It just started raining. I was walking out the French doors to take photos when I saw that the rain had begun.

I’m kind of running on gas fumes this morning. Charlie was up quite a bit of the night.

I’ve kind of learned to sleep a minute or two in the chair looking out over the patio. But I have to be vigilant that he doesn’t bark and wake the neighbors.

Last night I watched a few episodes of “The Five”.The Five” is a British crime drama television series, created by crime author Harlan Coben. Seems it only has one season, so it shouldn’t take me long to watch this one.

I’m watching that show in the bedroom and “The Fall” in the living room.

I haven’t watched this much TV in years!

The premise of the show is these 5 childhood friends, who were all out in the woods playing one day. One of the boy’s little brother was with them. But they sent him away. He was never seen again.

Another of the boys became a police officer and wants to solve the case, as his father had worked on it when it first happened. But now his father is old and sick and having to be spoon fed.

There seems to be some possibility that the little missing boy, Jessie, might still be alive, as his DNA was found at a crime scene 20 years after he went missing.

Charlie just wanted outside but the rain was coming down fast.

Ivy is playing after she had her breakfast. She has about four leaves off my lipstick plant next to the French doors. No worries, it isn’t toxic to animals.

This is the lipstick plant. It sends up bright red flowers that are narrow like a lipstick.

I haven’t really been able to enjoy my patio garden much this year. Just the spring months really. Then summer weather was upon us and the plants were quickly petering out and it was too hot to go out.

I am really disappointed at the small yield I got from my vegetable plants. Not one good vegetable came from them. The vegetables were either tasteless or withered up from the heat.

I will have to rethink if I want to grow vegetables next year, because the weather is so unpredictable now.

Yesterday I took down some of the farmhouse type paintings off the living room and dining room walls. I will show you what I’ve done in a few days when I’ve gotten farther along.

I was just ready for a new look.

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  1. My efforts at vegetable gardening in containers was very unsuccesful. First time trying it as in the past I had a large garden in my backyard. Maybe my new backyard is too shady or we just had too much rain in the spring. Got no cucumbers or peppers. From what I have been hearing, many folks had disappointing gardening seasons this year so maybe just an off year? I sure hope so!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the changes! I so wish we would get some rain. We haven’t had rain in months! It looked like we were going to get some on Friday. The sky was black and lots of clouds, but not one drop fell! No rain predicted and a high of 102 today! YUCK! I’m ready for cool weather. I’ve not been able to find good veggies down here this summer. The best ones I found were in Alabama. This year just doesn’t seem to a good year for fruit or vegetables. Just too much heat! Love and hugs!

  3. Wish we’d get some of that rain you’ve been having. The sky looked cloudy this evening so maybe during the night or in the morning. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I really want to pull weeds!

  4. You have inspired me to add a bit of color to my apartment. So far I purchased some bright rust throw pillows and a table runner that matches to put on my television stand. I am liking it, so I may make a few additional changes as I find things I like. I have spent a few days purchasing stuff and bringing it home to discover I didn’t like the look and then returning it. I think this latest purchase is a keeper (the rust pillows), as it is bringing just the right amount of color into my blue and white and cream color scheme. I am really looking forward to seeing what you are doing different.

  5. Brenda, I saw this flower on my Facebook page and thought of you. It grows in northern Australia. Its name is Crotalaria Cunninghamii and it common name is Green Birdflower or Regal Birdflower. The bloom looks like a hummingbird. When I saw this unusual flower, I thought of you and wondered if you were aware of its existent
    Sorry Brenda, I tried copying it but this computer I am not having any luck. When you have the time, look it up, the flower is so beautiful and I know you are always trying to photograph hummingbirds.

    1. I googled it and it looks just like a hummingbird! Every summer I see one once or twice but rarely have ever gotten a photo of a hummingbird. They are so fast.

  6. We planted 3 tomato plants, and one pepper plant this year. That’s about all we have room for in back of our garden shed. We did not do good either here in WI, only 3 tomatoes, another 3 that were still green, are gone, maybe the deer, but I didn’t think deer would bother with tomatoes, never did other years. And our pepper plant has one pepper, so tiny it’s a joke. We had a lot of rain here, so that and how hot July was, must be why we got nothing. Next year, husband wants to plant the tomatoes in pots, and have them on the deck. We’ll see how we do with that plan,.otherwise, we have a farmers market, that is held Saturday and Sunday, several blocks away from our house, in the parking lot of Festival Foods. Not the same as having our very own, but better than store bought. Poor Charlie, and you too. I don’t know how you keep up..Just wish they was a magic wand for our pets when they are sick. Take care of yourself too, Thinking of you and Ivy and Charlie, have a good second half of Sunday….

  7. Brenda, did you receive the quilts that you ordered? I’m thinking that you used a Boho quilt in your decor some time ago. I’m enjoying reading about your transition from farmhouse to boho.

    You are such a good mother to Charlie. Hugs to him and Miss Ivy Lou.

  8. Your rain will be hitting us tomorrow. We’re having a string of beautiful weather here again – sunny and in the 70’s. And down into the 50’s at night. Much too cool for this time of year though. Normally this time of year would be our “dog days of summer” with intense heat and humidity. Sorry that your pup is keeping you up at night, but I know this is what sometimes happens when our fur babies get old and sick.

    I rarely watch TV, especially in the summer. I can’t even recall last time I turned on my TV. Too busy doing stuff and staying active in these warmer months. When I do sit down, it’s to go on my laptop (like now) or read a book, though that’s mostly at night before bed.

  9. I know how important Charlie is to you but maybe you should let him spend the night where the acupuncturist suggested. You can’t keep up the no sleep. You need to take care of yourself.

  10. I do love your farmhouse look, but can’t wait to see your Boho designs. I am looking to making some changes in my living room, but just can’t seem to come up with the right idea.
    The picture of Charlie is so cute. Hope he is ok after his fall. Ms. Ivy looks like she is looking for something to get into.
    Have a wonderful day

    1. I’m loving this! We recently moved into an actual farmhouse style home. I’ve gone from an eclectic boho decor TO a farmhouse decorating scheme.
      After so many years of color, I’m enjoying a more muted style. I find it soothing and relaxing. Too much color and pattern, makes my head spin.
      I was an avid Fiesta collector most of my life, acquiring every color imaginable. I’m so tired of it now. A glass door cabinet houses my favorite pieces and offers just enough pop of color.
      Looking forward to your new decorating adventure but also appreciate what you’ve done previously. Hope you find the relaxing atmosphere you’re looking for!

  11. Envious of the rains you have been getting, wish you could send some of them down to South Texas , we are so dry with no relief in sight.

    Sorry Charlie had such a bad night, wondering if you have considered using CBD for him? If you can believe the positive reviews about it on various websites it is a miracle cure for any number of doggie issues. My vet wouldn’t say yes or no when I asked for her opinion, just said it MAY help but thought more studies needed to be done. My daughter has a friend who has a Border Collie rescue group and she swears by it, especially for the senior dogs.

    1. Yes, I tried canine CBD oil and it didn’t work. The acupuncture vet said it raised liver levels and she didn’t think they’d done enough research yet.

      1. I’ll forgo the CBD route at least for now and continue giving Capo homemade bone broth seasoned with turmeric for his arthritis.

  12. That show sounds very interesting! I can relate about changing the decor too I’m always moving my furniture around. It helps me clean too. Hope you have a great day!

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