Amy, the owner of Victory Market Vintage & Handmade, has lived in her Andersonville home in Chicago for 4 years.

Her 700 square foot apartment sits above a shop overlooking other shops and restaurants.

I’m not quite sure how you’d describe her style. Colorful. Whimsical. A bit bohemian.

Don’t you love that old phone on the wall and the plants in the vintage box? Do you know I have that very box on my vintage ladder?

Color abounds. Bright cheerful colors. Lots of mixed patterns. Amy does not discriminate against patterns!

The light coming in helps ground all her colors, brushing strokes of sun across her treasures.

Her house plants reach toward the skylight in the ceiling.

The apartment floors are a mix of hardwood and tile. The kitchen has the vintage classic checkerboard black and white tile.

If you love crafts and sewing, you’ll love how she’s organized her supplies. Where they’re all right at hand to use when the mood strikes her.

Her bedroom is a touch more demure and muted, but still has lots of mixed patterns going on.

I would imagine that her little apartment cheers her every time she walks in the door. It is certainly unique!

What do you love best about Amy’s apartment in Chicago? Would you consider living above a shop in a bustling neighborhood?

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  1. I just love little ol' kitchens. Kitchens should welcome you and be cozy and say "come on in and sit a spell"–not the current industrial, commercial ones that are the current trend. Those just look like your worst high school cafeteria…certainly not welcoming!!

  2. When I lived in NY years ago out on the island I lived above a luncheonette. There were like four apts upstairs and ours was in the back. Never heard noises at all. Love her bright colors. Fun place.

  3. One of the things that I really l like is the kitchen sink! That old-time farm kitchen sink reminds me of the one that was in our kitchen on the farm where we lived when I was between four and eight.

    Her colors are a little bright and bold for me. I feel more comfortable in a more subdued color palette. But they're fun to look at. I also like the neatness and organization in her craft room.
    I could live above a store–in fact I did for a short time as a child–but I would have to have a roof-top porch or some type of outdoor space where I could garden in containers and have a table and chairs. I really need access to the outdoors from wherever I live.

    I enjoyed seeing this tiny apartment and its colorful style, Brenda!

  4. What a fun little place…full of life and color…and it fits right in for a bustling community. My daughter lived above an active bakery for about 3 years and loved every moment of living there. I loved visiting here there, too. It always smelled delightful! xo Diana

  5. Wow Brenda!..of all the places you have shown us..this is my absolute favorite..Amy has everything I have been wanting..the color..the style..a wonderful Bohemian look without being overdone…Does she have a blog?…and yes I could live there..I once lived above a shop when I was younger..

  6. I don't know that I would want to live above a shop since I love nature and would miss having a piece of the outdoors. She does have a flair for decorating with color and created a very attractive home!

  7. Wow, I absolutely love this! This girl is a free spirit and has created an environment true to herself. I think she is proof that our style doesn't always have to have a label.

  8. Love the vintage charm and wall colors, especially the blue entry. Someday, I want a kitchen painted sunny yellow like her living room. I have a French Country tablecloth just waiting for that opportunity!

  9. Wow, I love it all! Especially the old gas stove, and that great sink! The yellow walls remind me of why it was my favorite color as a child. If we find a place with a more livable climate for me Brenda, I want a turquoise and white room. I liked the warm palette as a kid, yellow to peach ~ to green in middle age, blue creeping in last. I love turquoise…great job sister!

  10. Looking at Amy's apartment makes me think of another Amy, author Amy Tan. Go to Amy Tan's website and you'll see what I mean! Bright colors and happiness abound. My favorite part of this apartment is the glimpses of gas lines and heating ductwork. It shows that you can take an apartment that has unattractive elements like utility lines and still turn it into an attractive, welcoming place.

  11. Really cute and colorful. She is organized and really uses her space well.
    If I was young and single it would be fun to live there.
    Was that a gun up on the wall? Not real, but unusual.

  12. Love the plants, old stove and sink in kitchen, the curtains in the LR (reminds me of bark cloth), and her use of color. Thanks for sharing another unique apartment.

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