1. So glad little Abi didn't tear her ACL again – now if you can only keep her from jumping until this heals – good luck with that!

  2. Poor Abi! She has had it rough lately! Glad that it is only a sprain!! Prayers for her to get well soon!! Make sure that you both get some rest! Prop your foot up! Thinking of you!

  3. YAYYY! good news all the way around!
    and if you ever want a second career after interior design…
    you should be a pet photographer. abi there… so BEAUTIFUL!

  4. So happy to her Abi just has a sprain and not a tear. Woooo that was good news. I hope the meds help her and everyone in your cottage start to feel better for the holidays. Have a great weekend.

  5. So happy to hear that Abbi will not need surgery! Hopefully she will soon be back to normal. Good idea about the coffee table…glad your SIL could help out.

  6. HI Brenda! I'm sorry to hear about little Abi but glad her condition wasn't worse. I know you're taking care of her. Take care.
    Shelia 😉

  7. These are some good developments. Hope you and the pups have a restful weekend. It will be good to get the coffee table out of the way. It doesn't sound like you ask your son-in-law to do too much and I bet he will be fine with helping. You're providing him an opportunity to do a good deed!

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