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  1. Ads now a days aren’t like they were in the early days of blogging. They used to pop up right in the middle of the blog. Things have changed. I don’t mind the ones to the side. the only ones I don’t like, but tolerate, are the ones across the bottom. I am on a small screen laptop and when that ad pops up it obstructs a lot of the content. I have to say that the ads have never been like they have been in the last week. I have never noticed them before. Probably because I have an ad blocker on my pc. I shouldn’t really be seeing any ads at all. No worries tho.

  2. I was puzzled because I thought, “What ads?” I truly do not notice them. I had to chuckle to myself. I guess I don’t bother with them. Don’t get worried about what others say they can go somewhere else. By the looks of the comments you have plenty of followers who support you. But I guess they must not bother me as I really never noticed them until someone started complaining. Keep up the good work.

  3. I’m not a fan of the ads but I have the ability to skip the ones I’m not interested in reading. The reader must be unable to ignore ads. Don’t give up if you still want to write your blog. If you are not happy and give it up I can understand it. I would be disappointed and certainly miss it I will tell you that and I’m sure this LONG list of people that posted before me feels like I do. TV, magazines, newspapers, computers all advertise. If we read it, we do, if we don’t, we don’t. Please don’t leave us all and give up something you love because of some unkind and probably miserable person.

  4. “You can’t please everyone…
    so you’ve got to please yourself.”


  6. My first time posting a comment on a blog. Please don”t leave. I look forward to reading about you and your babies.

  7. Brenda, I am a retired teacher and once got into hot water with some parents over a back to school plan I had. My principal let me know parents were calling.” How many?”I asked. “ Five, “ he replied. We had over 200 parents. No brainer. Go on with your blog. Love to read about Ivy and Charlie.

  8. I’m going to chime in here with everyone else as well. I enjoy your blog, I look forward to it every day. I don’t pretend to understand how much work it takes to post like you do but I do realize that is A LOT of WORK! When I watch “regular” free TV there are ads. When I pay for a channel there are no ads. You offer a “service” of sorts… the least I can do is to put up with a few ads. Seeing all of these positive notes here today (and I always read all of the comments) means you have a lot of LOYAL readers and it warms my heart. We can all benefit from a bit of kindness these days. Forget the others. We are a community here and we’re all here to support you. And I agree…. you should start an Amazon affiliate page… I use a lot of your links…. it doesn’t your readers any more if I buy from your link why shouldn’t you get a bit of $ for sharing your finds? THANK YOU!!!!

  9. I don’t see why ads would be a problem for anyone….Your blog is the only blog I read, so please do not cancel or stop your blogging. if anyone has a problem with ads, oh well…..don’t see why they seem to be a problem w/some people. The people that read your blog and don’t mind the ads certainly outweigh the ones that do KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK I adore the pictures you post on your garden…very pretty

  10. Please, let’s all be kind, just be kind.
    Brenda, I look forward to your content every day. The ads are a necessary thing – do not apologise for them. There are ads on tv, in magazines – they are everywhere. They so not bother me – I just want the joy of reading your content.
    Please continue to write this blog-

  11. Hi Brenda

    I’ve been following your blog for just under 3 years now, and have to say that for some reason I don’t see any ads. Maybe I have an ad blocker or because I’m overseas(in Dubai) the internet provider cuts them out already.However, your blog is nicely done; giving us an insight to your life; your thoughts and your lovely home. Ultimately the decision on whether to continue rests with you, but as a reader who thoroughly digests each of your postings and looks forward to reading these, I exhort you to continue!

    Hang in there. You can never please everyone.
    We’re a diverse bunch, and each of us comes back regularly, so rest assured that you are doing something right.


  12. Brenda, I like your blog but the ads do make it less enjoyable. I don’t pretend to understand why one must make a blog pay for itself because I write a blog and don’t have a single ad on it. I don’t pay out anything to have my blog, either. With that being said, it is your blog. You do what you need to do but please understand that some of us would simply like to read about your day, the garden, and your sweet furbabies, rather than having ads trying to push us into buying something. It’s very distracting and takes away from the content and doesn’t make you seem approachable.

  13. Not only don’t the ads on your blog bother me, but I think you should negate the 20% cut you took. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a living. Also, you should Look into receiving commission from Amazon for all the links you provide. Your daily blogs make me feel like I’m not alone in this world and I look forward to them each day. I think by the response you received today that your blog is important to a great number of people. Thank you for your continued thoughts on the world around us….
    I think some people just get up on the wrong side of the bed some days and why they need to share their bad moods is beyond me.

  14. Brenda – I wish to respond in a kind and encouraging way. Your decisions in designing your life on your own terms are an inspiration to your readers. However, I would encourage you to show the strength to not react to each negative that complainers and critics send your way. You work with the public and you work in Social Media. Like it or not, people are not always nice–but always opinionated. Ignore them, block them, but do whatever you wish with your Blog. You have shared examples with us of your life of strength and independence. And now, at this victorious stage of your life, why let a few negative-types influence your decisions? Do whatever the hell you want to do–it’s your Blog.

  15. Please keep doing what you’re doing Brenda. My Goodness, ads are just ads, and a person doesn’t have to read them. Half the time, I never see them, I’m too interested in reading your blog and looking at your pictures to pay much attention. Maybe once in a while, something will catch my eye, and I’ll check it out, and that is a good thing. Nobody should tell somebody else, how to do something, just because it is not their way of doing it. Your blog brings much joy to many of us, don’t let a negative statement make you feel bad. Hugs from WI,Bonnie

  16. Please keep blogging ! This is such a trying time it’s nice to read your calming blog.

  17. The enjoyment I get from reading “cozy little house” far outweighs my dislike of the ads.
    Please keep writing and (nearly) all of us will keep reading.
    Thanks, Carol

  18. Been following your blog for a few years now, love it and have never seen an ad on it, I guess it all depends on what device is being used. Take care and don’t worry about what other people say, its your blog and yours alone.

  19. Wow what a great response! So please ignore that person who complained about the ads. She obviously does not know how a blog operates and the costs involved. The ads are what they are…. I click on those that interest me and ignore the others. The ads are not that intrusive and certainly are not as bad as they are in YouTube. So please forget about a few sour complainers. Let them go and know that you have quite a loyal following and we want to read the blog. Please, Brenda, know that none of us can please everyone. So please yourself and keep on writing. Ignore the sour readers who threaten to leave. Just let them. This blog has to be self sustaining and it has been and needs to be. The ads are reality and also the great majority of us ignore them and keep reading. Don’t abandon your blog because of a few bad apples.

  20. I enjoy reading what you post daily. Ads are just a part of reading a blog. Just like you say a magazine is. Same. I hope you continue. You can’t and shouldn’t try to make everyone happy. This is your space. It is for you to create exactly how you want to and what works for you. 😊❤️

  21. All these lovely comments for you today from all of your fans including me. I love your blog, look forward to it everyday. Your are always so interesting & the strong women who comment & share their stories, they are inspirations as well! Thank you for the time you spend sharing your life with us. Tomorrow will be a brighter day, you will feel better about this & know we are all with you all the way. Take care of yourself & the little ‘Angels’

  22. Brenda
    Don’t change a thing. If someone doesn’t want to read the blog that is their decision. There are many who will. You can’t please everyone. I enjoy your blog and read it every day.

  23. Keep going – your blog is lovely. I don’t like ads either and must admit to not reading blogs where the ad is perpetually popping up in the middle of the screen as you are reading. I really despise that (sadly I should have said something but scrolled on and never went back)- honestly who would enjoy reading with that occurring all of the time? However, if the ad’s are at the side, it’s all fine. Is this person questioning the ad in general or formatting. Maybe you could ensure with the ad people that it never encroaches on the text?

    1. Please don’t stop writing! I look forward to reading you every day. You bring joy into your reader’s lives.

  24. Oh, I LOVE your blog! I look forward to reading it everyday. I love reading about your decorating, your garden, and of course, the fur babies. Always feel like I have had a nice visit with a lovely friend. Visiting with you is a bright spot in my day!

  25. Brenda, I start my morning reading your blog with my coffee. It took me a long time to get to where I could leave this message so I’m sure you know a lot of us love you!! Please don’t stop writing you are too good!

  26. Sounds like the verdict is in – you’re not quitting your blog, you can’t! Too many people enjoy your daily blog. I couldn’t even tell you what ads were on the blog yesterday, I don’t pay that much attention to them, just focus on what you’re blogging about that day. You just can’t take Charlie & Ivy from us, their fan club! Love you, love your blog !

  27. Brenda . . . Ignore the “ad complaint,” and carry on for all the followers you have drawn. We really enjoy and need your blog!

  28. Nothing in life is free….if we have to look at ads to enjoy a blog then that’s the fee. Ignore the whiners, like Taylor says, ” Haters gonna hate! ” Some folks like to complain and drama makes them thrive. For those that were unaware of how bloggers are able to keep us entertained, maybe your explanation will make them more tolerant of ads.

  29. After reading all your comments, you know you can’t go! Yours is the only blog that makes me feel normal! You really don’t have to think about this. We need you. We love you.

  30. Brenda, You are a mom and were a wife…and IF it was humanly possible I am sure that during that time of life, you pleased someone 100%. I have never met anyone personally who was able to 100% please even 1 other person, much less a crowd of folks. Obviously here are gobs of folks replying who usually do not comment. I am down to just 1 person I live with and try to please: 1 husband. I do NOT reach 100%…usually not even 1 day here and there even. And he is not the worst in that department either. We are all humans and we are all different. You must not allow yourself to be upset with the few who must think the world revolves around them. Now saying that, there are times the ads are beyond annoying…I wish they could all fit on the right side of the page…then one could block it easily with a piece of paper. I have eyesight problems…but I do not expect anyone else to solve my problems for me. I wonder how many people ever even look at ads…I rarely do…most have no interest to me at all. But if they are paying you to keep going…more power to you!!! Some of us are able, even as a child I was, to ignore most of what was going on right around me, and concentrate on whatever I was interested in…one reason as a 3rd grader I was chosen to be in a split 3rd/4th grade class. I learned extra that year cause I got to listen in on what was going on in the other class too…which is kind of how one should look at life if they can. (I do understand that there are those who cannot abide any other actions…and that is hard). But you can only do so much…it is nice that you explain every so often that you have ads to pay for the blog. Thanks for explaining. Keep on keeping on my friend.

  31. Please continue your blog , I read it every day and I surely don’t mind the ads, I just skip over them. There isn’t anything you can read on line these days without ads! I love your blog don’t stop PLEASE!

  32. Brenda, I don’t pretend to understand the financial particulars of having a blog (nor do I want to). Yes , I think your blog has too many ads and some days it’s more annoying than others, however truth be told that can be said of a lot of things in my life these days. BUT it is YOUR blog and ultimately you have to do whatever it takes to make it work for YOU. If dealing with excessive ads is an issue for a reader that’s their problem not yours. I do enjoy your blogs, please keep them coming! If and when I’m having one of my “everything is getting on my nerves days” and I find the ads too much to deal with instead of complaining about it I’ll just skip it and hope tomorrow will be a better day.

  33. Brenda, I totally understand your need for ads. For the most part, when you started having them, it didn’t bother me at all and I understood. I still do. The only ads that really bother me are the ones that break up your content, or the ones on the side that jiggle and jangle with moving parts! Those distract me alot… but like on other blogs, I try to ignore them as much as possible. The one I noticed on your blog, most recently, was a box that would pop up on the below right, with an arrow pointing to your previous post.. and it would always block what I was trying to read! Now that was annoying, but I haven’t noticed it the last couple of times, so maybe you changed that! That was the only really annoying ad. Ads that are stationary and don’t move inside, are the ones that bother me the least.. I can deal with those. We all have to deal with them as it’s a necessary evil, like someone else said. Same with magazines.. I love magazines and many are half ads, but I will still read them as I love them. Same with your blog! Keep on posting… I’ve followed you from the start.. and even if you only posted every other day, it would be OK with me. Marilyn

  34. Please don’t leave us!

    Don’t worry about the complainers—I just scroll past any ads that don’t interest me.

    Your blog is my favorite 🙂

  35. You morning blog is like having a friend come over and having coffee. I enjoy your blog and reading your thoughts. I just scroll past the ads, doesn’t bother me. Keep up the good work.

  36. Reading your blog each morning is like having coffee with a neighbor. Yes, the ads do bother me but I just scroll on past them. Generally whatever you have to say is more important to me because I have few friends and its like sharing thoughts with one another. Keep up the good work and I will keep scrolling.

  37. Brenda,
    your writings are valuable, with or without commercials. Anyone that is really bothered by ads can stop watching, or purchase ad stopping software. Don’t let a few persons ruin it for the rest of us.

  38. My two cents: ads don’t bother me! I don’t comment often but I figured I’d pipe up for this!

  39. Please Brenda do not stop blogging! I look forward to reading about your life with your fur babies and seeing and hearing about your garden ! The ads do not bother me at all and I cannot for the life of me see why people would complain about them!

  40. Brenda I’ve following your blog for many years and often comment. I would hate to see you go since you are one of a handful I still read. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, love visiting with your furry babies and of course viewing the beautiful photos of your plants and decor. You will never please everyone, so knowing that from the get go should calm your anxiety. Continue doing what you’ve been doing and I’m sure many of us will keep visiting. As far as how often you post, well of course that is your decision. Whatever works for you. You have such a talent for writing Brenda, but then I’ve already told you that many times 🙂

  41. I haven’t been able to leave a comment in many, many months but recently I was able to on another blog so I’m going to try again. We’ll see if it posts.

    I think you need to keep doing what you’ve been doing and try not to fret about whether or not someone wants to stick around. I’ve been reading for a long time and look forward to every post (the ads don’t bother me).

  42. I don’t comment a lot, but I do read your blog everyday….I enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures of your garden, flowers & pets! And you have an art for words to tell a story, I do enjoy that, too.

    There is a way for others to read your blog without seeing the ads…I read it in Bloglovin!
    I’m sure a lot of people have heard of Bloglovin….I read all my favorite blogs there & if I want to comment then I click to the original blog page, like I just did…, some of the blogs that are on Bloglovin will only give you the name of blog and a headline so you do have to click original page to read…I usually only read the ones like yours that I can read the entire post…

    I’m not sure if you get credit when people read your blog in Bloglovin, but, I hoping you do….

    You will never be able to please everyone, so just carry on writing like you usually do….

  43. Love it that so many satisfied readers are chiming in! I’ll just add that the crankiness factor in life has risen everywhere as the pandemic and social unrest stressors are affecting everyone. Some are just unable to recognize and process what they are experiencing…and like kids they act out. I am SO sorry that you got the brunt of that!

    PLEASE know that your gentle descriptions of everyday life are a lovely counterpoint to the chaos and uncertainty we are all experiencing. For many of us you are a welcome sane voice in the midst all this noise.

    Don’t know if you can handle the stressor of theses voices and certainly don’t want you to lose sleep over it! But if you can shrug it off know that you are doing good in the world right now!

  44. Hi Brenda,
    I discovered blogs after my husband died in 2006. There were several I followed regularly and most of the original ones I enjoyed have disappeared in the past few years. I only discovered your blog a few months also and look forward to reading it every day. I just skip through the ads, although occasionally I do click on a few if they hold interest for me. Your post today was very informative to me. I’ve never had a blog, and only read them, so other than the time involved, I was clueless about the financial factor. This may explain why over time I’ve noticed that more and more of the blogs I read have ads attached. Most blogs didn’t when I discovered them in 2006. Maybe that’s why a lot of them have disappeared, not only the time involved, but the cost. I very much enjoy your daily blog and would miss it if you stopped. I love the content of Ivy and Charlie, the gardening, decorating and organization. I wish I had discovered you sooner. Life has been hard enough this year. I quit/retired from my job in March to give my full attention to my Mom. I was already her caregiver, but doing that and working full time from home the past 7 years was taking a toll, and I felt Mom was more important than the job, so I quit and within a day of doing so, Mom took a turn for the worse, Covid 19 hit and life will never be the same. Mom died in May. Reading blogs is something I find uplifting. They helped me through the grieving for my husband and it’s doing the same with Mom. I hope you continue with yours. From the comments I’ve read, you have a large, supportive following who agree. My philosophy is, live and let live. If you don’t like a blog, don’t read it. If you don’t like something on TV, change the channel. Be nice, be kind, everyone is going through something. Take care. Margie

  45. Please don’t go, I really enjoy your blog! If others don’t like the ads, then they can leave.

  46. You will never be able to please everyone – life is too short to try anyway. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and look forward to reading you every day. Have a wonderful day!

  47. Brenda, I agree with the majority of the comments. You can please some of the people some of the time and most of the people none of the time. Blogging is a lot of work and it costs money, you need to do whatever you have to do to pay for it. Don’t let it worry you. Life is too short.

  48. Meh. How hard is it to scroll through a few ads?
    I enjoy your blog. I’d really miss you, if you stopped writing.

  49. How unreal that someone complains about the ads when they are not even paying for the free entertainment(to readers) that your blog so provides. Guess their Mom never told them if you do not have something good to say then to remain quiet! I look forward to your story each day, as I am not a book reader, l but love short strories and drooling over decor magazines. ..things that you provide to us.. :0) … Thank you for sharing your blog with us, and you and others well deserve any pay or support that you may it would be a job to write a blog. I only wish I had the know-how to get one going. Thank you again for sharing life in your cute and cozy home.

  50. Hi Brenda. It is nice of you to want a better experience for the people who don’t like the ads, but as many people have pointed out, those readers can get an ad blocker and fix the issue themselves. You are an entrepreneur, and you work hard so you should not have to take a “pay cut” by cutting your ad income when they can block the ads. I have an ad blocker on my PC but not my phone. So I see ads on your blog and every other website when on my phone and I don’t mind the ads because it is a way people drum up business to make money. So many businesses have had to close their stores so the internet is an important part of the economy. I’m impressed by your ability to run your blog and support yourself and I hope you can feel good and less anxious.

  51. As so many others have said Brenda, don’t worry about the ads. There are ads everywhere!! I would miss your blog if you were gone. I enjoy reading about your day.
    Take care!❤️

  52. i got thru nearly 45 years in emergency medicine with this as my moto……’don’t let the turkeys get you down’…….though i often had to remind myself that thanksgiving was coming 🙂 ……..
    one of my early mentors was a family practice/er doc who had lived thru the second world war in manilla….even to facing down a japanese soldier at age12 with a rusty gun……the guy was trying to rape her older sister……lydia started her shifts in the er by devotedly praying ‘dear lord, don’t let me choke any of my patients today’……(the state police still call where we worked ‘fayette-nam’……

    do what your heart wants…..keep writing……keep the ads…..enjoy the roast turkey….and thanks……

  53. Your blog is something that I look forward to each day. It’s like hearing from an old friend. Since I live in a small space in the woods, I can relate to the challenges you face in creating a haven in a hurried world. I hope you won’t ever stop blogging. There are some people who complain about everything. You will never make everyone happy. But you make this woman happy. Blog on!!!!

  54. “I can’t possibly keep everyone happy” That’s the reality. I think most readers understand the financials and feel your content is worth the ads. So please keep writing.

  55. Hi Brenda,
    I don’t respond to each post, but I read them all. I have been a follower since you started your trek across from Texas. I enjoy your decor, fur baby stories, and your plants and organizational posts. I just scroll on past the ads . Do what’s best for you, and I hope that includes continuing the blog.

    Have a wonderful day, Annie

  56. I just scroll past the ads. It’s that way with anything. They don’t bother me. You have to pay for the blog. The people that complain can just run their own ad free blog and see how they like it. I enjoy your writing and hope you continue.

  57. Please don’t quit blogging because some people are annoyed by ads. You can’t please everyone all of the time and the simple solution is to scroll past those ads, which I do. You’ve got to do what you have to in order to keep your blog operational. I’ve read your blog for years and thoroughly enjoy it…your photography, your prose, the antics of Ivy and Charlie, your openness and honesty, it’s all a breath of fresh air when we need it most. Regardless, I will continue to be a reader.

  58. Keep doing what you’re doing and please, DO NOT lose sleep over this! I read your blog on my phone whilst relaxing in the afternoon. I just signed in via computer to see if there was any difference. Your blog has MINIMAL ads on the phone and computer! Seriously, this issue is NOT on your end. You’re just fine!! Ugh, how many times I’ve followed a Pinterest link to a blog for a recipe or whatever. The ads are so overwhelming, annoying and flashy I can’t wait to click off! You are so not that blog!
    I read you every, single day…please don’t change.

  59. Hi Brenda! Please don’t stop blogging! I love to read your blog every morning with my coffee. I get so much joy from seeing Ivy and Charlie!!! If people don’t like the ad’s, then they can move on. Please don’t let this cause you anxiety or stress. Your ads don’t bother me. As a matter of fact, I have clicked on some of the ads too :). You are so right, TV has ads, radio has ads, etc. I am sure the bulk of your readers feel the same way. XOXO

  60. Brenda, you’re doing nothing different than most other bloggers these days. One other blog I read is much much worse than yours. I certainly hope you don’t stop because I love that you write about your day-to-day life. I’ve already quit reading one blog, and might leave another, because of all the projects and crafts, which don’t appeal to me. I wish people weren’t so vocal when things don’t agree with their views. I certainly didn’t and won’t say anything on other blogs about why I no longer will read them. I try to believe most people are trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

  61. Hi Brenda,
    I enjoy visiting your blog because you are a positive voice and so creative in making a beautiful home. .Thank you for sharing with all of us. You give me ideas and inspire me to make my own life and home better!
    Please continue doing what you do best- sharing your life
    I love your blog and do not mind the ads- I just ignore them.

  62. I am not one that frequently comments on your blog posts, please know that I am a regular reader. I enjoy your blog very much. Ads are a necessary part of the online environment. Facebook is full of ads. Any vendor website I frequent has ads. If it is something that is of no interest to me, I scroll on. Take what you like and leave the rest.

    I hope you decide to continue with your blog. Thank you for what you do.

    1. Take what you like and leave the rest is great advice for all of life. It makes it all a lot easier, and it’s all totally our choice. I love all the support in the comments.

  63. Please keep blogging. I enjoy your blog soooooooo much! I know that the ads just come with the territory and that they are necessary to keep youup and running. If people cannot overlook that, they are the ones with the problem or perhaps if they are that bothered by the ads, they can contribute money to keep you up and running ( I doubt that they would to that)

  64. Keep this blog running please. I don’t comment much but do read your blog first every day, there are none out there quite like it. We’re the same age and I have my own fur baby at home and thoroughly enjoy reading about yours. I use the reader view on my iPad so that I’m not bothered by the ads. I’d purchase an ad blocker if this weren’t available. I agree with what another reader posted about magazines being more full of ads than articles these days, and we have to pay for those. This is FREE to everyone out there, so either suck it up or figure out a way to get around it if need be! Most people know it costs money to simply run a blog, and if you need it for income the ads are essential. Don’t worry about the naysayers, you provide an interesting read every day that many have grown to love and count on.

  65. Man, I was about an hour late reading your blog today and Wham! Sounds like everyone is in agreement and case closed! PLEASE continue everyday, we enjoy and feel connected to you. If you stop it would be like we lost a best friend.

  66. The only ads I don’t like are the ones that break up your content while I am reading. It’s annoying. I dont mind the ads on the side.

    I want to say thanks for your blog. I think I have been reading for 11 years. Started reading when you lived in Texas.

  67. This just seems like a non-issue, in my opinion. Readers can get ad blockers and not be bothered by the ads. I have some sort of ad blocker on my PC and don’t see the ads. On my phone, however, I don’t have an ad blocker, so, yes, I see ads on this blog and the dozens of other sites I go to each day. I just navigate around them, no big deal, or I click on the ones I am interested in. Brenda, you have worked so hard on your blog, for so many years, and you deserve to make money from it with the ads because you put in all of the work while the rest of us just sit here looking at your lovely photos and reading your interesting words. You are an entrepreneur, you deserve to be encouraged, and if you can make money with the ads, then more power to you!

  68. Good morning,
    I thought I had ignored the ads but realized I have looked at some things and ordered–so, they aren’t a bother to me. People who complain and bully are a bother to me. I used to teach 6th grade–bullies remind me of that. They are usually people who have low self-esteem and want to have control over people who are nice and calm. Ignore them as they are never going to be satisfied. I enjoy your daily blog–probably because you are a positive force for the day and because you love animals, gardening, and decorating. I hope you enjoy a perfectly peaceful day and simply ignore the complainers.
    Linda, Ella, and Simon

    1. Brenda-The other supportive reader comments including Linda S. made me nod in agreement. She wrote about bullies. The more ‘comments’ I read on FB groups and blogs, the more bullies I see that comfortably hide behind the invisibility cloak of the ‘net. Whether these bullies are passive aggressive or more blatant in their attacks, they are often a nasty bunch that enjoy making others, like yourself, squirm simply for the thrill of it. Please, please don’t let them get to you. Consider all of your faithful friends who look forward to visiting your world in each blog. Like all the others said, I would sincerely miss you, Charlie Ross, Ivy Lou, your wonderful way with words, decorating ideas and beautiful photography. As a follower since Texas, you have inspired me on many occasions. I often share your stories with my mom (age 80); she knows you and your pets by name! I have clicked on ad links and purchased under cabinet lighting and from Wayfair because of you! Keep up with your great blog and have faith in your readers! We know how to scroll!

  69. Although I do not comment every day I almost always read your blogs Brenda. It wouldn’t be the same without you. I also look at some of the ads and purchase sometimes.
    I am sure most people understand why there has to be ads, we can ignore them if we don’t like them, they do not in any way take from the enjoyment of reading your blog.
    Please don’t leave us Brenda..

  70. OMG, the nerve of some people 😔~~ Brenda, please please keep your blog going , I love hearing your daily adventures, I love hearing about your girls and grands ( beautiful all of them) just look how much everyone loves to read you., soooo please don’t allow one (sorry) jerk to upset you this way~~~ be well stay safe.

  71. I just want to add my comments to all the positive comments you have received. Like all of them, your blog is something I look forward to everyday.
    I understand the need for the ads so please don’t sacrifice your income to please a small minority of people. I also read from one of the people that mentioned the ads and she said she didn’t mean to cause a problem so there may be others who “mentioned” them but didn’t mean to cause you any pain or anxiety.
    We all need you and appreciate hearing about the fur babies, your garden, your family and particularly seeing what you’ve done with your home. It also makes me feel good that you know how to live a good life in a quiet manner.
    You make my day ❤️

    1. I know they didn’t mean to cause a problem. I’m not blaming them because I know ads can be annoying. I just feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to those ads because I don’t really have control over them for the most part.

  72. I love your blog and hope you never give it up. Don’t laugh, but I actually enjoy some of the ads. I have followed some ads and purchased things I would never have known about otherwise. I recommend your blog to so many friends and forward links to your blog to friends and family when the content is too great not to share. Please keep on keeping on. My hope is for every person who decides not to read your blog, two will decide to follow. I think even the complainers don’t leave. :-)Sandra

  73. Hi Brenda, It looks like you have enough positive thoughts going your way. But, I don’t mind your ads. What I do mind is picking up a magazine at the store, paying at least $8.00 for it and it has more ads than stories!! Keep up the good work.

  74. Please do not give in to the very few that criticize. If you continue to enjoy doing your blog, please continue. There are many of us that look forward to hearing from our Friend, Brenda.

  75. Don’t quit, I love your blog. If anyone has a problem with ads they can just move on to the next blog. You will always have readers…just ignore the haters. You can’t please everyone.

  76. All free blogs have ads, that’s why they are free. I find them invisible now and hope you’ve received enough comments to continue your blog. I enjoy it daily and some subjects are more pertinent to me than others but you’re a wonderful writer and I look forward to my escape from daily stress to spend those few minutes with you, Charlie and Ivy. Keep writing!

  77. Hi Brenda. I look forward to your postings for your thoughtful words and beautiful photography. There is certainly enough choice on the internet for almost everyone to find what appeals to them. I would never tell you how to run your blog. Keep up the good work.

  78. Oh, for pity’s sake! How much effort does it take to scroll, pray tell?

    Please do whatever it takes to keep your blog up and running. You are a ray of sunshine in this sad world.

  79. Hi Brenda!
    I seldom comment but I do read your blog daily. I would hate to hear that you have stopped blogging. In this day and age of quick responses and little patience I think it’s easy for some people to be upset about the ads on your blog. They don’t quite realize why they’re there and how much they are needed. Please don’t lose sleep over the complainers. And please don’t stop blogging!

  80. Brenda, in this age of instant gratification, we want everything *now*, including seeing the next line on a post. For Pete’s sake, scrolling past the ads takes so little effort. I didn’t even notice them until someone complained. Don’t stop writing. Either they will get used to them, or bye bye! Try and ‘let go’ of your anxiety about this if you can. Hugs!

  81. You are a nice moment of sanity in this crazy world we are now living in….so please don’t stop blogging!! If people don’t like ads…they can go elsewhere! Just keep on keeping on…we need your voice! Stay safe!! 😉

  82. The ads are actually worse when I’m using my I-phone as opposed to my computer. I like the latter since I can see it all better. Having said that, your blog is front and center in my day!

  83. Please don’t let one person ruin it for the rest of us, please don’t go ! I need you to make my day !

    1. Oh I’m not going anywhere. I just kind of feel helpless when I know the ads can be annoying because I’ve sometimes felt the same way on other blogs. However I have more of an issue with the pop up subscription boxes I see on most blogs. That being said, I’m not threatening to go anywhere. It’s my own darned fault that I get anxious because I want to keep everyone happy and of course that is impossible.

  84. I’ve been reading your blog for years but have rarely commented. Your blog is a joy to read and a highlight in my day. The ads don’t bother me in the least. Please continue writing your daily blog. If ads bother some people…….oh well, they can go on down the road!! Thank you for all the effort you go to daily!!

  85. Brenda, please don’t pay any attention to the complainers. In this day and age there are people who aren’t happy if they don’t have something to complain about. I love your blog, it is a refreshing break in this insane world we live in and Charlie and Ivy always make me smile. The ads don’t bother me one bit.

  86. Hi Brenda! Please don’t forget that this is YOUR BLOG. You can post what you want, and run ads or not, as YOU please. If a reader doesn’t like anything about your blog, he or she can simply stop reading! You have a lot of faithful readers who enjoy your content and appreciate all that it takes to run a blog, including ads, even if we don’t like them either. I say keep doing what you’re doing! And thank you, for 365 days of free enjoyment!

    1. The only ads that drive me crazy are ones that play right in the middle of the section I am reading. I can’t remember if you have those or not. I like your blog, it gives me a nice break from my problems. Some people are really cranky right now.

      1. I agree — those are the only ads that bother me. Love Brenda’s blog. She brings a bit of sanity and peace to the whirlwind around us. Reminds me that I can be at peace in my little world and content where I am.

  87. Hi, Brenda,
    I truly enjoy your daily posts, and the ads, we understand, are necessary. I’m sorry you’ve lost sleep over this. I hope you’ll remember the many positive comments you’ve received that your writing makes for a very pleasant visit for your online friends here each day! Hugs to all.

  88. Geez Louise,some people look for something to complain about… can you block them or something?
    I love your blog! Ivys antics make my day because I have 2 little characters just the same.
    I love how you decorate and garden, I wasn’t blessed with the creative gene, lol.
    We tolerate endless TV ads, let them go complain about that!

  89. Gee, I guess I’m one of those “complainers” although I did frame my comment with respect and appreciation for this lovely blog. It was just such a radical and sudden change with huge ads interrupting the narrative and photos that make Brenda’s blog so special. So, please don’t paint all of us who did comment about the sudden explosion of ads with the same brush. I love this blog and am not a negative person at all. Sorry if my questions about the ads upset anyone, especially Brenda who works so hard to give us this special place to come.

    1. I did not intend to paint anyone in any way. I was just saying I have to have the ads to pay for the blog. I’ve contacted the ad company and they just now told me that after my first email to them a few days ago they’d already reduced the ads by 20%. I am willing to lose some income to keep people happy. I don’t like ads either so I’m not bashing anyone. Just explaining how things are from my end. Can you tell me what the radical and sudden change was?

      1. I enjoy reading you every day. I relate to so much that you share. You make my day. Don’t worry about what some other think. There are more than enough who enjoy reading you and understand why there are ads. Ads are just something we live with. They are a part of life. Hang I there😉

      2. I look forward to your posts everyday. Please don’t change, or stop because of one person complaining. This is part of business and life in order to keep things running. If you can keep your blog at no cost with ads, then keep doing it. You have a large following and we all love to see your pets, your decorating, your family and garden. Love it all💕

      3. Hi Brenda – never have YOU made me feel like a complainer. Never. But the other folks here made me feel guilty for simply commenting. I am a faithful reader here and appreciate all you do. I understand you need the ads, truly I do. It simply, as I already said, the increase and position of the ads that is new. It was different and therefore a surprise. When I don’t understand a change, I ask why. That’s all.
        Peace to all,

  90. If some people don’t like the ads, they can go elsewhere or get ad blocker. Keep doing what you enjoy doing, a lot of people enjoy your blog. Can’t please everyone.

  91. Brenda,
    Your blog, is my daily mini vacation for my mind.
    You sharing about your life, fur babies, and decorrating ideas is worth putting up with some ads.
    By the way, some other blogs I like, have video tutorials that pop up constantly; It’s a little price to pay for reading something you like.
    P.S. Your blog is like listening to a friend’s day, it impacts many people. Please do not stop.

  92. YouTube videos have replaced TV for me. I can’t count the number of times I have been moved by heart-warming videos like animal rescues or people sacrificing for other people. I am always shocked at how many dislikes these stories get. Like hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS, of thumbs-down votes! And I always wonder, “who are these people?” It would actually be remarkable if your blog didn’t have distractors. This is the world we live in. One of my favorite you-tubers, a young man who travels the US in his RV, has three other you-tubers whose entire content is dedicated to putting this guy down. It gets to him sometimes. But he’s learned to ignore his haters and continues to put out content that draws over 100,000 subscribers. So carry on Brenda. You’re writing for your supporters, not the haters.

  93. Like I have said all this week after reading the grumbling from a few we never use to even hear from before….your ads are not a nuisance at all on your blog. There have been other blogs I will not read daily cause they use too many that confuse me but yours is very well managed. Don’t forget there are many trolls/imposters out there on the internet searching to push their negativity and opinions to sway people so ignore them as you have a real life and they don’t. Keep sharing your day with us please and forget about pessimists who inflict on others. Don’t drink their kool aid but enjoy your coffee mornings with your true readers.

    1. I am not bothered by the ads . A person has gotta do what they gotta do . Seems to me if people are not willing to endure the ads then so long visitors to this site . Period. Just saying ….. Your friend , Pam

  94. I enjoy your blog and hope you continue. I pay no attention to ads because I come here to read your blog not look at ads. Ads have become the way of life but we can just ignore them. Our world is filled with negativity these days. Please just ignore those people and continue writing because there are plenty of us out here who enjoy your blog very much.

  95. Anyone who reads blogs is familiar with annoying ads … but it doesn’t keep *most* of us from checking in on our favorites. YOU have remained one of my favorites and would be missed if you packed it in. It is truly impossible to please everyone. If this blog continues to bring YOU joy … then keep at it! 🙂

  96. Ads are a necessary part of being online for many blogs. The days of FREE websites like when the internet was first going “commercial” back in the mid to late 1990s are long gone, never to return. I have an old website that was last active in 2014 but hasn’t been updated since the webmaster who used to run it for me passed away. I pay for it to stay online every year anyway, because once some of that content is gone – going all the way back to 1998 – it’s gone for good unless you can find a way to resurrect it on the Way Back Machine. But that’s my choice, and it costs a couple hundred bucks a year. I have two “current” blogs at Blogger and they are free up to the point where I exceed what I call my “picture/image” storage cap – then I get charged a small amount additional monthly by Google Play I believe it is now called (it has gone through a couple different reincarnations since 2007 when the blogs were started). It pays for the extra “gigabytes” or whatever the heck they’re called. I am NO TECHY and have no idea what most of the stuff or terminology is or means, and frankly – don’t care. They’re not fancy blogs and I don’t have ads, but that’s my choice, and I don’t have new content daily like you do, Brenda. Big difference. These things can quickly get expensive. Blogs come and go for precisely that reason – many people who start out seem to think “oh, this will be easy,” – but it’s not. You’ve been online quite awhile and have built a loyal following. I think you don’t need to listen to the naysayers. Eventually those people will find a reason not to visit or read you on a regular basis anyway. For me, I just ignore the ads, they don’t bother me and I don’t think the ads you have are in one’s face as some are at other websites I’ve clicked on in the past and can’t escape from fast enough! Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working for you and the vast majority of your followers and fans. Ignore the rest, life is too short to try and please everybody all the time, because nobody ever can.

    1. I too pay Google every year for my space overage because I use photos every single day. Monthly I pay a company to send my emails out on RSS. Monthly I pay for a host as well and then for a company to have my back when it comes to fixing things and backing the blog up. Then you have additional things to pay for: plug ins to make things move faster, etc. Some are free but many you pay by the year. You pay for themes and all sorts of things like photo editing so you can minimize the size of your photos. So by the time you total it all up, it isn’t insignificant. I never thought I’d pay this much to keep a blog online, but that’s just the way things are now.

  97. I’ve never commented before but write to say that your blog is well worth putting up with a few ads! Like many others, I barely notice them and when I do, they are not that bad. You write beautifully and I look forward to your posts and photographs every day. You have a gift for making a space “home” and I have learned a lot from you. Please continue to share with us!

  98. Brenda. Ads are unfortunately a necessary evil of most blogs these days. If you are paying out to keep your blog up and running and to supplement your income than continue. If the majority of your readers leave then that is a problem. If only a few leave then so be it. Bottom line you have to do what’s best for you. I have a few ads on my posts that are not invasive and it takes me a long time to get any kind of compensation but it does pay for my domain. Otherwise I blog for fun and friendship and DIY so my blog is free on blogger. I just have to pay Go Daddy a fee yearly for my ownership of my domain. That is all I make with ads is to cover that cost. It is hard when people are not nice about their ad complaining. My advice is try not to let the few negatives ruin what works for you. If they don’t like it then they can move on.

  99. I look forward to reading your blog everyday! Please don’t let one persons comment make you upset. I would like to find anywhere that you go now without ads….there is no such place! If that reader doesn’t like them, then don’t read your blog anymore…that simple. But as for me, I’m not affected by them at all.
    Keep the daily blogs coming, I love to see the pictures and hear about your fur babies, flowers and decor!

  100. Please don’t drop your blog. The ads are not so bad and sometimes they are interesting. What you have to say is worth scrolling a bit.

  101. Brenda
    You enrich my life with your blog. I love whatever you write about and I learn about organizing small spaces, how to put spaces together to make them beautiful. As soon as I find way to rid myself of raccoons I will use your garden tips. Love the pictures you take. I was sitting here feeling sad. The virus is affecting so much. Many of my friends are knowing that other friends are passing. I have a cousin on a ventilator right now. Please know that your blog lifts many of us up and bring joy. There are always the complainers. You do need ad money. So those who don’t like them need to leave I guess. Blessings to you each and every day!

  102. If these people don’t like the ads they can always install an ad blocker. It is free and walla! no ads. Now that few of us subscribe to newspapers or magazines, the companies have resorted to ads on the internet and of course, on the television. They are annoying of course because they are so prolific.
    Just don’t let people bully you. I dare that woman to find websites that do not post ads. She will have to stop using the computer otherwise. She is getting free entertainment by reading posts or articles on the web, so she should be able to put up with some ads in the process.
    None of us can watch television anymore without at least 5 or more ads every 8 minutes during a program. If they offered us to pay more to not have ads, I would gladly agree to the extra cost.

  103. Please don’t let one person’s comments take away from what you are accomplishing. I love to come read your blog. It is like a little oasis of peace in the storm in which we are living. Ads on any blog can be troublesome, I just read around them.

  104. I didn’t notice the ads either so I went back a few days and then remembered you wrote about the ads a log time ago. Ads may have more movement at times that can be distracting – again, I wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t mentioned it. You can’t keep everyone happy and people are on edge right now. I’ve noticed it on all social media that I use too. Comments are taking some really nasty turns. Not all but some. Isolation just seems to make minor things more distracting

    I enjoy your blog. You do a great job and provide some calm in the storm. It helps to know that we are not alone and that normal is not the same for everyone. You and your readers have provided many thoughtful ideas that have helped me prepare for the change to retirement.

    I just don’t understand the bully tactics (‘I will quit If the ads don’t stop’).

    Hang in there!

  105. Dear Brenda, Don’t you dare give up and give in to the naysayers!! I love your honesty and willingness to open your life to those of us who treasure every story, advice or photo you share!! You have been selfless in helping so many on here with similar health and mental issues. I am one of those people on the spectrum! Had I not found and started reading this blog so many years ago I would still be stumbling through life. Please, WE need you! Hugs, Diane

  106. Ads are a necessary evil and part of life. Your content and beautiful photos and stories far outweigh a little nuisance with the ads. It happens on every blog I follow and I just click through and read what I want. Keep doing what you are doing. If someone has problems, they can choose to unsubscribe and move on with their life. No one is shoving your blog down their throat. I find it amazing that, in this chaotic world, people find time to whine and complain rather than enjoy what they are being given…for free. Plus I enjoy seeing your babies and your garden and home. Keep on keeping on and don’t let it affect your sleep.

  107. Brenda, please try to ignore the complainers,they are maybe just jealous. You can’t please us all,but the majority of us love hearing your stories,the plants,animals and decorating seem like sitting down with a neighbor. Please continue as you are,we love you…

  108. Please don’t let this ad situation bother you too much. You can’t please everyone! We/I love your blog and your garden, apartment, fur babies and you. I ignore the ads that don’t interest me. Smile.

  109. I didn’t know you had ads. My computer has virus protection and ad blockers. Your complainer needs to take care of her problems herself.

    1. Dang. Do you, boo! I personally do not like ads, bitches, cats, dogs, extra fat …. but Have some of all in my life! Keep on with your blog. I enjoy your flowers, gardening and patio pictures!

  110. Hi Brenda:
    I am a new follower of your blog. It captivated me because you are transparent and interesting plus….I am trying to learn how to blog. I paid some $ to eliminate ads and am not quite sure if I will pay next year. Because I am new I may have gotten “taken” and paid unnecessarily. Website below is my struggle as you will see!🥴
    Do what you have been doing … please know you have followers, ads or no ads!

  111. Oh for heavens sake! Your ads aren’t bad at all. In fact most blogs I read seem to have many more ads than you do. I personally hate those little square pop ups that come up on the sides of the blog but I deal with it. Ads are everywhere. That is just a fact of life. Most people can deal with it so don’t let the ones who can’t upset you

    1. I no longer even have a subscribe form on my blog. I give readers the option on my sidebar to follow me on Bloglovin. I hate those intrusive boxes that come out on each side of the content asking a person to subscribe and you have to X out of them to read the content. Which is why I decided to just not open subscribing anymore and just keep the readers I already had. Bloggers tell me they work, but I don’t care. Rather not have them. I pay a company to put out my emailed posts each day to the readers that subscribed long ago.

      1. Yes, I appreciate very much that you don’t use a subscribe box. I can easily put up with a few ads (yours are minimal compared to some sites), but the subscribe box is very annoying and even more so when you already HAVE subscribed. I enjoy my daily visit to your blog and would be so disappointed if you felt compelled to stop.

  112. I am on you side and agree with you completely. Your daily blog is one of my favorites. I look forward to it each day. I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way. I don’t see why the ads are such a problem for some people. If you don’t want to read them then just ignore them. It doesn’t take any extra time. Please don’t pay any attention to those comments.

  113. Good Morning Brenda!
    It seems to me that ads are an everyday part of life. In fact, one can’t walk down a city street or drive along a road or highway without seeing ads. However, for most of us, those same ads really are what is often referred to as background ‘noise’. In other words, the majority of people don’t even notice the noise because it is so benign. It’s there but our brain has learned to ignore it. After reading your post, I actually had to go back and look for the ads. Yes, they were there but my brain was focused on your content so it automatically ignored the ads. Keep on doing what you’re doing! Those who complain about the ads aren’t really intent on focusing on your content anyway. I hope your weather is a bit cooler, making life easier on your garden.

  114. Hi Brenda, I for one can live with the ads. Keep posting, you’ll always have a loyal audience. Let those who can’t tolerate the ads move on. Sorry to lose them, but everybody has to do what feels right for them.

  115. Seems these days there is a lot of discontent. And with that, some people feel the need to foist it upon others. All one has to do is scroll on by the ads if none are of interest. Keep in mind Brenda, you have many followers that look forward to your posts. It is a bright spot in our quarantined days. Don’t let the negative few get to you,
    Keep on keepin’ on.

  116. The ads are in the wrong place. That goofs up the sequence with the pictures and content of the blog. Sometimes they are before your story and at times they are after. Consistency is needed. It is not your fault. It is where the ads appear.
    Since you have a calm manner it would be nice if the ads were

    1. And I’m talking to them about this. When the pandemic struck, advertisers changed their patterns and ad companies had to do the same. I’m going to ask them about not breaking up the content somehow. Those ads get higher rates, but I don’t care. How it works is that an advertiser bids each day on a spot on a blog. Highest bidder gets the spot.

  117. Hi Brenda!
    I will be one of your sad readers when you decide to put an end to this blog.
    Please keep blogging!!! Ads are ok with me…

  118. Brenda,
    Please don’t let the remarks of some people ruin what you have put your heart and soul into for over a decade. We love reading about you, your life, and everything else that you tell us about. It is inevitable that some less than pleasing comments will surface, but if those people choose not to stay with you, then let them go. Just don’t give up because of these comments. There are so many others who would be lost without you. Hang on and hang in there. Please.

  119. a shout out from the netherlands…keep writing your blog…nobody likes ads but hey…there are worse things in life. good luck.

  120. Please keep things the way are are. If someone does not like the blog because of ads let them find another blog to read. To me the ads are no problem some catch your eye that you might be interested in .Take care and try not to worry .

  121. Quite frankly, I never even noticed the ads until people pointed them out.
    I ignore them and just read your content, which is what I want to see. In this day and age, wherever you go online, there are ads. It’s just how it all works.

    I enjoy your your blog because you are a real, down to earth person. You blog about your life which interests me and gives me ideas about making my home more beautiful and comfortable, and to see things more deeply and enjoy the little things. We have so many common interests that though I have never met you, it feels like a good friendship.

    Please don’t let the naysayers take away your joy. I have found that no matter what, there will always be self centered people who complain. Your blog is wonderful, with or without ads.

    1. Brenda, please don’t let a few negative people allow you to stop writing your blog.
      It is something that I look forward to reading every day. I feel like I’m hearing from a friend when I see your post in my inbox each day. I absolutely love your blog and I do not mind the ads at all. Ads are everywhere in any type of media that we look at. It’s a fact of life and how things work in business. Please continue to write and post your blog just the way it is.
      Have a great day with Charlie & Ivy. ♥️

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