We’re back from the vet. Abi does not have diabetes. They said it was low normal. The vet gave her an antibiotic shot since she could not tolerate the pills he gave her Saturday.

So good news there. I am relieved about that. She did not pee the bed last night thank goodness. But you know what? My pets are family to me. I do what I have to.

I take care of them to the best of my abilities. I am responsible for their welfare and I take that duty seriously. So when they have “accidents” I am quick to assure them that it is okay, no problem.

I have to show you a photo my daughter sent me of Andrew at a baseball game or practice, I’m not sure which.

It just goes to show you how children are so pure when they’re young. If they’re corrupted, it happens later on. At age four, they’re just so innocent and good.


The face you see is Andrew’s. Isn’t that the sweetest photo? Two four year old boys holding hands. It just melts my heart to look at it.

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  1. So happy to hear the good report on Abi. We have an Abbey too who is a collie and 9 years old. She has a peeing problem too and is on Proin . It has really helped her. You are a very good steward of your pets!!!
    what a sweet picture of Andrew.!

  2. So glad to hear that Abi doesn’t have diabetes. Is she on Prednisone? That makes them extra thirsty plus makes them pee a lot more, too.

    That photo of Andrew and his friend is absolutely precious.

  3. Loved the picture of your grandson!

    We owned a pug that had bladder issues. We had tried special food and even had to have a operation for the removal of a bladder stone. Long story short, a wonderful vet gave us some wonderful advice that worked for us. We started giving our pet distilled or mineral free bottled water. No more bladder infections! Sometimes it can be something simple that works. Hope she feels better soon.

  4. Brenda, I’m so glad Abi doesn’t have diabetes and let’s hope she is feeling better quickly. I agree with you; pets are family and you take care of them like their your children. Your grandson looks so sweet and that is a wonderful age of innocence with no cares in the world. I hope your weather is nice enough today that you can sit out on your patio and enjoy all of your flowers and plants. Carol

  5. Andrew and friend are just so sweet looking, holding hands. He is such a special grandchild, don’t you know!
    The passion flower is so beautiful that it looks artificial. My niece has had passion flower vines for years and she just loves them.
    Wishing Abi a speedy recovery, Brenda.

  6. I used to teach the littles, from preschool to first grade and there are honestly more moments like this than not. It’s a wonderful age. So precious.

  7. You know I love my furry babies and would do anything for them also. So glad Abi got a shot and isn’t diabetic. Praying she feels better soon. Oh I do love the innocence of children. My Tiger is always standing up for the underdog in his classroom. It makes my heart smile. Hugs!

  8. Sweet, sweet innocence of youth! Love it. So happy about Abi. You’re right about never punishing. My doggie pooped in the kitchen last night. I came in, cleaned it up and blamed myself for not monitoring her better. She’s innocent, too.

  9. I do hope Abi gets well soon and glad she does not have diabetes. Diabetes is serious, poor Lexi is nearly blind now. She is content, eats and sleeps well and has a dry bed. She has special food and gets two injections of human insulin daily. Someone said”just put her down”. Our dogs are family and we will do our best to keep her with us as long as possible. She will be eleven in July. I love the picture of your boy with his pal, very cute.

  10. The photo of Andrew and the other little boy is just the sweetest!
    So glad to read that Abi is better, and yes, our pets are definitely family members and we do what we need to do. I feel exactly the same way about my furry kids.

  11. Hi Brenda – I am also so happy that Abi doesn’t have diabetes. Hope that the injection will help her recover, and totally agree with you on the care of our beloved fur friends. We care for them, they care for us.
    And how beautiful is the passion flower! My dad grew them when I was a child – if I recall correctly, they have a pleasant scent.
    And the photo of Andrew – priceless. If only we could all be so loving.

    1. Thank you for letting us know that Abi is not diabetic! I read your earlier post and was worried about her because it can be difficult having a diabetic pet. Brenda you are a very good pet Mama and you should be proud! Our pets depend on us just like our children did when young. Abi and Charlie are lucky to have you! I love the picture of Andrew – so sweet!

  12. So relieved Abi doesn’t have diabetes! I fully get the pets are family and we do what we have to do for them and put up with their little quirks and unusual circumstances. Brenda, the photo of Andrew and his friend is precious!

  13. Glad to hear Abis on the mend.
    I 100% agree on giving our fit babies the best we can,my adult children tease me that they must be pretty close to adding a Bella and Buddy Gaudreau wing to the bets office,lol
    Don’t you wish that innocence could be carried through life?A previous photo for sure and a very adorable little man
    Enjoy your patio, spring has finally sprung here in New York too!

  14. such wonderful news about Abi that it’s not diabetes!
    you always take care of them so quickly if anything is wrong and that is so admirable. she surely will be her little photo bombing selfie-loving self again soon!
    and Andrew. always a delight. that picture of two friends is darling. but then all of his pictures are! thank you for letting us know today how it went with Abi! xo

  15. So happy to hear the Abi is doing better! It is so hard when pets get old but I completely agree with you, my pets are my kids, my family. I do whatever I have to do to keep them healthy, and safe and even thought I do not like to clean up sick or other bodily messes I do it because I love them.

    On another note, your grandson is adorable. That photo is beautiful! Life before the world corrupts you!

  16. What a great photo of Andrew and his friend and it is wonderful to see them young, innocent and just having a good time.

    Great news regarding Abi. I would think after the shot that she will feel much better soon.

  17. I am happy Abi is okay. We have two mini dachshunds , brother and sister. We do anything for them. We take being pet parents very seriously. They have seen me through tough times with my MS.


  18. Hope Abi is feeling better! Our fur babies are just that – our babies. We take care of them the best way we know how. Love the picture of your grandson. I read your blog everyday and I love it!

  19. Oh I’m so glad Abi doesn’t have diabetes, I was awfully worried about your sweet pupster!! What an adorable photo, I love to see Andrew and his little friend they are just so cute and innocent!!

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