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    After many days of travel, Buddha arrived at a small town to give a speech. Everyone was happy to see him, except one young man.

    While Buddha spoke, the man was shouting at him. Buddha did not pay attention and continued speaking. This infuriated the man even more. He walked directly in front of Buddha and continued to ridicule him. “You have no right to teach others. You’re stupid and you’re a fake!”

    The crowd began to react to this young man’s caustic behavior. Buddha stopped the crowd from turning against him and said, “It is not always necessary to counter aggression by aggression.”

    Instead, he turned to the man and asked, “If you buy a gift for someone and that person does not take it, to whom does the gift belong?”

    The young man was surprised by the question, thought for a moment and answered, “It would belong to me because I bought the gift.”

    The Buddha said, “Correct. It’s the same with your anger. If you become angry with me and I don’t feel insulted nor accept your hostility, the anger falls back on you, as it was initially yours to give. You are then the only one who becomes unhappy, not me. All you’ve done is hurt yourself.”

    The young man understood, clasped his hands together and slowly bowed to the Buddha. It was an acknowledgement that this man learned a valuable lesson that day.

    And so, the Buddha concluded, “As a mirror reflects an object, as a still lake reflects the sky, take care that what you speak or act is for good. For goodness will always cast back goodness and harm will always cast back harm.”

    My comment: May we all be at peace with each other even while we have differing views.

  2. I have always enjoyed visiting your blog Brenda. I love all you do. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful day with your daughter and grandson.

  3. Love your blog and I hope you will continue. We all have our options on people who are running this country and we can change that in November if we wish.
    I read your blog every day, looking for ideas for garden and decorating small rooms. Also love your story’s and pictures of Charlie and Ms Ivy.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Brenda,
    You have every right to your comment. Some people do not want to hear the truth and choose to hear the mistruths that President Trump chooses to tell on a daily basis. It is no wonder we don’t know what to believe from this administration. Thanks for your blog and I look forward to them each day.

  5. Deb, Your comment made me cry and I can relate. I agree with you. After my husband died I did not know who or what I was anymore. I was his caregiver for 11 years. Without my dogs, my home and my daily devotions I would not have a purpose. I also read this blog each day. I save it until I know there will be no interruptions and then I get my coffee and enjoy it, each and every day. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve bought to borrow Brenda’s decorating ideas 🙂
    Brenda, Thank you so much for being you and sharing you with us. Sandra

  6. I won’t make any political comments……BUT I will address the toilet paper problem. This is the first time in my life i would like to see something from the past come back again!!! I grew up using an outdoor privy and stacks of toilet paper. It was called the SEARS catalog back then!!!

  7. Here are some actual facts. It could save your life or someone else’s. Be informed.
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    Misinformation is our enemy!

  8. I am a recent widow that lost the love of my life and my way. It may sound fanciful but I felt guided to your blog. It has become a morning ritual to visit with you. It helps me start my day on a gentle note. It reminds me that life goes on but it requires courage and faith. That my dogs, home and garden still matter. Without my Charlie and Darcy and your blog I would not get out of bed. You inspire and nudge me to get up and do something. Thank you for your blog.

  9. Brenda what a great showing of support and belief in your words and blog. I’m so glad you chose to stand your ground for your beliefs. You are honest to a fault and that’s one thing I live about you. With you there is no pretense or put on… you are who you say you are and you are consistent. If people don’t want to read your blog there certainly are countless others they can find to read. There are far more of us who will be staying and reading than not. You stay true to your own spirit and we’ll be reading your words of encouragement and wisdom daily.

  10. I follow lots of blogs and are friends with a lot of people who have different beliefs and opinions to mine. Privately I sometimes thinks their ideas are weird. But I choose to accept them for what they are. If I do like what someone says I can always stop reading their blog or seeing them. This is your blog and they are your views. We should always respect other people’s opinions

  11. Keep writing. You are not wrong because some people see it differently. (Disclaimer: I agreed with you.)

  12. Brenda,
    Love your blog. Tell those Christians to turn the other cheek. You gave them facts, they won’t be seeing those facts on Fox (faux) News. Currently there are 700 empty jobs at the CDC! This is a Trump administration hiring freeze. They also didn’t want to use the WHO tests because they might find more cases. Those facts might interfere with him getting re-elected! As Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here!” The boss is in charge so don’t blame others for your own shortcomings!
    Keep on writing! I’ll be reading here in Colorado where our governor has taken the reins in fighting this virus!

    1. Wow lady you know your facts. It’s refreshing to see a reader who follows the news this closely. You give me hope .

  13. Hello Brenda. I read your blog everyday and I enjoy your style; both in writing and decorating. You are an unseen friend in my life that I enjoy staying in touch each day. I have life long friends that I don’t agree with on every subject and they with me. But, we are still great, loving friends who respect our differences. That makes our friendships special. We can express our feelings without hurting one another. Your blog is like receiving a free magazine! Who should complain about a dear writer who cares enough to fill our days with joy with her home, garden, and her furbabies. You open your heart, your home, and your life. People that get offended so easily should look at their own lives and change whatever makes them have the desire to even post such hatred to inform you that they are dissappointed with your opinions. It takes one simple step to accomplish all they need: hit the unsubscribe button and move forward. That is called making a choice. Keep writing…I’ll be here everyday…waiting.

  14. Hi Brenda. I read your blog every day, but rarely comment. I definitely have different political and spiritual views as you and a lot of your readers, but I still enjoy your blog every day. On the occasional times that there is a political comment made, I just keep moving along because you are entitled to your opinion. I always come back the next day because your blog content is always interesting and ever-changing. I love seeing your home style and your sweet pets, as well as hearing your reviews of books and TV shows. I’m so glad you decided to keep blogging!

  15. Your lovely ray of sunshine blog is a part of my day, a part of my life for a long time, so please don’t stop. You keep being you. It is a very good thing.

  16. Hi Brenda, I am another that does not comment often but read everyday. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, have been reading for years and hope to continue to do so.??

  17. I love your blog .We are all entitled to our own thoughts and opinions.So a few get mad and leave, By-by- Keep writing—love it all

  18. Oh Brenda, I’m getting to this late. It’s sad that people get so offended and just go off so quickly. Our country is built on differing ideas. You stood your ground as it should be. I think you can see by this awesome amount of comments today how much you are loved and how much people look forward to reading your blog and the sensitive subjects you touch on. So with that being said, love the picture of Ivy and dear sweet Charlie today. My sedum autumn joy is flourishing with all of our rain and every time I see it I think of you for telling me about it.

  19. Hi Brenda,

    I agree with Mary Ellen, your blog is an oasis amidst clamour and din of 24 rolling news channels and online social media. I look forward each day to making a cuppa and sitting down to relax and enjoy your blog. I love your photography, the images are so thoughtful and deserve studying and lingering over. I have enjoyed following Ivys escapades and seeing her grow, through your photos and the stories of her crazy antics that you share with us. And watching Charlie as he navigates his later years, so gently supported by you, to live his best later years.

    I rarely, if ever, post a comment, but felt the barrage that had been hurled at you required a response. Keep the strident nonsense at bay Brenda. They matter not a jot. Enjoy the peace and tranquility that you have created for yourself, in the oasis, that is your home.

    1. What a lovely response. So well thought out and written. I think Ms. Sue Smith should write a blog… such writing ability needs to be shared and read.

  20. I’m happy to see all the responses that support you, Brenda. I just want to reiterate that I will definitely not stop reading your blog because you touch on difficult and/or sensitive issues. I think with the responses to this post we are bordering on” flogging a dead horse.” (Is that the expression?) I vote to move on to a different topic for now. Time only will tell the truth of the issues surrounding this pandemic.

    Everyone, stay cautious and healthy and try to think positively. Brenda, know that the majority of your readers love you and love your writing. We would all miss your blog greatly if you chose to stop over this issue.

    1. Brenda, just sending you positive support! I liked Joan’s comment about using this time to focus inwardly and on what we can ultimately contol. Loved her idea about completing small organization projects at home.

  21. Brenda,
    Haters are gonna hate. It’s your blog. You write whatever you want on it and we can agree or disagree.
    We should be able to have civil disagreements with each other.

  22. Amen, Brenda! It is hard work to be a blogger – especially one who writes and posts every day. You have every right to express your political thoughts and beliefs. It’s YOUR blog. And you hardly ever post about politics, so what’s the big deal (to some people)? One stinking post about politics and people leave? Ridiculous. It’s easier to move click out of the post and move on with your day. Or comment with your own thoughts, but in a respectful way.

    On that note, I’m going outside in the cold but refreshing air and sunshine and taking a lovely walk. Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone!

  23. It’s your blog Brenda and you write whatever you feel like that day. The others who chose to criticize someone’s belief can hang out on other social media one liner places but I prefer proper language spoken. I dislike even looking at our president on tv as does my husband and find no faith in what he speaks, kindness or leadership qualities in him but we have friends who like him even though they can’t give any reason why and ended it with he’s not who was there before. BUT we can talk together rational. I find people who have to fly a flag at their house with just a “ name” on it for political reasons have some motive in their lives I honestly find unsettling. I just hope those aren’t the types of people who don’t wish to social distance for the safety of others so time will tell. Being home is how cozy you want to make it to adjust to these uncertain times so I know you will keep enlightening us with your ideas and delightful pictures.

  24. I read you every day and now, reading this, I have no idea what you said to upset people. Good grief. Write what you want to write, it’s your column. If someone doesn’t like it, too bad. That’s on them. I’m gathering it was something about trump. People don’t seem to be able to talk about him without becoming upsetting, especially if you disagree. When did we become a autocracy?? It’s America people. We can think for ourselves!

  25. Brenda: why would you regard your blog as less a success because you received strong opinions concerning a very sensitive subject… The Coronavirus. We need a forum right now to vent because we are … very simply… scared. Of course, views run the gamut from the very positive to the very negative, some responders self-identify, others don’t. We respond in a way we feel most comfortable. More importantly, we will be better served by understanding the perceptions and passions of others, however expressed and however accurate. Won’t this help to bring us closer together? It is unhealthy to keep our concerns/annoyances bottled up inside us.

    You have provided an important outlet for differing views and you should be very proud of that accomplishment. If you don’t have an occasional rumble, are you truly making a difference? Thank you for you blog.

  26. Seeing all these comments shows how much you are loved , you matter, you are special, please stay ! Like a lot of others I read and don’t comment, but enjoy your blog !

  27. You know, every human being deserves RESPECT! Aretha’s ballad could not be more true! I haven’t read the posts or the comments ~ I don’t need or want the negativity in my world. I am very sorry that all this happened…this is your blog and your thoughts & opinions. We begin to lose our hard fought for freedoms if we begin to make rules about what someone can publish! I like Trump but I don’t like some of the things he says. He’s not a politician who has the “connections” to power, corruption and money that most on the Hill have. He’s not perfect, no human is or will ever be. IMHO, the entire population of our government should be cleared out and let’s start over! Find those that really care about this country and put them in office with *term limits*. Enough of my rambling! ?

    You do you! I hope you continue to blog and share your thoughts. I look forward to your gardening and hopefully it will improve mine! I’m with you on the salt lamp, Buddha (such a positive, peaceful way) and meditation can help everyone.
    Have a blessed and wonder*filled week!


  28. Just wanted to say thank you for writing your blog and choosing to continue writing it I spite of some negativity. Your writing is a welcome break from the current world situation, and we all can use that.

    In trying times like this we all need to come together, not be more divisive. So let’s try some respect and tolerance. Everyone has the right to his/her opinion and beliefs, and no one’s is more right or wrong than another’s. We can choose to disagree and still be civil.

  29. I am ? behind you Brenda and will continue to support you to write whatever you are thinking, feeling, observing and have every right to comment and share on YOUR blog. There is no real need for people to get so upset with you and make you feel bad about anything. I’m glad you were able to process the fallout and decide to move on. I look forward to your posts every day and will continue to do so. The people who lean towards falling into the judgmental area – it really is their problem and their own issues. Of course we can all continue to learn and grow from each other – and a closed mind is never a good thing. I hope you just continue to be you – it’s what drew me here in the first place.

  30. Dear Brenda, I think one of the things that just about all of us can agree upon is that we’d like you to be able to freely express YOUR thoughts on YOUR blog however you choose. Your comments were not offensive. The only thing I felt was offensive was some of the insensitive and snarky remarks made to those whose opinion differed from theirs. Let’s, as fellow Americans, stick together in this scary time and help and support each other. No one cares whether anyone else hates or loves the current president. Make your choice known in how you vote. The other thing that I think the majority of us can agree upon is that we love you dearly, Brenda!

    1. Hi Brenda, I have read your blog many times throughout the years and have to say…you are a beautiful soul. Great Blog! – Tina

  31. I love your posts, your décor, yours thoughts. You are always well spoken and direct. If I don’t have the same opinion I can just roll on. The world is so divided, half of everyone differs on what is happening at any one time. Just be yourself and let the others disagree if they chose. We are allowed to express our own opinions in the Great U.S.A. I like a little controversy, it shows people are thinking.

  32. Hope you will keep this little oasis of.a blog going. Free speech is the hallmark of democracy. And thanks for being the adult in the room!

  33. I love your blog! I just refuse to read the ridiculous comments. I know what I believe and I don’t need someone else’s stupid opinions upsetting me. There is enough in this world that’s upsetting. If you think my head is stuck in the sand so be it. We must ALL do what’s best for us right now. Stop judging. Be kind!!!!

  34. Dear Brenda, if it makes you feel better, two of my other favorite, high quality blogs (Susan Branch is one of them) also, in the past, received the nastiest in “firestorms” after they ventured an opinion similar to yours. They lost readership as well. How sad to be so thin-skinned and such a syncopate that the expressed feelings of another woman are a threat to you!
    There are some things Trump has done that I agree with. (I am strongly pro-life.) But the ugly, biting tone of his personal insults makes me cringe every time he opens his mouth. I taught high school for years and witnessed how brutal name calling can completely diminish a human being. (One, for you fellow Christians, who was made in the image and likeness of God, and for whom Jesus also died and loved from before he/she was knit in the womb.) How dare this selfish, uncouth man encourage such vile behavior as a role model! I do not want my grandchildren to grow up a world like this! Adultery, lying, sexual misconduct, cheating on taxes, and defrauding of wages (a sin, St. Thomas Aquinas describes as one “that cries out for vengeance from the Lord”)….none of these behaviors should be tolerated by God fearing people and rewarded with a vote.
    Please don’t be bullied into submission by readers too blind to see what is clearly in front of them!

    1. Please do not ever stop blogging. I was appalled at the responses yesterday and especially because they came from women. I cannot respect a person who name calls and bullies others. Or one who has so much disrespect for humans unless they are rich white males. As far as our current crisis goes, we need a leader who cares and follows through for the betterment of our country. I’m afraid for the vulnerable who will suffer for this. I realize this will anger those who still support their leader and I can’t fathom why especially those who claim to be Christian. Jesus was inclusive and caring not angry and demanding.
      And for those who will feel the need to defend this person please do not waste your time, my time or the readers time.

    2. I’m so glad you were an educator. I’m sure you were an excellent one who influenced many students positively.

  35. I hope you will continue, even though at times I disagree too. We are all different and I know of no one who always agrees with even close kin, for that matter. But civility and good manners go a long ways. All of us are impacted by events in our own lives. While Obama was president, our insurance and medicare became a huge problem…and we have lived in 3 states, 4 towns in the past decade…and it remains the same issues for us. Finding a truly good doctor who is ALLOWED to practice medicine as he/she sees fit is impossible it seems. I think if we were dogs we would be better cared for. Yes, under Obama came the changes to medical…but he is only 1 person…just as Trump is only 1 person…and they could do nothing without cooperation from others. I will always remember what Jimmy Carter expressed once he was in the White House (cannot remember exact quote now, but he was surprised to find he really WAS NOT in charge). I did not agree with all Jimmy thought and did, but I did feel he was honest…and I believed what he said. It is kind of like being in our senior adult apts…there is only 1 person we can interface with…the apt manager, but we never see the owner, I do not even know who that person is…and so thus, whatever we have to say, mostly falls upon deaf ears. I think the govt is quite like this too. Even those who want to help, may not be allowed to do so. People would be far better off praying about such matters…in my belief, GOD is our only real help. So folks, lets agree to disagree sometimes, and meanwhile be kind to each other. Kindness goes a long ways!! Brenda likely does not NEED to have a blog now…so we want to encourage her to continue.

  36. It is YOUR blog, Brenda ~ write about whatever you want to. There will always be nay-sayers ~ you just keep doing your thing {that you do so well!!}
    I’m sticking around ~ your blog is a joy.

  37. Hi Brenda,
    Whenever you talk about political issues people are going to come out of the woodwork. Just how it is here in America. People feel free to express themselves but where I disagree with freely expressing yourself if do not be rude about it. If they do not agree with you then start a conversation with manners and do not be rude. I once had a lady tell me that my blog was boring because I like neutrals and not a lot of color. Ok you do not have to be rude just move on and do not read my blog. People can be so mean and rude sometimes. I know it probably upset you to read all the rude and negative comments but this is your blog and you should be able to write about what you want. If they do not like it they can move on. In a world of so much hate we need to show more love and caring. Sorry you information and post caused you this kind of stress.

  38. I think you’re fantastic, Brenda. People who can’t stand a little criticism of Trump need their heads examined. He’s not God.

  39. I’m sorry you had to deal with all the controversy, Brenda. It’s a stressful time for everyone. You have the right to say whatever you want on your blog, but.people have strong opinions about everything these days, and are often not respectful of other people’s views.

  40. I just want to let you know that I enjoy your post each day. I can’t believe all of the negative responses you received. I don’t care how good of friends people are no one agrees all of the time. That’s one thing that the United States was founded on. Every person has the right to their own believes. I’m looking forward to your posts about spring planting and what plants you choose. I’m in Ohio so I have a little bit longer to wait then you do but I am starting to make plans and am enjoying all the catalogs that are arriving. Love on your babies and know that you have a lot of friends out here.

  41. I love your blog, please keep on keeping on, Brenda! I did leave a reply yesterday supporting you, but it came up as Anonymous. I did add my name Mary at the end of my comment. So, just saying, maybe some of us just goofed when hitting the publish button?
    You have an original and fresh approach to life, thoughtful, and often inspiring. I look forward to reading your blog so much. And love Charlie and Ivy too!

  42. The last time I looked, this was a free country still. It is your right and privilege to express your thoughts and feelings on all situations. You own the blog! Americans fought and died for our rights, all of them. People who challenge those rights are petty and narrow minded.

    Politics in this country have gone off the rails. Who to believe? What to believe? It’s a game of “one up-man-ship. I don’t believe there is a true leader available in this country given what is available as choices. I think that answer lies in the Congress. New blood is needed there to rid them of all the lifers. Look at the ages of the top contenders for President. Top offices, all oldies but not so goodies.

    Keep praying for a deliverer who can lead us out of this mess. Keep blogging for all of us.

  43. Brenda, please keep writing your blog. Ignore all the angry comments ! I look forward everyday to reading your blog !

  44. Hi Brenda, just an note to encourage you. I don’t get every post read as I am trying to get my life back on track so I missed the one you refer to, however, just carry on. These are challenging times throughout the whole world and people are often frightened and edgy. Nobody really knows what is happening, not even those in various roles of leadership. Medical, governmental, financial, etc; it is an uncharted path for everyone and I would not want the immense weight and responsibility on their shoulders In cases like these, there is always going to be, in retrospect, a way that it could have been better. Since we are not privy to all the fine details I have chosen to hope, pray, and believe that most all concerned will do the best they can to bring about the best outcome. In the meantime perhaps focusing our attention on what we Can do will help. We can get our own homes in order. Reach out to help others, even by a simple note or call. Run an errand for someone who can’t. Buy some groceries or pet food for them. Clean out a closet, go through that box of papers that has been nagging at you. Start writing about your feelings to release some of the tension, tell people how you love them, listen to happy music and not the news all day. And on it goes. We can use this time as a precious thing even though we might want to just hide under the covers. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have done both.

  45. Hi Brenda. When I read today’s post, I was gobsmacked. I look forward to your posts every day. I enjoyed yesterday’s words and photos. It’s unfortunate that we’re such a divided country that disagreement turns ugly as quickly and as often as it does. I believe that the best way to fight fear and hate is to reach out to each other with words, not fists. Good for you.

  46. I love your blog and agree with you. It’s scarey times…I’m trying to get on with things here…hopefully I’ll spend more time gardening in the coming months. We have a son who has to go out and work every day, so sadly cannot stay completely isolated…
    Keep on writing..I’ll keep on reading! Can’t wait to see how your patio looks . And how are salt lamps, Buddhas , and meditation offensive?

  47. Please don’t close down your blog, I enjoy it greatly although I don’t always comment. People disagree with each other, especially in these partisan divided times. That comes from the top down and has poisoned public discourse in too many cases and situations. I thought you were fair and balanced in what you wrote, far more than what I would have written for sure! Maybe when people who felt insulted or attacked or whatever, when they calm down they will think things over and realize that they overreacted. I have family members who work in health care, and I am frightened for their safety. Heck – they’re frightened for their own safety. My RN sister is working 12 to 16 hour days 6 days a week at an understaffed and underfunded VA hospital filled to overflowing with our brave veterans. She’s 65 and plans on retiring a couple of months – if she makes it. She’s scared, and I don’t blame her! Two of my nieces also work in intensive health care jobs, one is a technical specialist in a lab who works on highly sensitive projects and one is a nurse’s aide on the front lines. They’re scared, too. People who claim that this is a HOAX – they’ve no idea just how real this all is, and how dangerous this is day in and day out, for those working desperately to help the sick. It makes me so angry, I could SCREAM from the rooftops. Stay your course, express yourself as you wish – IT IS YOUR RIGHT! Stay safe.

  48. wow. let me figure this out.
    so long as you “keep it pretty” and can only say anything that people agree with…
    they will continue to read your blog? but the very minute you mention something important to you and that you’re concerned about … they become COLD and they pick up their marbles and stomp home? !!! it’s their privilege of course. but do they SEE how silly they are?
    like a pouting child? it’s just so ridiculous really to have that kind of attitude. I thought the same thing when you were so delighted in finding Boho design for your little Cozy House! the same “Christian” people were so outraged and opinionated. I just don’t understand. you’re not forcing any opinion on anyone! about décor or politics! you’re just stating how you feel! and since it’s your space you have every right to! they do too of course. but I’ve never seen such snippy and coldness. feigned cordiality. it reminds me of high school girls in cliques!!!
    good grief. I would have thought we’ve outgrown that kind of stuff! apparently not.
    I don’t often comment simply because I’m a quiet person. (staying home is wonderful to me!)
    but I read all your posts. and I think you’re also wonderful. you are HONEST. and that comes across.
    I hope you just keep on being BRENDA! there are those of us who love to come here!
    and the pictures today of sweet little Charlie Ross and Ivy Rose are priceless! as they usually are! LOLOL. sending you much love and support. xo

    1. uh oh! I’m sorry! it’s Ivy LOU! Abi Rose is never far from my mind. XO

    1. Roneta, Thank you for being the grownup in the room!
      Excellent Comment. Many other comments are just getting it started again.

  49. Hi Brenda,
    I’ve been reading your blog for many years (even before you left Texas), but I’ve never commented. I really enjoy it, and especially that you look on the bright side and often make lemonade out of lemons! I think we can all agree that the atmosphere in our country has been very tense, and that definitely predates the current situation. It makes me very sad that we can’t seem to treat each other with kindness and respect. We’re all in this together, and even though our opinions vary greatly, I really think we all want the same thing: to see our loved ones happy and healthy, and to live our lives in freedom, pursuing the things that matter to us. Politics in our country has sunk so low that it frustrates me…and I’m talking about BOTH political parties. I was at the grocery store yesterday, and although it was very crowded and frantic, people were behaving with kindness, politeness and care for each other. Sometimes the best comes out in the worst situations! I’m praying for those who are sick and for those who care for them — whether their families or first responders and those in the medical profession. We will get through this, and hopefully be the better for it. Take care and be healthy.

  50. Some comments may be upsetting to a very few but I think the majority of us here look forward to reading your blog daily, I know I do. I have got to know you over a few years and feel you are a friend. I for one would be upset if you stopped. I love what you write about, it is always so interesting.

    I am not religious at all but I do have a friendship with a Pastor who (should that be whom?) I admire. Not sure how he feels about me but we do not try to change each other . We can talk about anything and not get upset if it doesn’t fit our feelings about a subject.

    Love that picture of Ivy.

  51. I love your blog. It motivates me to clean, beautify my space,and be grateful. However, since I share different political views, I don’t enjoy hearing mine knocked. I hope it doesn’t become a venue for that.

  52. Brenda , I love reading your blog . I look for it every day . I often wish we lived closer to each other . You are such a creative, and artist person . I’m so glad you are not going to stop your blog . Have a great day with your family . 🙂

  53. Brenda, I know I made a comment AND signed my name. I must admit that I don’t remember what I wrote. I am upset at the actions of people in our society. So much violence over paper products.
    With that in mind, I hope you continue with your wonderful blog. I love your decorating, suggestions and advice. Your photography is beautiful and I adore your fur babies. Your blog is like relaxing in a comfortable chair with a good book.

  54. I love our president, Donald Trump and all that he has done for us, so far. No president is or was perfect and never will they ever be. As I see it far too many harbor hate for him and for people like me and are too willing to put us down for it. I did not like Obama one bit, but never once did I admonish or insult anyone that did. I would never,ever do such a horrible thing and I do not harbor hate for the haters because I am a Christian. I will continue to read your wonderful posts, regardless of your politics. If one enjoys something why would they allow hate to interrupt it or take it away?I would never and I believe that is how we should all behave, as decent American women. Have a wonderful day!

    1. I think you’re fantastic, Brenda. People who can’t stand a little criticism of Trump need their heads examined. He’s not God.

      1. All he has done for us? Like what?! I don’t “hate” anyone either, but our current President is not one worthy of respect. Respect has to be earned – and he has not done that.

  55. People need to grow up. We are all entitled to our opinion and if you feel so strongly about
    a comment state your opinion in a civil manner or you can choose to not participate.
    We are all in this together whether or not we agree with someone. Be kind and hope
    we can all weather this storm.

  56. I read your post, don’t agree with you politically, BUT IT IS YOUR BLOG and you can say whatever you want. I don’t need to respond because it’s NOT MY BLOG and has anyone ever changed someone’s mind on a blog or facebook…..NEVER! Don’t stop blogging. I enjoy your cozy little house and all your decorating, so neat, cool, etc.

    And I love your babies, too. Your suggestion to be serene like Ivy is a good one. I’ve shopped and am staying in. Spring cleaning is on my list and very appropriate at this time.

    Have a great day with the family.

  57. Thank you for your blog. I don’t often reply but enjoy reading your posts each day. You will not be able to instill any sense into closed minds. The current state of affairs terrifies me. I have family members who work in health care and my husband and I are in the over 70 group. Hopefully some of the kool aid drinkers will see the light but it will get worse before it gets better.

    1. I also enjoy your blog. I enjoy reading about your garden and decorating. So Carry on and keep writing your blog

  58. Brenda, life is about differences,all kinds of them. We all have opinions, and should remember that ones own opinions are not wrong because they are different from others,and we certainly shouldn’t feel superior to others because we are different. I feel that in these times ,some are taking offense over small ,petty stuff,and we should all grow up and be adults. We are all only as good as everyone else,no matter how we think. I love reading your blogs, hearing how your life is and your problems and interactions with family and others. Keep doing what you have always done,please,it’s good for us to be there for you.

    1. I so agree with what you are saying! Right now everyone has enough to worry about with this corona virus happening EVERYWHERE… we do not need this drama people are bringing on! Brenda I look so forward to reading your blog every day and your adorable pictures of your babies!

  59. I certainly hope you don’t stop your blog. Pictures of your fur babies and decorating ideas are a nice distraction from all that is going on in the world. It’s one nice bright spot in the day. Hope you stay healthy and finally get to the patio garden – another thing I look forward to reading about. Thank you for just being you!

  60. Brenda,
    Your blog is a blessing to so many like me.
    Ignore criticism from those who don’t wish to see what is right in front of them.
    Carry on!

  61. I’ve never commented, but I wanted to show my support. I love your blog and am sending good thoughts your way.

    1. I rarely comment, I’m just always here enjoying your blog! Please don’t stop being you. We need your blog more than ever now.

  62. I don’t often comment, I just read and know you have excellent writing skills. Mostly I agree, sometimes I don’t. But that’s what makes the world go around. And people forget to have an open mind and realize that there’s all kinds of kinds and sometimes you need to read/listen to a new perspective and think about it. You keep being you and let the negativity go.

  63. Hi Brenda, My name is Anne and I’m French. If I have an advice,simply ignore these stupid anonymous cowards people ! If you can’t write what you think, it’s terrible. Yesterday, I read a comment, something like “president Trump reacted fast” ??? Fast ? Seriously ?? Maybe this woman has a good insurance but for all the majority of the Americans ? Our president Macron reacted not very fast but faster than Trump. Now, we all have to stay home. We only can go outside for groceries and medical. Like in Italy and Spain and in many other countries in Europe. So, I stay home with my two cats. Do the same, wash your hands, don’t shake hands, don’t kiss your family (that’s difficult I know), leave one meter between you and them and … cross fingers !! Have a great Sunday Brenda !

  64. Well, I went back and reread the post I think you are talking about and I see
    nothing in it that would cause any stir. You spoke the truth without bitterness or
    anger. I personally love your posts and would really miss you every day. Please
    do not stop writing. Your life has been a boon to so many of us on the daily internet and we will need those words more than ever when we are forced to stay in our homes during this crisis. Hug Charlie and Ivy and keep on doing what you are doing. Love to all three of you!

  65. Brenda, I so enjoy reading your blog! I look forward to my daily email that your blog is ready. I enjoy all the stories about your pet babies, your remodeling, your family, your gardens. You are just like all of us, making the best of what we can control to make us happy. Please do not change, keep writing about what you enjoy!! There are a lot of us that would miss you if you left! There will always be the negative people out there, and they are the ones who will find fault and hurt in everything.

  66. I’m out now. I came here to hear about your cozy house and get away from political ramblings. I liked your blog but I love Trump! Best of luck with your future endeavors and it was nice while it lasted but just not the same anymore.

    1. I disagree with you dropping out. Do you have friends who are great, but don’t completely align with your beliefs? I have and I enjoy the good parts and ignore the ones that don’t match with me. I don’t know anyone perfect, least of all Me. Brenda has a wonderful blog, aptly named and she is very smart and insightful. That old phrase, “cutting off your nose to spite your face” is appropriate. You will probably be inside more and what better than to connect with good friends on the internet.

      1. ONE political post and you leave?! Instead of getting your panties in a wad, why not just ignore the one post and move on? Brenda isn’t going to be posting about her political beliefs every single day. Her blog is much more than that. Sheesh.

    2. I wish to reply to SB. Goodbye and Good Riddance. Brenda, I enjoy all your posts. Please do not change anything you are doing. SB needs to find a blog that meets her specific needs and let the rest of us enjoy your blog as you choose to write it. I have followed you for years. I cried with you when Abby Rose passed. I will continue to read your blog first every day. You have far more supporters than you have detractors out here in blogland. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  67. Brenda,
    I’ve read your comments every day and I look forward to reading about you and your life. What was it that caused such an uproar? I’m really confused about this. If someone doesn’t like something then they can delete and move on. There are more of us who love your posts, than those who don’t. I just can’t imagine what happened.
    Love your posts and looking forward to many more.

    1. Totally agree! New to your blog and love it. Keep up the good work. People are all entitled to their opinion. We can agree or disagree, it is their opinion. How we choose to react is on us. You are doing the right thing. Keep up the marvelous blog!

  68. I didn’t read any blog posts yesterday , so I missed it.. You say it caused a “firestorm” and in my experience in life and blogland that means you got WAY to close to the truth for a lot of folks.. for which I give you a ??
    Carry on being YOU~!

  69. Brenda, I would hate to not have your blog to read. Folks all have different ideas and that’s what makes the world go ’round. I’m sure what I believe is not everyone’s cup of tea. I may not agree with differing viewpoints but will defend your right to your opinion.

    1. The shit has hit the fan! Of course the president should accept the blame. He IS the leader of this country. We’re seeing a steady stream of stories of coronavirus testing being either withheld, refused, or not available. Conspiracy theorists would surmise deliberate shenanigans by government for obvious reasons. If true, what will be happening in a few weeks (and what will be impossible to ignore) will make Italy look like horseplay with our health care centers being overwhelmed with patients. My opinion…my comment!!

      1. It was his advisors that a did not have a plan. President Trump is the leader. He takes the information and then has a group to work with him about it. It was not his fault.

        1. His advisors that he put in place. Just like in any major corporation…blame starts at the TOP and trickles down.

          1. Again I agree. Not to mention he dismantled the Pandemic Team Obama had put in place… out of pure tee jealousy.

  70. Thank you, Brenda, for choosing to stay put. It’s your blog, your thoughts and opinions. If someone doesn’t agree or takes offense, they may choose to leave, preferably quietly;)! I appreciate and enjoy your daily posts, and wish you a lovely day! <3

  71. Brenda, I don’t comment often but girl this is YOUR blog and you can write whatever you want. People are free to unsubscribe. I was pretty floored at the amount of people who have buried their heads in the sand and refused to acknowledge that our government, led by Trump, has repeatedly lied to us and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

    1. Please,,,, let it lie! Brenda has tried with this post to put it to rest.
      Your comment can resurrect it! Let’s just enjoy the day and Brenda’s lovely pictures.

    2. So true!
      Brenda, you have a wonderful blog. I love reading it, don’t stop.

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