I captured a mockingbird at the little bird bath. I had to be quick and so the photos aren’t as straight as I’d like. Oh well.

Then a squirrel came to get a drink. At first the squirrel didn’t have a lot of company.

But then all these birds started flying in, all upset about the squirrel being there. They don’t like to share.


I love to watch nature. Never seems to be a dull moment. In my book, it’s the best entertainment there is.


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  1. THAT is funny to see the birds all in a frenzy and flapping their wings.. the squirrel is so oblivious. You're so lucky to have birds there. We don't have much action as far as birds right now in central Oregon as is SO cold! Down in the teens at night… I see a bird flying up high now and then and wonder where they go to get warm! A heated bird bath is a good idea. Hum.m.m.m never thought of that.. I'm sure they would appreciate it. My 3 cats would too…………. Marilyn

  2. Sometimes watching nature in action is better than watching TV, isn't it? You really got some good pictures while they were all in action!

    Hope you have a great night, Brenda. xo Diana

  3. I agree about watching nature being great entertainment. The pictures may not be perfect in your book, but they sure give a good account of the activity around the fountain. The thing I laughed about and think is hilarious is that the birds' activity doesn't phase that darn squirrel! He seems to be totally oblivious to them!

    I am also amazed that you still have a few blooms on your patio. Here, we have finally been blanketed in some snow and it's so darn cold you don't want to step out to get the mail. The snow is staying on the trees and bushes and looks quite pretty. Hopefully it won't melt and make mud before Christmas! That is my least favorite part of winter in these parts.

  4. I have heated bird baths in my yard for the birds in the winter and they really enjoy it. I was told birds need water more than food in winter?
    your bird bath is real cute and glad the squirrel got a drink also. I watch my birds everyday

  5. My feeders have been very busy, with lots of blue jays, chickadees, juncos, mourning doves, and nuthatches. They love the heated birdbath right now also, and I have to refill it about twice a week! I sure do love watching them in winter! I can't believe you still have flowers….we got about 6 inches of snow Sat and more expected tonight. Looks like it might be a white Christmas after all!

    1. I don't have the diversity of birds that you have right now. Aside from sparrows, I see a mourning dove here and there, blue jays and mockingbirds for the most part.

  6. I love watching nature. When I sit at my sewing machine, I look out the window at my bird feeders and bird bath. Squirrels like to mess around with my bird too. 100% satisfying!!

  7. The birds trying to shoo away the squirrel are hilarious.
    Our avian neighbors amuse me, too. We don't have squirrels, though we have lots of geckos, which are pretty funny. They are hibernating now, and their return will be a sign of impending summer. Months until that comes.

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