I’ve been having a ball adding red transferware to my red and white kitchen. One day I just thought to myself: I’d love to have red and white transfer ware.

And then before you know it I was on Etsy and eBay hunting pieces down!

Beginning The Search:

I didn’t have room in my open kitchen cabinets for too many pieces of a new collection. I just wanted to add a bit of pattern and history to my solid white dishware.

The first red and white pattern I added was with the four rose plates one of you gifted me a long time ago. I’m still just smitten with them! See them below on bottom shelf.

Looking at those four red and white rose plates day in and day out gave me the idea to branch out to red and white transfer ware.

One Piece At A Time:

Next to those salad plates, to the left, you can see red transfer ware bread plates lining the back of the open cabinet.

Below are two plates I found, but the shelves are too short to stand them up for display, so they’re just mixed in with my horizontal white dishes.

I Could Only Find Two Of These Plates:

Then I was off to the races. I found salad plates, as you can see below.

When you find something for your collection it’s usually not the exact number you want. So mostly I’ve opted for 2 or 4 of one particular piece.

I’ll make do with that and maybe add to my full sized plates along the way.

Pot Planters Mixed In:

As I was looking for red transferware I happened upon the red and white pot planters on Amazon.com.

I ordered them, not really to use as planters, but for storage in my kitchen.

The one above holds a faux plant. Below on the counter top the smaller one holds kitchen utensils.

You can find the set here at Amazon.com. The photo below is how they look on the site.

One Of My First Finds:

Then I found the little creamer below. I just love it. It’s so cute and fits right in.

And then slowly but surely as I perused Etsy and eBay, I filled out my small collection of red transferware pieces for my open kitchen cabinets.

I don’t have room for much more than what I currently have. Maybe I will think about adding egg cups or something else that’s small at some point.

But for now I’m happy with my little red and white transferware collection.

Then I found the regular size creamer you see above. I only paid around $10 for that one!

And last but not least, I found the sugar bowl last week on Etsy.

There is no right or wrong way to combine a new collection with what you already have. In this instance, dishes.

Just collect what you like and find a way to display it in your home.

I’ve had so much fun mixing in my new finds.

Every time I walk into my kitchen, I am delighted with what I see in my open kitchen cabinets. The added transferware has given my kitchen a little bit of history.

Transferware is a style of decorated china created to sell to the emerging middle class of the Industrial Revolution in England. First produced in the late 1700s, the style caught on and has remained popular since the early 1800s.

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  1. I inherited three red and white pieces by Masons Vista England! Love them. Wish I could send pic. I keep looking for matching pieces. It’s like a treasure hunt! Love your display!

  2. What a bright and happy display. I can see how it would bring you joy every time you see it.

  3. This is beautiful….I love blue so maybe I will look for some blue pieces…I enjoy your blog so much!

  4. Your collection is delightful and I’m glad it brings you joy every day. I’m personally drawn to the creamer and sugar dish… the patterns are very nice. Thank you for sharing your collection.

  5. I love red transferware. What you have added is a wonderful mix. It is so fun to make a beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  6. I love it! I never realized those dishes were called transfer ware. Now I’ve been looking it up and I think I’ve fallen in love. Good eye as always, Brenda.

  7. That is a good addition to your cabinets. I have been wanting to add a few red and white dishes along with blue and white ones. I have always loved collecting dishes, too.

  8. My favorite color is red. I have a lot of all through our home. Your transferware is beautiful. I am jealous!! I don’t have even one piece. Maybe someday, but I am cramped for space like you are. When something new comes in, something has to go. I love thinking outside the box to make old things look new again. Have a beautiful day!

  9. I think your touches of transferware are just enough. Anymore than that, and I think the busy pattern would be “too much”. What you have looks so pretty mixed in with all your other dishware. Half the fun is the hunting and collecting, isn’t it?

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