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  1. Straight up white vinegar with a little dishwashing soap added to the sprayer should kill weeds and grass. The soap helps the liquid penetrate the soil more easily around the roots. The vinegar won’t hurt animals and bees, etc. that will steer clear of the scent of the vinegar, but it will kill the weeds down to the roots. You may have to give a stubborn weed several sprays. I have large grass back and front yards, so I use a professional weed killer that doesn’t damage my flowers, plants and grass. I spot spray for weeds with a professional weed killer, walking my lawn in a pattern. I don’t have many weeds come up because I also have a lawn service to fertilize and lay down crabgrass pre-emergent, etc. It uses slow release tiny solid “beads” that settle down into the dirt and is not a liquid that can blow around. It is safe for pets and wildlife. There are now weed killers that can be applied to gardens that will not harm flowers or wild life but will only kill grasses that grow up around plants. I like both Ortho and Spectracide products.

  2. BrooksAnn says:

    if you will put cardboard down, spray it with water then cover it with mulch you can pretty easily solve you’re weed problem. I know it sounds crazy but it works wonders. you can recycle your Amazon boxes this way. I’ve included a YouTube link for the basics. her garden is amazing. I’ve used her method on small and large projects and it’s awesome!

  3. First this. When you first moved in and fretted over some quirky and challenging aspects of your yard, I recall commenting that you’d resolve them and others would stop by to admire your work and ask for suggestions. So I kinda smirked with an “I told you so!” attitude when I read this. I said that not only because I knew it would happen, but to give you a boost of confidence in your abilities to create calm out of chaos. Well done!
    What a wonderful collection of kind, generous-hearted people you’ve got as neighbors! I’ll bet Marie just relishes being the community good will ambassador! She reminds me of the old fashioned phone system where everything went through the switchboard operator! Letting messages to Larry come through Marie is too cute!
    And you do your part in spreading kindness too. The settee will be so much more appreciated coming as a gift from you.

  4. Brenda, most weeds come from airborne seeds, not up through the landscape fabric. there’s no way to stop that from happening. you just have to pull them, or use a ground cover that will block them, like ajuga.

  5. You are so fortunate to live where you do with such nice neighbors that look out for each other and help each other out. We finally met the young man (in his 40’s) that moved in next door 1-1/2 years ago, lol! He’d been kind of shy and evasive up until recently. We ended up having quite the chat with him and he seems very nice. We talked up landscaping ideas since our property joins together. The woman that lived in this house before was the one that didn’t care about her house or property. This is the house with that dreaded mulberry tree.

    Weeds are a never-ending battle here. We don’t spray any chemicals, so our lawn has tons of weeds. Creeping Charlie is super invasive and is in all my garden beds. I pull tons of it just about every day that I’m out there. And our newish landscaping in front where they laid down river rock in some carved out spaces, is also sprouting weeds. And yes, they laid landscaping fabric underneath the stones! I agree with the others who said to spray vinegar. It works really well for killing weeds. Just be aware that it will also kill grass and other plants, so make sure you don’t spray it on a windy day.

  6. I’m pretty sure it’s in their dna, Brenda, and they just can’t help it, lol! I LOVED today’s post! It was so much fun to read! You and Steve had quite the adventure, didn’t you, lol?!! You really do have such great neighbors! I’m glad Steve wasn’t upset about missing his work out. I can say with confidence that I definately wouldn’t have minded missing mine! Lol! I love your idea about beautifying the sidewalk intersection. You might have been able to put your settee out there to give people a place to sit, talk, and enjoy it, but giving it to your friend is also a really nice gesture. Hopefully, some of the suggestions about weed control will work out for you. I used to have our lawn guy spray the rock beds every once in a while to kill the weeds, but now that I have a dog, I don’t want to risk her getting sick from the weed spray. Weeds are the worst!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I use a spray bottle with vinegar for weeds growing up in the sidewalks and driveway. I can’t use it on my plants, but it does great for getting rid of them.

    1. I’ve actually never tried anything for weeds except pouring scalding water on them or pulling them out. Will look into this.

      1. Preen works very well – I used it extensively in the past in my NJ home because much of the yard had been heavily planted for 50+ years by the previous owner with layers of perennials, bulbs and tubers and weeding around all the ground covers and beds would have been all but impossible. That being said, Preen is a preventative and works on seeds before the weeds come up – it does not kill existing weeds, but it will prevent new ones from coming up where it is applied.
        I love the role you have given to your galvanized containers and glad you persevered and found some!
        “They will be the soldiers of my yard. Ready to fill their role in my fight against constantly sprouting weeds”.

      2. Heat the vinegar up and it seems to work even better.

  8. Annette Tracy says:

    This was truly a fun post! I felt bad when you moved and left your galvanized planters there. I actually like the idea of different sizes. Makes it appealing to the eye. Happy Planting ❣️

    1. I’ve just gotten home (ended up going alone) and Ivy is all over me to pet her. Had a strange morning. One of those days when you realize just how grateful you should be to have a roof over your head.

  9. Just a note: we are bombarded by weeds as well and my husband takes plain white vinegar (we buy it by the gallon) and puts it into a sprayer and sprays the weeds and they shrivel up and die in a few days. Keeps our yard looking decent without the “weeding pulling” thing. We’re in Arizona so our yard is covered with various types of gravel stones and the weeds just love popping up through those things.

    1. I shall try this. Also hot water (not sure if it has to be boiling water) will kill them if you pour it on the weeds.

      1. But don’t the weeds come back?

  10. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Brenda, your post today, was just so much fun to read. What a day you and Steve had. Love how neither one of you “gave-up” the hunt.
    Maybe with the different sizes of tubs you purchased, will be even better, than all being the same. I know you will arrange and plant them beautifully, making for a very interesting view.
    Again, Loved this post!!! Happy planting “and no more weeding, hopefully”

    1. It’s just after noon here and I just got home from the nursery. Marie couldn’t go so it was just me. It was a very interesting and humbling morning to say the least. Will write about it tomorrow.

  11. So many adventures. I bet you slept good last night or maybe you are like me when I am excited about a project I’ll be up half the night thinking about it and then I am too tired to give it my all. Weeds find their way everywhere. I paid to have plastic put down in a big island out front. Well mulch makes soil and therefore I have weeds or as I like to think of them as native plants! I loved how you are gifting your settee to a neighbor, other neighbors are helping you out and you had a nice conversation with the veteran. This is how things are supposed to work and I am happy you landed where you should be!

    1. Hadn’t even thought of that. That mulch makes soil. Oh joy.

      1. Sounds like you and Steve had a great day, even if it was hectic it was a fun adventure!

  12. I’m so glad that you’re happy Brenda and even making new friends to go places with! I knew that u would be walking around again, it just takes time! Your garden is beautiful too! I hope u and everyone else is having a great week!

    1. So far so good. The surgeon told me to give it a year, and it will be a year next month.

  13. You and Steve had a very adventurous day. I agree that it was like a Stephen King movie. Did you see zombies at the blocked intersections? LOL
    Can’t wait to see the tubs in place and filled with beauties.
    Happy Monday!

    1. Oh you wouldn’t believe the big variety of plants sitting in my living room. I got the foldable big red cart out and wheeled it out to my car and brought them in. It was all I could do to get them this far and I’m too tired to plant them. And it’s the wrong time of day to plant anyway. The back of my old SUV has I think 11 or 12 big bags of potting soil in it. I guess they’ll just be in the cart overnight.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Its amazing how much effort it can take to find what one wants these days!! Thankfully, my daughter often picks up things in her town a bit south of here and brings up…yesterday it was 12 gallons of spring water…both times we went out recently there was not a drop of spring water in the stores…I think this small town must be the end of line where the trucks stop and only get whatever happens to be left on the truck for grocery stores!! You would think Covid was still in full swing!! So nice you have such good helpful neighbors!! I cannot imagine living in the midst of such!! Certainly NOT the case here where we are!!

    1. You know I’d have ordered them if I could have found them online somewhere.

  15. Well, that sounds like a real adventure. Happy to hear you are moving forward, both physically and with your garden.

    1. We weren’t prepared for something like yesterday. We’d get lost at times and Steve’s phone would lose where we were (I forgot mine) and I’d say stop and I’ll go in and ask where we are. But you know men. They just can’t stand to ask for help in driving somewhere.

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