First of all, Charlie has an ulcer in his left eye. I have been putting the drops in and giving him the pain pills the vet provided me with. 

He was not a happy camper the first couple of days for sure. 

We just got back from the second vet visit. His eye is still not well. So we’ll return in 10 days from today. More drops and pain pills.

Poor little guy only has two teeth. 

Abi has been called “a piranha” with her huge sharp teeth. So he needs all the defenses he has!

Yes, that bone Abi has is huge. I ordered the big bones because when I would give Abi a rawhide bone (only ones she is allowed), she would make mincemeat out of it within minutes and then swallow it. 

But when I got the bones in the mail, I thought: They’re just too big.

Abi goes after a bone like it is an enemy. It is amazing to watch her reduce it to nothing in such a small amount of time. 

I was afraid she was going to choke on one, like she did with her colorful keys she so loved. Which the vet said she could no longer chew on. 

Abi with her beloved keys a year ago or so…

So while placing an order on, I searched for bones because I couldn’t find any that looked adequate in the stores. 

At first when I gave her the big bone, it was hysterical to watch her get the tip end of it in her mouth, just barely, and walk around with it dragging the floor. 

I thought at first she would never get any satisfaction out of it, and I was regretting the purchase. 

But you know Abi. She is relentless. She figured out a way, as you can see, and is enjoying her bone. 

She’s had it about a week, and so far she hasn’t figured out a way to eat it yet.

So that’s the updates on the pupsters!


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  1. Your doggies are so cute. Hope Charlie s eye is all better now! I have two big dogs and they love the Nylor bones. The vet said they could have them. You might could give them a try. Your little ones might like them…..they sure cant chew them up very fast 🙂

  2. So sorry about Charlie's eye. I sure hope it gets better. I bought some bones about that size for my toypoodles, but they have something to help digestion. A little more money, but it takes my girl poodle longer to tear them apart now. xoxo

  3. I have been swamped with family things, and I haven't visited my favorite peeps. I didn't know Charlie had been sick. I hope his eye heals quickly! I can just see Abi lugging that bone around. LOL I have a cat now. Gladys. :-0

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