The sky is overcast and the rain has stopped for now. We had rain over the weekend. Made my patio plants happy anyway.

I didn’t go anywhere at all except my patio, which is usually enough for me. Just to walk among the flowers and herbs and pluck the spent flowers and smell the pungent herbs.

It is my own little piece of heaven, an oasis of comfort. A balm for the soul.

Tiny Diamonds:

This photo is a little blurry because of the light. But if you look closely you can see the rain drops on the smaller gerbera daisy.

It shines like crystals, like diamonds piercing the flower.

A Fanciful Place:

A garden is a fanciful place. My imagination seems to go a bit wild in such a place, where Mother Nature reigns and perhaps little garden fairies hide beneath the leaves.

Beauty has been restored after the hard winter. Except for the empty space in the corner by the alley where last year my lovely yellow roses bush would be full of buds.

But the winter killed it. As I suppose it has my Gingko Biloba Butterfly tree as well. Though when I scrape the bark with my fingernail I still see green underneath.

There are always casualties when you are dealing with living things. You have to mourn them and let them go and look ahead to other gardens.

To what you can restore. And what you can’t restore, then beautify in some other way.

Acts Of Nature:

Because acts of nature always win.

Just like the twining vines will climb and reach and grab onto whatever it can like a strong fist. Such a thin vine and it takes such a mighty hold.

It’s all so amazing, I think.

The Beauty Around Us:

The butterflies and bees and hummingbirds. The beauty around us.

We must try to protect what we have the power to protect, the wonders of nature.

To protect and maintain ecological balance, there must be a concerted effort to use natural resources in a sustainable manner. Which is up to all of us.

“What’s the difference between people who see and seek gaps and those that see and seek bridges? The first stops and stays on the side. The second, crosses and reaches new worlds. – Richie Norton

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  1. So true…hope you can find another rose or other nice tree or plant to replace the yellow rose!!

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