1. I loved seeing this and how Jill renovated her Vintage Airstream.
      About 5 years ago, we bought a 76′ vintage camper and did
      A complete rehab on it. Last Fall. We took ‘Plainjane’ out on her
      Maiden Voyage to a Vintage Camper Rally in Upstate NY.
      The best part was touring everyone’s camper and see what fun things they did to it! Many were just amazing . I feel if there ever was a need, I’d
      live in one of them in a heartbeat!

  1. What a pretty and well thought out small space. It looks much larger than it is; I think because it is so bright and not cluttered. And what a neat tribute to her grandparents. This would be a great guest space in one’s backyard!

  2. Oh my goodness! This post brings back many great memories of hitting the road in the RV. I love the tiny cozy feeling, and it is really amazing how little stuff (and space) one needs to be happy. And you meet the most wonderful people when you RV, and get to go on wonderful adventures and see new places. I miss those days.

    Thanks for this great post, she did a wonderful job and I cannot believe she went to so much trouble when they don’t even plan to take it on the road!

  3. This was always my dream (but spouse keeps getting in the way and won’t hear of it). Maybe someday……. I love that–“let’s hit the road Ann.” 🙂

  4. So cute! I lived in an airstream for awhile back in college. My parents had one and it was cheaper to put in a rv park then for me to rent an apt. I really loved it. Simple living at it’s best!

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