Today is March 15, which means spring planting for me would normally be just one month away.

I find myself looking around me and thinking: Well, how much will I be able to do and then keep up with?

With each day that passes, I realize that I expected things to be quite different by now. Normally I would go to physical therapy for a certain amount of weeks and be right back on top of my game.

My expectations were that I’d go to physical therapy and she’d give me exercises to do at home and everything would be fine.

But as it warms up and nurseries are bringing in pansies and other cool-weather plants, I’m not at all where I thought I’d be at this particular juncture.

For one thing, I haven’t figured out how to deal with that raised yard beyond the patio. I have to be conscious of the water irrigation system underground. Which I haven’t had to worry about before.

It would have been so much easier if my patio and yard space was on the same level. But alas, it is not.

At least I can enjoy my house plants inside while I mull all this over. It does bring me joy to see green leaves growing and becoming taller and fuller.

A peace lily I recently bought


Yesterday evening I was eating supper at my table in the dining space and started to get up. I eat in the chair where my back is to the kitchen.

My boot got caught on something as I moved the chair back on the carpet.

Somehow as I was trying to get up, my body twisted, and the next thing I knew I was sprawled on the kitchen floor.

I lay there for about 15 seconds and then thought: Okay, I didn’t hit my head at least, so get up and see what else happened.

It was just a scraped left knee and both hands, as my palms instinctively went down to limit my fall.

The left kneecap is pretty swollen. But there were no cuts or anything. Just bruising. I was lucky.

In Admitting To Limitations & Adjusting Goals, I've put an ivy plant as well as other plants in front of the window in my office

I knew this was probably inevitable, as my chairs have slender wood legs and they’re hard to handle on the carpet.

I’ve nearly fallen several times getting up from the table with the walking boot on. And now I have the shoe lift on the other foot.

Coming Up With An Adjustment For Eating Meals:

So I’ll have to make some readjustments to the eating meals situation somehow.

When I fell, the rubber lift came off my left sneaker. That probably happened when my left foot twisted against the carpet. I’m just fortunate that I didn’t do something to my left leg.

This morning when I woke up, I lay there thinking that I just don’t have the energy or capacity to walk long enough to clean this place properly.

I hate the idea of having someone in to do that, as I like to do for myself. But it may be necessary, at least for a while.

A small plant in my second bedroom in front of the green lamp I have there

I am ashamed to say that I have yet to really clean the guest bathroom. And I’ve only properly cleaned my bathroom once.

The Cleaning Of My Home, Or Lack Thereof:

I just walk past the hall bathroom everyday and kind of forget it’s there. Or that’s what I tell myself anyway.

I think I’ve only mopped the floors once. And the carpet doesn’t get vacuumed enough.

I just can’t stand long enough to get these chores done.

Every day I think I’ll manage to get a lot more done. And then the evening is approaching and I realize that didn’t happen. I didn’t even come close to the household goals I’d had for that day.

I like to clean my own home and do everything I need to do in whatever garden I’ve created. And then manage to stay on top of things.

Do I Need Outside Help For House Cleaning:

It pains me to think I might have to hand some of these chores over to someone younger and more agile. Not to mention having to pay someone to do what I could always do myself without much trouble.

So I’ll be thinking about all this. It’s depressing to even admit that I may not be able to do it all anymore. I guess I need to get over that.

In Admitting To Limitations & Adjusting Goals, I show a prayer plant, one of my favorites.

Conversation With My Neighbor From The Other Place:

The neighbor at the old apartment complex called yesterday. Neither one of us had any real news to discuss about things happening in our lives. We talked about hobbies and things we enjoy. I told her how much I’ve always loved house plants.

She said she’s always hated gardening. And that she has a couple of house plants but really doesn’t find joy in tending to them.

After we hung up, I sat and thought about it. I’ve been tending to house plants since my girls were quite young. I always wanted leafy green plants in my home. And that’s way before I learned how they purify the air.

Aside from the mental health benefits one gets from digging in the dirt, there is the pride I suppose, in keeping a plant healthy and growing.

But, you quickly learn, sometimes no matter what you do, a plant will just wither up and die.

You can’t dwell on the loss of that plant for very long. Because you likely then purchase another one to take its place.

Green shoots emerging from the earth give me a lift. A new leaf on a house plant does almost the same thing. I guess you’re a gardener or you’re not.

Another plant I recently purchased at Lowes and found a blue pot for.

My Next-Door Neighbor:

My next-door neighbor told me the other day that his wife was the one who wanted to put plants out, that it was really her thing and not his.

This was when he was carrying my potting soil to the patio for me.

He said that he has a plant stand and was thinking he might sell it. And asked if I wanted to buy it.

He was a master gardener along with his wife. So it’s kind of hard for me to believe that he wouldn’t want to plant something outdoors when it has been such an important part of his life.

“Well,” I said, “when everyone starts putting their plants out, I think you will get the itch to plant as well.”

He thought about it a minute. Then he said maybe I was right. That he guessed he wouldn’t sell the long iron plant stand.

“Maybe you just did me a favor,” he told me.

I’m sure it’s hard to think about doing the things you did with someone you lived with for over 50 years, and then having your routine turned upside down.

But it’s part of life and you adjust as each day passes. Because that’s really all you can do.

Like me admitting to limitations and possibly having to alter my goals, change is just inevitable.


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  1. I’m glad that you’re okay after you fall. As for needing help around the house, it sounds like it would be a big help to you. Think of it as a “for now” decision, rather than a permanent one, and see if you feel better and stronger down the road. You may actually find you enjoy handing off that responsibility, and using the extra time to do things you want to do. As for the garden, maybe start small this year. I agree with others that your neighbor, the master gardener, may have some great advice for your property. It might be a good distraction for him to help you with your garden, if he’s not emotionally ready to tackle his own this season.

  2. Maybe you can look at someone coming in to clean as temporary help. Who knows how you’ll feel in 6 months from now. Change is difficult when you don’t want the change, but sometimes you just to accept it.
    Your houseplants look so healthy and beautiful!

  3. Change is hard but accepting it is even harder. I had plumbing repairs done in my house and ultimately had to have someone come in and clean the mess. I now have her come every two weeks and it’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself. It’s freed up my time to do things I wouldn’t normally do and to do things in my home that I enjoy. You shouldn’t feel bad getting help.
    Also, ask your neighbor about your outdoor area. Maybe he would have some good ideas.
    I think we all need spring to come!

  4. Brenda, maybe you could get someone in just every two weeks to do bathrooms, floors and vacuuming. It would be cheaper and you could probably keep up with it that way. Also, I have one of those robot vacuums. It comes out of it’s little garage (set by you on a timer) and does a remarkable job for the in between vacuuming.

  5. Falling and hurting myself is my biggest fear so now I move slowly in everything I do. I’m very sorry you took a tumble but I’m glad you weren’t seriously injured.
    Please allow yourself “Grace” – part of self-care. For quite a while you were living a very stressed life in the old apartment. No matter how hard you tried you were stressed and full of angst. Then you stressed about the move, and everything related to it.
    Everyone has already offered lots of great ideas so I’m going to suggest you heed their suggestions and advice. Keep your patio simple just like you’ve done with the inside of your adorable “new” home. Things will fall into place as they are meant to. When the weather allows, please take time to just sit out on your patio. The answers will present themselves.

  6. Hi Brenda – Your writing is my treat each morning – thank you! My suggestion is Velcro stick-ons for your chairs so they are able to slide on carpet – unless that would be too dangerous.
    As for your hill & rocks – perhaps you & your grand kids could meet at your place with the manager to learn how deep & where the sprinkler system goes. The kids could remove the rocks, tidy the hill, & loosen the soil if deep enough. Also seed some flowering ground-cover. Maybe even remove 2-3 blocks to build you a slope or gentle little ramp. Worth a try unless a mini-mudslide would result. Your master
    gardener neighbour or
    manager may have an opinion. If your grands are similar to mine they’ll be thrilled you want (need) them – especially if you have favourite treats to eat & drink! Furthermore it’s good together time & you’re passing on family gardening love, lore, & culture. I expect you should be off your feet to improve your well-being after quite a month! Best thoughts to you from British Columbia 😊

  7. Maybe just for this season you can scale back the planting and tending to just a few things and see how you’re feeling this time next year?
    You’ve just done an admirable job on the apartment,give yourself a pat on the back!
    Here’s to healing! Don’t forget Ivy the hisser and little Gracie need you too.
    Look into a robo vac,they’ve come down in price and people that have them seem to love them,my doctor has a cat that liked to ride on it,no lie,she had pictures,mine would be under the bed for days,LOL
    Feel better🌞

  8. I am so glad you didn’t hurt anything when you fell except maybe your pride. Seems like the falls are a realization that our bodies are changing, sadly.

    I am glad you convinced your neighbor not to sell the plant stand. Maybe he just needs some time. I have the feeling he might be helping you decorate your area. Remember how beautiful your plants were that were in pots? Your patio will be the same in time.

    I used to have house keepers til my husband got Alzheimer’s and it was too much for him. He’s been gone six years now and I miss them and haven’t replaced them but I think the time is coming again.

  9. I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse with your fall. Very scary! I’m also so sorry for all that you’re going through with the pain and limitations of movement. If you have to hire outside help, so be it. You have to do what you have to do.

  10. Brenda, I know how scary falling at our age can be. I’ve taken a few tumbles myself over the last two or three years and am always cautioning myself to be watchful of things that might trip me up. My balance isn’t as good as it used to be so I try to be extra careful. Nevertheless, you can’t always predict when something will trip you up. I’m glad you weren’t hurt any worse, but it sure shakes you up, doesn’t it?

    I think hiring someone to come in to clean if you can afford it would be a relief for your worry about not having a clean house. The reply today from Jan about the O’Cedar mop and pail sounds like something I should check out and that would maybe be helpful to you. Keeping my floors clean is one of the hardest jobs I find myself neglecting.

    One last thought: This recent period in your life may with so much pain and limited activity may not be permanent, Brenda. Things may heal and become less painful and you’ll recover some of your former mobility. I know it’s hard to be optimistic when you’re hurting and feeling sort of sidelined, but if you can be accepting of the situation and optimistic at the same time it will be good for your mental health. I know that’s a tall order from personal experience but I’ve found doing so has kept me sane (mostly!) through some difficult health challenges over the past couple years. (End of advice!)

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending healing tho’ts.

  11. Everyone has said it so well and with great understanding and compassion. What a wonderful “family” you have out here. I too have been considering having someone clean for me perhaps twice a month – windows, floors, kitchen area. My issue is that as an introvert and private person, it’s a trial for me to have someone come in.
    Take care, so sorry about the fall and just glad it isn’t worse. We all care for you, Brenda.

  12. Sorry to hear of your fall. Love hearing all the responses. I’m 68 hubby will be 70 in May. We have cleaning help once a month. She does the bathrooms and the lights over the sinks that get real dusty. Floors, appliances and dust the blinds, everything. We pay her 160. I try to maintain the rest of the time. Our home is big but we moved here because the community takes care of the yard. Small yard so I just plant flowers in pots. Would love a smaller home but in today’s market is not wise at this time. So here we age 🙂 Thanks for keeping us here and creating such a special community for us.

  13. (((BRENDA))) I’m just so grateful you weren’t hurt worse with your fall!
    I understand what you’re saying – it was a while back now, when my friend Kevin went into the nursing home (he’s been there a year) back home in NJ … and I started trying to figure out how I could afford the six-hour drive. Several friends broadly suggested (in various sweet ways) that maybe such a trip is no longer possible for me, and forget the money aspect! (Altho this was long before the gas prices came with a gun pointed at you ;- ) Even tho I’ve been disabled since I was in my mid-20s, it’s only as I’ve deepened into my 50’s that I’m finding I cannot push, power, and coffee through, the things I usually managed to do, for the past 30 years!!! Just flipping around for local errands makes me about want to come home and take a nap! – and I live in a small town, NOT like the big city that was in 3 counties, like the last place I resided!

  14. You’re kind to listen to all of us with our well-intentioned advice. The truth is every person has to figure out this old-age stuff for themselves. I do have housekeeping help every 2-3 weeks on an as-needed basis. (She has many other clients.) I feel good about supplying a good wage to a hard-working, honest person who has a family to support. My helper has become my friend. She’s an immigrant from El Salvador with a ‘green card.’ Since I can no longer do volunteer work at church or in the Food pantry, I enjoy giving to her family. It gives me pleasure and satisfies a need for service which I love. Extra treats, school supplies & field trip fees for her kids, special feminine things for her, and a bonus payment every now and then. Since the price of gas has risen, I include extra for gas money. I feel lucky to be able to pay her well. It’s a win/win for us both, and I know I can call on her anytime I need extra help like if I became ill or injured. Hiring help can be an act of giving, not of giving up.

  15. All these 😊 wise comments make great sense!!
    Will definitely ❤ and gently remind myself of them.
    You should also Brenda!
    Slow 🐌 down a few notches!!!

  16. None of us are getting any younger and after enough backaches from vacuuming and cleaning, I finally said enough is enough and hired a cleaning woman exactly one year ago this month. She cleans every other week for two hours. Other people in our condo complex have cleaning people, so I was able to get recommendations. I’ve been very sick for a while and it’s great knowing our place gets cleaned regardless now.

  17. Your comment about not being able to vacuum made me realize I may have that problem, sooner or later, and it flashed through my mind that my grandson has an automatic vacuum for his apartment. I suspect his was quite expensive but I found some cheaper brands with good reviews. I may have to buy one eventually.

    I do have a recommendation for mopping floors — my most dreaded task. A few years ago, I bought an O’Cedar mop and pail that has been the BEST purchase I’ve ever made for my home. The mop has a telescoping handle and the bucket has a built-in foot pedal which allows you to sling water out of the mop, instead of having to wring it. You can mop without ever getting your hands wet! I just bought another grandson one as a gift for a Honey Do shower, even though they have almost doubled in price! Still worth it! He and his future wife will really thank me some day! I have no connection to O’Cedar and I think I saw at least one more brand, but I highly recommend the method. I no longer dread mopping!

  18. I have had a cleaner for several months now. She comes every other Tuesday for $20 per hour. It is a God sent. She changes my bedding, washes windows, hung clean curtains, dusts picture frames every time. Whatever needs done, all I have to do is ask and she does it. Sweeps and mops all floors. Moves everything on kitchen counters and cleans under them. She washes all mirrors every time. I’m well pleased with her cleaning this tiny house. She also does my daughter big house the same day. The 2 places together costs about $110 to $120. She is fast and efficient. She told me the last time that she was raising her rate to $25 per hour the first of April. I will gladly pay it. When she leaves my place has the clean smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap. I’m so glad we found her. My daughter doesn’t have time to clean her house and mine too since I can’t sweep and mop anymore with my limitations. I used to feel guilty when I sat and watched someone clean like I used to do but now I think, “God bless her”. She is what I need, my helper.

  19. I like your post and I’m getting older and thinking about these things myself. I guess the only thing for sure you can count on in life is things changing…sigh.

  20. Omg, Brenda, I’m so sorry you fell and hurt yourself! Are you really ok? I’m so glad you didn’t really hurt yourself other than some bruises and a little pain. It could have been way worse, so I’m so glad you are ok. Please be careful! Maybe for a little while, you could try using a tv tray at your comphy chair, or a little lap tray. I don’t think having someone come in and clean for you is such a terrible idea, if you can afford it. Does your complex offer those services? It wouldn’t have to be permanent, if you don’t want it to be, but for a little while while you are resting and recuperating might be helpful. Please don’t feel bad about your growing limitations. It happens to all of us! Just do what you are comfortable doing, and that will be enough. We will all be here for you, cheering you on and supporting you. That’s what friends are for! Maybe your neighbor can help with your patio. He might have some good advice, and maybe be willing to work on your patio for you, so you can relax and just enjoy it. It might even have the added benefit of inspiring him to work on his own outside space.

  21. Here are some ideas for greenery. Not perfect, but pretty just the same.
    I don’t have to tell you to be careful, because you already are, but don’t backup. I was backing up and my shoe wasn’t. I fell and put my hands behind me to catch my fall and broke my wrist last September. I just had my second surgery and am slowly feeling normal. It was my right hand and I’m right handed. My left hand is feeling really superior these days. LOL
    Another thought is your dining table. I’m looking for a table right now that has a pedestal base, because a table with legs is a tripping hazard for me. Is your neighbor’s patio connected to yours by any chance. Maybe he would enjoy some of your botanical talents spreading out onto his patio.
    I check out another blog about once a week called Engaging with aging. The lady is 100, but so smart and informative and even humorous at times. (I am 75) She talks about ARCs (age related changes or age related conditions). You might enjoy it. So sorry for your fall. Hope you are feeling much much better by the time you get this. Sandra

    1. Thank you for the aging blog you recommended. I’m checking it out I have already read about problems I am experiencing, and explanations of solutions for them.
      It’s a gold mine of information, and I’m looking forward to reading all the posts.
      We need all the help we can get in keeping informed.😊

  22. Oh Brenda I’m so sorry you fell. And I have to tell you I fully understand what you are saying about the cleaning etc. I developed several auto immune diseases within the last few years, one of them being psoriatic arthritis. What you described about having intentions to do things and then at the end of the day realizing none of it happened and not being able to properly clean etc. is exactly my life. I too need to hire somebody to do what I always did myself and just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it yet. Couple all that with the fact that I’m still working and it makes things even that much worse. My days off I am just so exhausted I can’t get a thing done. My point in telling you this is just that I understand. It is sometimes hard to put into words, though I think you did it beautifully. But the frustration is so enormous. It’s a complete change to life the way you expected it to be. I do find that I just have to let things go and take things at a much slower pace. And it is true advice. But often you get advice from well meaning people, but they just truly can’t understand. Well I understand perfectly and send you hugs. And by the way that’s one of the lovely things about your blog. I feel this is a community of women that understand. You have definitely created a very special place.

    1. Yes Kelly, it is a community of women who understand! Brenda has created a special place that we can come to help each other out!

  23. I just did a Google search for “gardening with mobility issues” and found lots of sites with creative ideas! One that caught my eye was raised planters. You had one or two small ones at your old place. Filled with the “filler, thriller, spiller” plant concept, a couple of these would be lovely and not require a lot of bending, etc. Then next year, if you are able, expanding from there. That would give you time to assess the sprinkler system & other site issues while still “getting your hands dirty” this year.

    I’m excited about reading more about ways to accommodate limitations when gardening. Right now, I do a lot of bending since most of my pots are at ground level (not ideal but I cannot afford to purchase larger plant stands that would elevate things). Not sure I can keep doing that in years to come so thinking in advance about how to cope with limitations and still grow flowers is important to me. My mom gave me some large lightweight pots I can turn over to use as plant stands. Worked well last year!

    The garden flag idea was a good one. A few accessories or shepherd’s hooks offer a way to display things without having too much to cope with. My winter garden was limited to planting nasturtium seed (again due to budget) but dollar store flower pinwheels and other decor brightened the space.

    You will find a way! I am sure of that.

  24. I absolutely love the photos of your houseplants, and especially the first one. I loved your observations about the pleasure of growing house plants, since I celebrate every new leaf as well!
    This was a very timely post since I just decided this morning I need to find a cleaning helper, and I have a young man coming to help with spring cleaning my small garden space. Brenda, please be gentle with yourself in accepting we are aging, and in your case injured. I can’t do up or down any longer! It’s not a reflection on any of us, it just what is…..
    Perhaps focus on your patio area, and let the upper area just be while you focus on getting better. I’m just glad you have beauty around you in the lovely complex, and the other neighbor ‘s garden spaces to enjoy. Can you imagine if you were still at your old place, not being able to keep up, and feeling frustrated.
    I’m not overlooking your life is different, and your garden is different, and the sadness of that, but there are no expectations on you except yours. Not from us certainly.
    You have endured a lot in the past year so perhaps a good tear fest is needed. Mourn what you have lost. I have found a good cry is needed sometimes to just acknowledge how you are feeling, to acknowledge yourself, and know you can feel better.
    We all recognize what you have accomplished, not what you haven’t.
    That was wonderful advice you gave your neighbor about just waiting to see how he feels about some plants later. Our immediate grief seems insurmountable, and we don’t ever imagine feeling different, but we do… keeps going on. 🙏🙏to him, and all who are suffering.
    Just be as kind to yourself as you would be with others.

  25. I no longer have the energy or, sometimes, the desire, to do anything around the house at all. I’ve been “painting” my bathroom for nearly a month how – and not a lick of paint on the walls yet. But I have gotten the sanding and spackling done, I am nearly finished taping, and the stuff has all been cleared out so I have a clean space to paint in. It’s just getting the paint can in there, opening it up, stirring it, and putting it on the wall. It will get done, but not in the time frame that 20- and 30-somethings do on Youtube (“you too can get this done is 1 day, just watch how I did it!). Yeah, whatever. Coming to terms with the fact that we are aging and are getting slower, and although I hate to admit it, weaker, is just one more thing that we have to grapple with and accept as adults. For awhile when I was still working full-time I employed a woman to come to the house and clean. It was wonderfully liberating. It’s not something that should frustrate you or make you feel guilty that somehow you’re not living up to whatever image you have in your mind that a woman is supposed to be able to or “should” do. Remember the saying – work smarter, not harder. If that entails enlisting help sometimes, good for us realizing it.

  26. Agree with Lynda… slow down a notch or two, Brenda. You’ve done SO much in the space of a few months, and perhaps you simply need a bit of time to regroup, physically & mentally.
    I admire the way in which you step back (no pun intended) and look at things (life) and then commence investigating & weighing the options of what might be done to resolve X, Y or Z. Always good to have options & choices. While doing so, don’t forget the option of modifying your mindset & expectations of yourself. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to rescale our expectations of ourselves, especially when we measure ourselves against a yardstick of our own design. The good thing about a yardstick of our own design… we can change that yardstick as life changes.
    Take care, be kind to yourself, stay safe & well.

  27. Whoa, Nelly! It sounds like you are putting way too much pressure on yourself to do too much too fast. You are still adapting to a lot of change. Until you are feeling better, maybe put yard work at the bottom of the list. Relax, enjoy everything you’ve done already (a lot) and your furry friends.

  28. The past couple of years our lives have changed greatly…much as yours has and is. It is not fun to have to figure other ways to do something…I was wondering however, if you might be able to vacuum anyway from a wheelchair or walker with a seat… I have not done near enough cleaning for a long time…we just do as we can when we can. But if a helper to do a few things would benefit you…maybe there is even a way your doc could get you one on the govt being you are now on social security. Might be worth asking. We have had Home Health coming in since Hubby got home from the hospital in Jan. He was finally discharged from the last one of them yesterday. They were therapists and a nurse…but I used to have a friend whose husband worked as a helper to older folks when she was still alive…it was a way for him to make a living as well as a great help to those patients. You might look into it.

    1. OMG can I relate to this post! Accepting limitations is really difficult, especially when you have to limit things you used to love and still have an interest in. This past year my health has been on a downward drag and I am almost so fatigued that some days when I cannot accomplish a thing and I don’t even care. Gone are the days I was so proud of my clean, organized home and beautiful flower beds. My standards have lowered year after year out of necessity. I will only plant flowers in 2 window boxes and have have 2 hanging plants on my porch on the other side of the house. That is all I can manage, but I will enjoy planting them and enjoy seeing them throughout the summer. It will be enough. We have to take care of ourselves as we age and our bodies don’t cooperate with what we want to do. Brenda, the last 2 months have been exhuasting and stressfull with the move. You have decorated your new home and made it beautiful and cozy. Now it is time for you to just relax and enjoy it, and get healthier and minimize the pain. Aside from creating a couple of potted plants, that should be more than enough for this season. You just pulled off a major move! Rome wasn’t built in a day! I would suggest you limit what you do on the ground that is sloping toward your patio. Walking on uneven ground is too dangerous for you right now. Maybe a few ornamental things and a garden flag could spiffy up the area, and you can have one of your daughters or your neighbor place them where you want. Tuesday Morning is a good place to find reasonably priced outdoor garden decor. Yes, your readers like to see pictures, etc., but pics of the kitties and indoor items will keep us plenty interested. Personally I really enjoy and look forward to your thought provoking, introspective posts and book summaries! take care of yourself first.

      1. Very well said Gail and I couldn’t agree more. I feel exactly the way you do about not only having no energy, But sometimes not even desire. It’s very hard for somebody not experiencing that to understand. Sounds like you’re handling it all admirably.

  29. I, too, wake up with a bounce and a list of stuff I’m “for sure” doing that day. By noon, I’m tired with hardly a thing accomplished. My husband has the same problem…we’re retired and 73. I use the same mantra on myself that I’ve schooled him with – and now I’m passing it on to you. “You worked all your life to get to retirement age so you could have the luxury of doing nothing if that’s what suits you for the day. DO IT!” You’ve done A LOT in a short period of time, Brenda, and things will come together for you after this stretch of taking a breather. I wonder if you could hire your granddaughter to do some light cleaning for you? A good way for her to learn some skills and earn some money.
    With your creative thinking, I know the solution to your yard will come to you gradually, just like the kitchen mirror. The multiple levels are a challenge, but the interesting results will make you proud and happy! I just know it!

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