I guess I forgot to tell you all about this little disaster with Abi. It happened a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve told you about the problem with mice here. Well, maintenance put some of those sticky black things in here. I understand they’re called glue boards, after googling them.

On a recent Friday night I was relaxing in the bath tub when I heard this manic scratching sound. I look up and see Abi is pawing at herself on the floor in the hall. 

Staring at me as if to say: “Help, Ma!” 

I think: Well, what on earth? And quickly get out of the tub.

(Here she is yesterday. Can you see where Charlie is?)

It took me a minute or so to figure out the problem, because she was frantically clawing at herself. Then I realize that she’s stuck to one of those mouse sticky things. I mean REALLY stuck.

Lordy Pete.

She had tried to chew it and had it all over her, and she was sticking to herself. Paws to face, etc. You get the picture. And it was in pieces because of her chewing it. 

I was not thrilled to be faced with this just after my nice relaxing bath. But I didn’t have any choice in the matter. 

I didn’t know if it would harm her. So my heart was racing as I grabbed up the scissors and took her where I could see the situation in a bright light.

It took forever to cut her fur away from that darned thing! It was stuck to me by then. To the scissors, to the bathroom sink. To everything we came in contact with.

After that I can tell you I got all of those things out of here. 

I called maintenance and they said it wouldn’t hurt her. Just stick to her. 

Yes, well I knew that. Still I worried. But she seems to be okay a few weeks later.

You can imagine what her fur cut looks like. Choppy. Like a toddler took the scissors to her. Andrew could have easily done this job.

Charlie never seems to get in these messes. He only perks up at the sight of another dog or a cat or a squirrel.

Maybe Abi is just more curious about things. Or maybe it was her way of getting attention. 

I don’t recall, but perhaps I had gone out that day. 

Sometimes she finds ways to punish me for leaving her, like shredding papers she manages to get to.

Well, she punished both of us that time for sure.

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  1. Years ago we built a new house and mice showed up. I was told because it was a new development, they went into the houses while it was being built. The exterminator treated the attic because that's where they nest and come down in the walls looking for a way to enter the house.
    I have asthma, so peppermint oil is out of the question by I swear by those plug in devices for pest.

  2. Poor little Abi!! I have to say, I was laughing my face off reading this – I can just imagine her little furry face stuck to the glue trap, oh my!! I use "The Better Mouse Traps" at home, baited with peanut butter, and they really are the best I've found. I hate the glue traps, and I hate the wooden ones with the wire contraption. Unfortunately, living in the country, we get mice. They come in when it gets cold, so I keep traps set in certain spots and just check them daily.

  3. Poor Abi. I can't imagine the panic she was going through. I know how the Momma feels though. Oh but the other question—-where is Charlie. I take it he is under the red blanket??

  4. Our pups are like toddlers…and seem to need supervision all of the time. Well Brenda…there is never a dull moment with you and your fur babies. I hope all is well now…and the fur will grow back like a kids bad haircut. My brother cut up the middle of his hair as a three year old…and my mother took him to get his hair buzzed, as in a burr haircut. I still remember that. I thought it was funny as a sister, but my mother did not. Dad said…you have no choice, take him to the barber shop. Those mouse sticky things are horrible for dogs and people. 🙂 Sheila

  5. LOL- Well, just like kids- there is always one brat in the family. I had a dog that used to punish me, too. He was NOT a chewer but he would chew shoes if left alone too long. Not MY shoes–my roommates shoes…then after I got married he would chew something of my husbands. I always thought he was smart enough to think I would get in trouble for it. lol xo Diana

  6. Poor little girl…she does get in some predicaments doesn't she? I had a cat get into one of those ugly fly strips once..of course she was the cat with the longest fur…it was twisted and wrapped around her…so we ended up like you…cutting the fur to remove the strip…they are incredibly sticky…took us so long to get that goo off of her and ourselves…lol…funny now but it wasn't then…

  7. Oh my goodness! I can only imagine what that scene must've looked like! I'm glad it wasn't more serious. I would've been angry trying to get all of that out of her fur too. Glad you tossed those things!

  8. poor little abi! and YOU having to get her free from it all!
    there is a very humane way to stop mice.
    I could never find a half dead one suffering on that horrible thing. I just couldn't.

    100% peppermint oil sprayed … and it really works. it repels them and they don't come in. that and even steel wool stuffed into any hole where you think they might be getting in.
    that and keeping ALL food items in sealed glass or plastic containers… which I imagine you already do anyway.
    a friend of mine used the peppermint oil and it was totally effective.
    I used to have a thing called 'pest offense.' it plugged into the wall socket. it was ultra sound or something. it didn't hurt the dogs. but it will kill birds or hamsters, etc. and of course it keeps the mice from coming in. you might find it in home depot or lowe's. I don't know. I ordered it online and left it in my little house when I sold it. I never had a mouse the whole 15 yrs I lived there!
    good luck!

    1. Do you put peppermint oil mixed with water in a spray bottle or something? Or is there a way to buy it that way? I will look online for the Pest Offense. Thanks.

    2. I use those plug ins all the time. The only thing they don't seem to stop is silverfish. When I bought my house giant spiders would walk across the floor and wave. Gone.

  9. Oh my goodness, lol! Poor Abi. My dog Roxanne got her foot stuck on one of those once and she yelped a little when I peeled it off. I hate those things but I hate mice in my house more… but then I feel so sorry for a little mouse getting stuck on them too :o(


    1. I feel the same way. Got to figure out how to keep those mice out of here and I just hate the thought of poison. Guess I'll try peppermint oil next. However, they come in small bottles. Where on earth would I put it if they've managed to get into every room? And I've seen droppings in every room but the bathroom. I don't even use any of my drawers in the kitchen.

  10. Wow, talk about a stressful situation. I'm so sorry you and the pups had to endure such a crazy evening. I don't use such things, after using a similar product 30 years ago and having to endure the shrieking of a mouse who got stuck to it. I can understand your desire to get rid of them. Hope you were all able to chill out after that event.

    1. Yes, I too had a shrieking mouse once, and was beside myself until I could get Israel over here to get it out from under the refrigerator. Without him here, I'm not using those things!

  11. Yikes, does that mean you will have a live mouse stuck on that. I couldn't handle that.
    When I saw the picture I thought it was when she was a puppy. She looks so cute.
    Did you nice maintenance man move away?

  12. I've used them. Once Carson got one stuck with a dead mouse on it! Pam or oil will unstick it. I also had pity on little mouse whose back legs got stuck and I payed him off and left him go!

  13. I use the glue boards all the time to catch insects and whatever would happen to be in the house – they work best if you put them in places where animals or children can not reach them -mainly in corners as the bugs and critters seem to run alongside the walls. Tuck them behind a couch or under it – behind furniture behind the refrigerator etc – your dogs will not be able to reach them and they can still do their job – I change them out every 4 months or so and they always have spiders in them and little things you normally do not see even when you keep a clean house

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