of a lot of people falling. Very dangerous! Now we're under a winter storm warning where there's going to be more ice and sleet, then a lot of snow on top of that.

  9. I love your photos. We are in for some icy weather this weekend. Not much fun when you have to be on the roads like I do. Silly pup – just havin' some fun with mom. 🙂

  10. It certainly is a Winter Wonderland! Beautiful photography. Today on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we are blanked in a sea of fog. Hope it finds another home before our oldest son flies in tomorrow night!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  11. So beautiful as long as you can stay home and have power. Those silly dogs. My Yorkie loves taking off. I think this beautiful scenery is a sign for you. What, I have no idea. (((((HUGS))))

  12. Your wrought iron table looks lovely all draped in an ice tablecloth! Glad to hear that Abi scampered back indoors. Merry Christmas to you and the pupsters! ♥

  13. So cold, but beautiful to look at. I'm so glad your little scamp came running back when mama was giving the other pup all the attention. LOL!
    Merry Christmas!

  14. It's beautiful – hope you don't lose power. I'm east of you just across the line in northwest Arkansas – just a few miles north of Siloam Springs. We got just a little ice on the trees but it's already melted off now.

  15. I would not want to live in the cold so the images of your view this morning were perfect for me to enjoy the winter cold.

    I love how you used jealousy to get Abi to come in.

  16. I can just imagine her surprise when she hit that ice.It's the same way here this morning and a big snow is in our forecast for later today and tomorrow. Please be careful if you go out…(Pretend I'm your Mom.)

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