1. I got rid of winter and brought up Spring from the basement just the other day. Wouldn’t ya know it, this morning there is a nor’easter raging outside the windows of This Old House.

  2. What a nice terrarium. I don’t recall having seen it before in your photos. I like the plants and the moss and the little nest and eggs. I used to have a terrarium. Not nearly as big as yours. I wonder where it is. I’ll have to go looking.

    Well, if we tho’t that Spring had sprung here in Michigan with the warmer temps and the sun over the past week we were set straight with a snow storm this morning! About two inches, maybe. Really?? Not time to come out of hibernation just yet, I guess. Not that I don’t have enough projects inside or anything.

  3. ah I love what you’ve done inside your terrarium ; so pretty and delicate! The last two days I was able to be outside a bit with warmer temps but I really wasn’t feeling like SPRING / just happy that it wasn’t raining for a change. Now we had more / basically this is MUD season here in PA 🙂

  4. I love the nest with the little spring flowers. I have a couple of nests out also, I have an egg tree but will wait a little longer to get it out.

  5. That terrarium is just so pretty. I like how you added the touch of spring to it. I was antique shopping with my mom and aunt today and I bought a couple of small rabbit figurines. I have them in my living room – the only sign of spring decor around here right now. I might dig some stuff out this weekend.

  6. I’m seeing spring blooming shrubs all over blogland, but there’s nothing but grey here…..and a winter storm on the way tonight. Winter’s not nearly done with us yet!!

  7. Ah, the nest is such a nice touch and it does bring to mind that spring is on its way. I have been busy here raking up the old mulch, pruning shrubs, and getting ready to put down new ground cover. It has been really pretty this week – today it is supposed to be 82 degrees and sunny. We are in for a bit of a cooling trend over the weekend with highs in the 60’s but it is still nice weather. I am about to go outside and plant the geraniums and mandevilla I purchased yesterday. My clean hands are about to take a turn for the ugly!

  8. I really love that terrarium and how you’ve decorated it for spring. Very pretty! Even though March is our snowiest month, today I can feel spring is in the air. So happy!

  9. Colored eggs are good because you can eat them and not have to store them.
    We had snow yesterday morning (it was gone by noon but shut down everything even though it was just a dusting). Today is back in the 50s, and tomorrow is supposed to hit 60. Now that our day of cold is over, I have to get out and plant my primroses, which aren’t happy indoors in a pot.

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