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  1. The photos of the irises are beautiful. Mine have been growing so fast in this last week of way above normal warm weather, but they are far from sending up stalks and setting blooms. We broke records a couple of times the past several days with temperatures in the 80s, our average temps this time of year are in the 50s. Right now it is 76 outside. We are expecting rain later this evening and then, possibly Sunday, we could get slushy snow – up to a foot up north (couple hundred miles away from where I live) and maybe half an inch to an inch of slush/mush where I live. The ground is dried out and warmed from the weeks’ extreme temperatures so whatever snow we get around here will melt quickly. I am worn out from cleaning up the yards. There is still more work to be done cleaning out the remainder of garden beds, I will be tackling them shortly with a rake and my gloved hands. If we do get rain and then snow (the forecasts around here seem to change hourly in this “new normal” of climate change) I want the remainder of the beds at least raked out once. With the warm streak we’ve had everything is popping up prematurely, so I can’t wait to try and clean them out, soon the plants will be too developed to safely try and rake over and around, as I don’t have one of those “mini” rakes to fit into tight spaces. Oh well – back outside for me.

  2. I think we always leave things behind that we will later miss, when we move…seems to have happened to me too in all our moves. Most moves come upon us rather quickly, although generally I have had some advance “feelings” that one was on the way prior to the move. Glad you have lovely plants from the neighbors to enjoy though…seems you are in a place better suited to your needs etc.

  3. Beautiful irises!

    I don’t know how in the world you got back up off the floor with your bad ankle. Please be careful. I know what you mean about stretching on the yoga mat though – it feels so good!

    Looks like I’ll be in for more PT…saw my ortho dr and had a MRI for my right shoulder. Two partial tears and severe bursitis. This getting old stuff stinks sometimes.

    It’ll be interesting to see what you create at your yellow table!

  4. Brenda,
    Just an fyi place your cell phone near when you get down on floor just in case you can’t get back up on your own. I am 85 and try to keep mine close

  5. Thank you so much, brenda, for the beautiful photo of the Iris! Had them at last 2 houses, but not this one, and I really miss them.

    I always enjoy your gorgeous photography and can’t wait to see what crafts and DIYs to come up with!!

  6. You will probably enjoy “young Wallenberg”, it’s the prequel to Wallenberg and is about how he started out in the police force, I’m thinking it was on PBS.

  7. I can’t wait to see what crafts you make! The terra cotta pot the other day was so pretty. Maybe you can try your hand at that. She used napkins, but maybe you can try a sheer fabric. And I can’t wait to see how your bowl fillers turn out, that you were gifted. I love irises too. They are so beautiful! I love purple, so I’m particularly fond of them. About your stretching, do you think you could do them from your chair or couch? I’m worried you’ll get stuck on the floor and hurt yourself trying to get up. I’m sure Greg can show you some safer ways to stretch. Stretching is so good for your body. I can understand why you want to do them. Judy please be careful!

  8. That iris is gorgeous! I hope things are sprouting more and more on your patio, as well.
    Be gentle with yourself and the stretches. Sometimes we want to feel better than we do and overdo what we know has made us feel better in the past. Just be careful.
    You know I’m thrilled and excited that you’re going to start crafting. Especially while sitting at your yellow table by the window.
    I was able to check of my list one of the things that’s been extremely concerning regarding my health. There’s still a BIG one we’re dealing with but in a month, I’ll know more and can hopefully check it off my list, as well.
    Enjoy your Fri-YAY!!!

  9. I think the iris is beautiful. Just wish they lasted a bit longer. I think British TV shows are well made too. Take it easy on those stretches. Don’t overdo. We know how you are! Have a lovely day. Spring is wonderful and energizing!

  10. I like to stretch in bed at night and in the morning but it does limit you to certain movements. Overall it is healthy to just stretch – in any way that you can. Even just for a few minutes. Your insurance might also cover some massage appointments if they are deemed medically necessary and I believe yours could be because of your extended rehab. It might be worth a call anyway. The bearded iris’ are showy and beautiful – they are a masterpiece of the spring garden:-) Remember the past but live in the present and look to the future – what you have and can do now and also what may be. Hope and optimism are essential to our happiness. I love the idea of a craft series – what a great idea! And you have the perfect room for it now:-)

  11. Please check out White Cottage Company on YouTube. Mary is Amish and transforms all sorts of things, has a beautiful yard with flower beds,with a pond, and 2 cats. I think you will love it. It will give you inspiration. Have a good day.

    1. Oh, I’ve watched the house plant video and been over to their Etsy shop. I’m getting ready to watch her spring home tour.

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