1. Brenda I absolutely adore your green sideboard. I too am a big believer that plants can make a house a home.

    Thank you so very much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence really helped to make it very special. I hope you will return again and again.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I think green plants just make your home. Since I'm not a big fan of winter, my plants help remind me that Spring will arrive soon!

  3. Love the arrangement of your living room…it looks so much bigger! Yet, it still looks warm and cozy! Your palm and the other plants really complete your space. I have to have plants in my rooms…and my kitty…half Maine coon…leaves them alone, except for the palms. He destroys them! 😉

  4. The shelves behind your couch are perfect there, Brenda. I love the whole new look 🙂

    I do have house plants, so that will go back out in the Spring and some that stay indoors.


  5. Your plants are so pretty and add a nice fresh feeling to your apartment. I brought in some ferns and geraniums for the winter and they make me so happy! 🙂


  6. Brenda- you have inspired me . I am going to copy the palm you used.
    There are lots of palms in the Rio Grande Valley.
    Thank you for joining our Thoughts of Home on Thursday party Brenda!

  7. I don't have any live plants in my home anymore but i do have some fake ones. They're more my style since I don't have to take care of them. Ha! Your living room looks so pretty! I love that white trunk coffee table too.

  8. I so love your space. I try and add plants too……sometimes I am successful with them and sometimes not!

  9. I really like your new arrangement, and your new plants are fantastic. They sure do make a pretty room even prettier. I know what you mean about a door and wanting light coming in. When we bought this home, it came with solid 6 panel doors. I replaced both front and back, with the front door now full decorative glass, and back door 3/4 top window with grids. They were close to $3000 with installation, but they are beautiful and I Love them. My rooms are much brighter, and the sun can shine in, giving our cat a nice sunny spot to take a nap. Good luck with yours, it will be so worth it….

    1. I know many people wouldn't pay for stuff for a rental apartment. I've bought new faucets for the kitchen/bathroom. Bought my own toilet before I moved in because I had to have a tall one for my ankle. I say embrace your space. Even if you rent, you need to be able to love your home.

  10. Brenda, I can't concentrate on the plants because your apartment is so darn cute! Well cute isn't the right word. I really like it.

    Thank you for joining us at TOHOT and for helping spread the word. You are a gem in blog world. 🙂

  11. I love plants and these look beautiful in your space! If you don't mind suggesting some easy ones to grow, I would appreciate it! I don't have a green thumb at all but seem to do well with ivy. 🙂

    You have such a talent for arranging furniture in small spaces. I love that trunk!


    1. You can Google easiest plants to grow. That would give you more detailed info. I want to do succulents inside, but don't have much experience.

  12. Love your sideboard. Is there a chance I could still buy one? The color is gorgeous. When I look at the cow picture I am drawn to it. Wonder why? I do not know but love it. Thanks for any help you can give. I cannot decorate worth a hoot but you sure can. I enjoy visiting your site and all the changes you make.

    1. The sideboard is actually a pretty cheap piece I bought from Ashley. It came with other pieces. It was black. For years it was black. So glad I painted it! Just find one similar and paint it that color.

  13. I love house plants and always have a few around. I had to be careful because Charlie loved to eat them and many are poisonous. I got some tulips today to brighten up my room.

    1. I looked for tulips at Walmart. They didn't have any I liked, so I got a bouquet of various flowers. Gotta do for yourself for Valentine's Day!

  14. I have very little direct light. We were sent a huge peace lily for my mother in laws funeral
    . Hank kept chewing on it. I checked the poison list and it was on it. I gave it to my mother.
    I like the green chest.
    Why do you have to pay that much to fix the door. Can't the management pay for at least part of it. Would a new door be cheaper.
    I like your room arrangement. It makes your space look so much bigger.

    1. A new door wouldn't help. It's the surface underneath it. No, they rarely pay for anything. It's a Dallas corporation. One reason I want it done is so I will have more light. I only have four windows in my whole apartment. My accountant says I can deduct 25%. Lots of things I buy I get to deduct.

  15. Brenda, I love the green chest, I think I wanna steal it, LOL. You are so talented, such beautiful arrangements you come up with. The plants are such a great addition to your home. Love it ALL!

    1. HONESTLY Brenda, I think you are the best blogger out there!!! LOVE your newsletter, each time I open your mail I'm so pleased to see what's next. Yes I would love that green….maybe!!!!

  16. I do well with plants outdoors, but have been trying more indoors lately. They really do make a room come alive and feel fresh. Yours are beautiful.

  17. Crikey! You mean the gent is charging you all that money to repair your old door? Seems like a lot but then, I'm not sure what a good rate should be.
    I cannot have house plants because the dust, molds and fungi present in all soils drive my allergies wild.
    I love the look of them though.

    1. Well, you see when I moved in here I had this same guy install a storm door for me. Because living alone, I wanted another barrier between me and whomever might be knocking at my door. But at the bottom of the storm door, the concrete has shifted and crumbled off, and there's a fairly good space there. So to remedy this requires drilling down and redoing some things to seal this area. I hate to do it, but this is my home, and the apartment complex sure wouldn't do it. I want to be able to open my big door and have more light come in, and not have air/heat go out, so this is the only solution.

  18. Your room looks beautiful and the green plants really look fantastic.. I love plants.. I have 2 or 3 in my house.
    The green color cabinet is great too.. and I love your red check curtains..

    1. I have those same buffalo curtains throughout. Well, that means on three windows. I have the shower curtain to match.

  19. I love the green plants, adds such a touch of spring. Will you carry the palm tree outside in the summer? The green sideboard is beautiful with those great glass knobs!

  20. Your home looks so cozy and inviting. I love houseplants, too, and think they add so much to a home. But I have to be careful and keep most of mine up high where the kitties can't get at them. I like the tall palm in your corner and the new arrangement behind the sofa looks nice, too.

    1. Everybody with kitty cats says that. No nibblers around here. Well, the pupsters will nibble herbs outside when their tummy hurts.

  21. You and I are really of the same mind, Brenda! I just posted about some of my many houseplants and how happy they are….and make me!! Your place looks amazing, love the new changes!

    1. I haven't been on a blog yet today. Had to go to the grocery, then sit here while the "door" guy did my bid, which seemed to take forever.

  22. There's nothing that gives softness and life to a room more than plants…even good fauxs work well.
    I like your living room like this.. …it looks fabulous

    1. The "door guy" just left. To keep that light streaming in the storm door, I am paying him $335 to fix it where bugs can't come in under the door. It will also seal the area and I won't be paying for air/heat to escape out the bottom. And since I'm trying to feel better about paying for all this, I tell myself it will probably help with sound.

  23. This looks amazing! I love it so. Because of you, I have acquired a few houseplants and now that I have settled into a cozier home with much light, I want to add more. Abi cracks me up…always the diva.

  24. I was thinking the same thing. Ivy trailing down on top of the bookcases. I like how you use the chest of drawers in your living room. More places to store. Loving your room, very cozy. A pretty picture of Abi amongst the greenery.
    Kathleen in Az

  25. I really like the new arrangement and the plants really do soften that corner. Hobby Lobby has some pretty good fake ones; maybe some ivy on top of the tall shelves behind the sofa, trailing down the side?

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