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  1. P.S. I have a Rusty too! Mine is in the form of a 100 pound, precious beyond words, boxer doggie, and he too, loves being in the garden! He is getting older and grayer, like me, and loves laying in the sunshine soaking up all the beauty of nature. He is absolute love, both in giving and receiving. Nanny

  2. Love that you can take a space so small and make it your HOME! I love the word home! If you say it softy and slowly it almost sounds like a hummmm that comes from the heart and comforts! Peaceful Blessings to all! Nancy

  3. Oh, your patio looks so nice! I have to say I feel a little nervous about your cart on the counter, but I know you are experienced with it! haha. I always enjoy seeing what you're working on, Brenda : )

  4. Brenda, your patio looks splendid. The gazing balls in the wagon are so full of whimsy. You be careful now, Olive

  5. I'm going to be your "Mama" now. Please be careful on that cart with wheels.

  6. I love all your outdoor plants. I especially like your Hyacinth bean vine, it's really growing. That's the type of vine I'll be looking for when I start my garden. I came across your article in Country Sampler and really enjoyed it and all the great photos. Also, looking forward to your kitchen cabinet redo!

  7. What in the world do you climb on to get on and off the cabinet? Start there being careful, and please be sure you put some blocks behind the wheels on that cart so it can't roll off. I don't understand how in the world you get plants to grow so fast. I take good care of my plants, but the weeds outgrow them. Everything is looking really good! Watch out though, because your landlord may want you to paint and redo the whole house when he/she sees how good the kitchen looks. 🙂

  8. I'm loving your new place, Brenda. I hope it's the right one for a long long time.

  9. It has been really gray and gloomy here today, so as this is my day off from blogging I have been cleaning and organizing. Lots of things getting thrown in the trash. Tiring, but always makes me feel good. I can't believe how beautiful your garden is looking. Don't work too hard. xo Laura

  10. Brenda, Your patio garden looks so nice. I love that it is growing right along. You are brightening your kitchen with the paint. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. I think that you're doing the landlord a service by painting the cabinets white.. Your kitchen looks bigger already with the doors off..
    It gives me the "heeby geebies" to think about you on that cart and with wheels on it to boot.. But, you know what, I'd probably do the same thing.. Just don't make any fast moves or twist your head around too fast..
    Your patio/garden looks wonderful.. Mother Nature is looking out for all of your plants. Our weatherman said this morning to not forget about July and August.. We've had fairly cool temperatures so far.. I would go for a nice cool, even rainy summer.
    I would love to have a little red wagon with some gazing balls in it.. You have a treasure in that little grouping..
    Have fun painting but for goodness sake be careful..
    Thinking about you !

    1. I'm very careful. While I'm painting and sitting, I use the other hand to hold on to the middle boards between the cabinets. So unless those break, I'm good. That little cart sure has gotten me through a lot of projects, both inside and outside.

  12. Hi Brenda! Your green thumb is showing and your little border of plants look so pretty! How nice to get some rain too. Your kitchen is going to look so nice. Love the white and you'll have some great display areas to poke all kinds of pretties on! How are you liking your washer/dryer thingy?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  13. This weather is April weather but I wont compain. I love Rusty! Thanks for bringing him to life. Your plants are gorgeous!! The cabinets are going to be beautiful! I loved your Country Sampler pictures and writing. A must have for every CLH lover!! Have a wonderful day!

    1. I just took a liking to old Rusty when I was in Jenks. He just had to come home with me.

    1. Steel gazing balls are a must in my garden. They don't break, and no matter where you put them, they look nice.

  14. My goodness Brenda..Your garden is looking so full and lush..and in such a short time..I am trying something new this year..I planted tomatoes and loose leaf lettuce in big planters that I far they are doing great..if they work out I will try a couple of other veggies next year..I'm getting to old and achy to bend over to the ground anymore..Are you saying that you are going to climb up on your counter and sit on on your little cart on wheels..Be safe dear lady..

    1. I managed it yesterday. I just have to be slow and careful getting up and down. When I get down to the bottom cabinet to paint, I have to scoot the cart out from under me into the sink and sit flat on the counter. I just couldn't stand that long to paint. Yesterday I was up there all afternoon on that cart.

  15. Your right Brenda, rain drops are like kisses to our plants, and they come alive. Love the colors on your patio, also love your glazing balls in the red wagon. I had two glazing balls and mine "faded" and lost all their color, I didn't know that happened from the sun. I love what you are doing to the cabinets, it's great the landlord let's you paint, when we rented we couldn't. Can't wait to see your progress. Have a great day!

    1. Well, I'm fudging a little. The insides of the cabinets were stained, and they were in terrible shape. So painting them white means I have to paint the rest white because the beige looks dirty. Hoping this is within my lease. She said just don't do something others wouldn't like. Hello? No matter what I do it will have to look better!

  16. You have a lot of color on your back patio. I know that must cheer you up everyday. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with your kitchen. I already like the idea you're working on now.

  17. Your patio looks great, can't believe how your plants are taking off!!! I love the cabinets already. Can't wait to see your pretty things inside.

    1. I can't wait to see my pretty things inside either! Now I've got to get to work.

  18. Always love to see pictures of your fabulous garden. All of your plants and flowers are so beautiful and lush! Thanks to your magic touch. And lots of rain. Good old Rusty was such a perfect addition. What a find!

    Really looking forward to seeing your cabinets when you are finished. Hope the project goes smoothly.

    1. Wow, we start getting quite a bit of rain usually by April. This year it was a bit later.

  19. I hope that little cart is stable so it doesn't slip off! you will have the perfect place here soon – you are putting a lot of special touches to it. Love your garden

  20. Your patio area is wonderful! Watch out, all your neighbors are gonna catch on that you are a designer/decorator before long… and you are going to get really busy!!! 😉 😉

    1. I only have met two neighbors. People seem to keep to themselves around here. And I'm at an end kind of away from the others.

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