1. ,I feel so sorry for such little children being exposed to such “drills” and to worry about such serious matters. The only drills kids in Canadian schools practice are fire drills, and on the west coast, additionally earthquake drills. The US has the highest rate of death by firearm in all of the world. Canadians don’t “carry” firearms. Very few of the population own firearms. Hunters and farmers legally can possess hunting rifles and shotguns, after passing the Canadian Firearms course and obtaining a firearms licence. No one can possess automatic weapons, other than the military for war purposes only. I am sure your forefathers who created The 2;nd Amendment. of the 1600’s allowing US citizens to bear arms for protection against invading enemies could not have foreseen that every man and woman would possess firearms to protect themselves from their neighbours and carry them to the mall, the gas station, to church, etc. Wikipedia indicates that if modern constitutions of countries other than the US refer to arms at all, the purpose is “ to allow the government to regulate their use or to compel military service, not to provide a right to bear them”.[7] Constitutions which historically guaranteed a right to bear arms are those of Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua and the United States of America.[9] Nearly all of the Latin American examples were modelled on that of the United States.[8] At present, out of the world’s nearly 200 constitutions, three still include a right to bear arms: Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States; of these three, only the last does not include explicit restrictive conditions

  2. This is all so sad. Our children should never be afraid to go to school or out to play. We should never be afraid to go to a shopping mall, church, or even to the grocery store.
    I live in a Mobile Home park about a mile from town near BLM land and I hear gun shots at night. There are a lot of pot growers here. I am afraid to walk my dog out after dark just in my yard.
    Hugs to Charlie and Ms. Ivy.

  3. You already know I how I feel on this topic, and I am saddened and sickened that Andrew and every other child in this country has to fear being shot in places where they should feel safe. We must continue to fight on this issue. xo Laura

  4. Every comment was so informative. This current gun culture is not at all normal. We shouldn’t be living in fear of our lives. Hopefully, with new leadership in 2020, vast changes will be made. I’d like to be alive to see.

  5. I agree with you completely. It makes me sick. My two grandchildren were homeschooled and I see that more and more people today are doing this. I know everyone is not able to but there is more available today to make it easier to do and if done properly they still have many opportunities to be involved with other children.

  6. I agree with you 100%, Brenda. These are terrifying times that our children are growing up in. No child should have to worry about being shot in school (or anywhere else). No wonder children having depression and anxiety have skyrocketed.

  7. Actually we are at war…just on any given day we are not sure who is the other side!! Before we get all worried about weapons however (and there are things to worry about there, esp. among those not taught from childhood to respect such things) let us do away with ALL THE VIOLENT CARTOONS they entertain kids with today. Our daughter does screen some of that but even what the kids are allowed to watch fills us with fear and worry!! Come on people…you cannot fill little heads even in cartoons, with violence and not think it won’t appear someplace else later!! I too feel ill that our grandkids here have those gun drills too…and they are beefing up fencing and such on campus too. Makes you wonder just WHO is actually in jail these days!! Yet under the current situation what else can be done? Over a year ago in our little sleepy town here, while living out in the country even, the duplex next door had its door busted in totally and the only reason they were caught is the landlords next door happened to be working outside and heard it and went to investigate. It was one of those MS13 gangs…caught the guy but who knows if he even spent a night in jail. You know, nothing is done as to restitution either I am sure. Hubby installed a surveillance camera on our downstairs apt window in a safer 55+ place across town…hopefully that will help deter such here.

  8. My youngest grandson (17) said when he was in McDonalds, sitting next to a window, that he felt like a “soft” target. This is a young man, that hunts and knows how to use a gun with respect. Even he and his 19 year old brother are worried about the “other” guy.

  9. So sorry your precious Andrew is understandably upset. It breaks my heart to hear my 7 year old grandson talk about the “police drills, just Incase a bad guy comes in school”. I don’t know the answer but it is escalating out of control. Everyday we are bombarded by gun violence. It makes adults concerned going anywhere. Hadn’t been to the movies in forever. My friends and I were settling in to enjoy when before the lights dimmed the screen read”look for the exits” My heart sank and ruined my day. Sad.

  10. I don’t want to get into a long-winded conversation about guns or gun control but, FULLY automatic guns / rifles are NOT openly sold in any U.S. market. If you want a fully automatic rifle, you have to fill out a request for an Automatic Weapon license. That being said, if anyone isn’t prepared to defend their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with like defensive weapons as criminals or your own government possesses, then you are just a sitting duck. As responsible citizens, we have the right and responsibility to defend our and our fellow citizen’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our 2nd Amendment was included in our Bill of Rights to give each and every citizen the right to bear arms to defend themselves from criminals and authoritarian governments that want to control their subjects. FYI, I am NOT an NRA member as I have some disagreements with their tactics.

    1. I agree 100%! Law abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves. Most of the shooters have mental problems and got their guns illegally. Banning guns or repealing the 2d amendment will not stop them but will prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves and their families.

      1. If most of the shooters have mental problems then why is the US the only country where this happens at such a rapid pace? I have no problem with people having guns if they are responsible and keep them locked up. But I do not thing automatic weapons are what the founders of our Constitution had in mind when they gave us the right to bear arms.

        1. Other countries who abandoned guns have a higher murder rate than the US. Criminals still get guns illegally. Austrailia is a good example. I agree that no one needs assault weapons but people misinterpret what assault weapons are. I am sorry for your grandson and all children. My son has been held up at gun point 5. Times because he works in a restaurant so I worry about him everyday. I don’t know the answer except for better background checks to prevent shooters from getting guns illegally.

          1. This is not true of Australia Shirley. After our one and only mass shooting 20 odd years ago our Prime Minister began a gun amnesty – it now extremely difficult to obtain any gun license and fully/semi automatic guns are banned. We therefore, certainly do not have 200+ mass shootings as the USA has had recently.
            I suggest you check true statistics before making a carte blanche statement.
            We see what happens to your country as an outsider – it is so so sad. To have children frightened to go to school in case they are shot? Do you know how crazy that sounds? Yes it can certainly happen here or anywhere but we don’t have security guards at schools, nor do we have metal detectors. This isn’t at the forefront of students minds as they enter their school ground each day.
            With very close friends whom attend Columbine in CO, the tragedy is just too much and they’re also reminded of it every single day.

    2. Well stated Richard, in Charlotte. The day the 2nd Amendment is repealed…as discussed above by someone else , is the day our Country and Freedom that some take for granted will no longer be the same. That is all I am saying out of respect that Brenda did not want this to become political. Very sad about your Grandson, Brenda, and perhaps your daughter should ask a conference schedule with someone or school psychologist, to inquire exactly what is being presented during the drills, etc. , and to discuss the psychological affects on little Andrew, and probably others. One of my Grandsons is in 2nd grade and I sort of brought the topic up to him about drills at school right after the new year began, and he was not bothered or mentioned being scared at all, and in fact mentioned tornado and emergency drills. Seems….though the drills may be necessary these days. also, teacher training should also be a requirement regarding presentation…there should be a way to present it not to scare the h. out of poor babies. Sad..I agree. Andrew and young children are way too young to carry that burden. Very sad. I do agree some of the gun laws need amending.

      1. Another thing I thought of..maybe they are teaching the children not to play with guns and could that be where the x on guns came in..I hope so.

  11. Awwww……just to think of that sweet little boy bringing home worries of that magnitude at his age……I have a first grade granddaughter going to school less than a mile from my house – the building her mom attended in the days when doors were left open and not a care was given to what we’ve become. It’s a safe suburban school, but I still find myself visualizing rushing over to stand in terror in the parking lot some day, hoping she’ll be one of the ones to emerge safely.
    Assault weapons…..who the h*ll needs those for anything? Add them to the list of stresses police officers face every day.
    Brenda, thank you for sharing this so openly. Give your sweet Andrew extra hugs and tell him he will always be safe when he is with you.

  12. That made me so sad to think of Andrew riding the bus and his thoughts might be he would never come home. Our country is in shambles.

  13. You are absolutely right. But guess what. Instead of fighting the gun laws, they are building new schools to deter bullets. How crazy is that! People say we are losing our democracy, sorry folks, it’s gone.

  14. Long before GUNS were part of the political debate I wrote a college essay about repealing the second amendment. I have to give my instructor a lot of credit. He was an NRA member. He based my grade not on his opinion, but on the quality of my work.
    I still stand by my view of repealing that most worthless piece of legislature. Our founding fathers did not foresee the future as it has become.
    I can understand the fear Andrew has, but Brenda I hope you and his mom are helping him not to live his life in fear. He is much to young.

  15. Every word that you said, most of the country agrees with it. A few, a stupid few, politicians are keeping things from happening to make it safer for our children. I don’t have grandchildren in school, but they go other places, and all of those places are at risk. Even workplaces. Every workplace. Every play place, Every place.

  16. I agree with you. A second grader brought a gun to school. My little grandson was in that classroom.

  17. I have been saying the same thing for years! Nowhere is safe. I thought for sure that after the Sandy Hook shooting, we would have done something. HOW CAN NO ONE CARE THAT ARE CHILDREN ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED??? I have been yearning for grandchildren for a long time now, but not anymore. I’m kind of glad I don’t have any. Isn’t that sad? I feel so bad for our children today. What a way to grow up. I hope your little grandson someday won’t have to be afraid anymore.

  18. I agree with every single word. Our children and entire country are beholden to the NRA. Shameful.

  19. Sadly, it is a political issue. As long as politicians keep accepting support/money from giant corporations, (in particular the NRA), they are beholden to them. No law will be passed until we take our blinders off, meaning they (I.e., NRA, Corp. entities, PAC’s, and politicians) keep dividing us (citizens) and conquering. Until we, as a country, white, minorities, rich and poor come together for a common goal to pass laws, that will keep us safe, it will continue.
    We have to Vote.

  20. Canadian children are afraid too. They fear global warming and climate change They got a day off school to march in protest. What can be done? Recycling does not work, who has the answers ? Add the gun issue and how will these children turn out. Are we raising a generation of kids with anxiety, fear and health issues that will cost a fortune to treat. Poor Canada, poor USA.

  21. Every word you said is true! There is no need for automatic weapons in a civilized (?) country. They have one purpose only, to murder as many people as possible in a very short time. This is NOT what our founding fathers could ever have envisioned. It is wrong. I simply cannot believe the power of the NRA.
    I am so sorry that Andrew, understandably, has this fear.

  22. I worked in a childcare center for several years. I saw the state-required active shooter drills. And not only are they frightening to the children–babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers– but ridiculously ineffective. Teachers herding little ones down a long hallway toward a room lined with windows to hide in a large supply closet that is nowhere near large enough for 60 children and 20 teachers. A “shelter in place” box contains a few diapers and a can opener for the canned goods stored in the closet. A small placard in the front window says.”NO WEAPONS ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES” There is no place in the building where children are not visible to an active shooter.except for that inadequate closet. An exercise every bit as ineffective as when we crawled under our desks during the cold war to protect ourselves from a nuclear bomb.

  23. the gun culture in this country is despicable. and every word you’ve said in this post should be read by EVERY single politician everywhere. are they BLIND?
    no. they just have their campaign indebtedness to huge and politically powerful NRA and they know it.
    do they not have children and grand children?
    they always ALL say one thing. “our thoughts and prayers are with the families.”
    well their thoughts and prayers come too little too late. shame on them.

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