Another Victim Of Walmart’s Credit Card Promotion

Below is an email I received from a reader who had the same thing happen to her when she signed up for a Walmart credit card. She has given me permission to use her email here…

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Dear Brenda,
Funny you should be writing about what I consider a Walmart bait and switch. I had the same experience several months ago. I was ordering coffee from Walmart and was offered the same $25 off for opening an account and using it that day. I was given a temporary card to use that day so that I could complete my order on the same day.

Unfortunately, the card did not contain the security code which is normally on the back of the credit card, so that I was unable to complete my order as this security code was necessary. I called the help line and was told that the $25 would be credited to my next purchase.

Of course, as you can guess, I did not receive the credit on the next purchase. I called and was told that I was not eligible for the credit as I did not use the card on the same day I applied. Called again and spoke to a supervisor who told me the same thing. I could not seem to make them understand that they made it impossible for me to use the darn card!

I sent a letter to the CEO and explained the situation and I did finally receive the credit. What a waste of my time. I will not use this card again, although I will still
occasionally shop at Walmart if I can get the best price on an item. So I think this may have been done to many people.


When this happened to me earlier this week, the first call I placed went to what I assume was another country.

The person I spoke to did not speak good English. Same thing with the second person when I asked to speak to a supervisor.

The problem I had was slightly different that the reader above had. I couldn’t get the temporary card to work at all. The reader above had no 3 digit security code to use. So a slight alteration in what seems to be the same tactics.

They could get by with demanding that the purchase be made the day you open your account. But it is the ridiculous claims they come up with afterward when you aren’t given what you need to actually make that purchase that is suspect.

Whether the temporary credit card will not work, as in my case, or the necessary 3 digit security number is missing, as in the reader’s case, this does not look good for the Walmart brand to have these claims be made.

When I first called to complain, I also was told that I’d receive the promotion on the first or second billing cycle. I told them there would not be a second billing cycle because I don’t like to pay interest and would pay off the card on the first billing cycle.

So that means I would not actually get $25 off my first purchase, but that I would in essence be getting a $25 gift certificate off my next purchase. This does not meet the criteria for the promotional offer.


During my first conversation with customer service, he said if I couldn’t get the temporary card to work, then to wait until my actual card arrived in 7-10 days.

When I talked to the supervisor, she was the one who told me that because I did not place my order on the day I opened my credit card, I was ineligible.

So that’s two different stories.


I wanted the same window air conditioner my next door neighbor purchased last summer. And Walmart is where he got his.

So when I saw the promotion online, I applied for the credit card because $25 is not chump change to me. I have bills to pay just like everyone else. And I needed the air conditioner delivered because it would be too heavy for me to lift.

I just wonder if there are more customers Walmart has cheated out of this promotion?

If this has happened to you or to someone you know, please leave a comment here or email me.

If you have applied for the promotion and actually received it with no problem, I’d also like to know in the interest of fairness.



  1. Like some others, I NEVER opt in for these kinds of cards. Typically every time you open a card your credit score is dinged. Just not worth it.

    Strange, but I was online and heard a ‘swish’, the sound my iPad makes when an email is sent, but I hadn’t sent one. I checked and it was an old email exchange we had a few years ago that was resent to you. How weird! Just thought I’d let you know since I’m sure you’d be wondering why you got that. I have NO idea!

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I just want to tell your readers that shopping at Amazon is not the only alternative to shopping at Walmart. Amazon treats their employees horribly. Do a Google search to see for yourself the shocking working conditions at Amazon warehouses. While Jeff Bezos, who is the richest man in the world I believe, makes 275 million dollars a day his workers barely make more than minimum wage, have bathroom breaks that are 90 seconds long (and are docked pay if they exceed that time), have to pull one item every 30 seconds, which equates to 120 items per hour, work 10 hour days on their feet the entire time because they are not allowed to sit ever, and can not speak to fellow employees while working. These conditions remind me of sweatshops back before there were labor laws. Jeff Bezos is scum and I will never again spend one penny on Amazon to help line his greedy pockets. Companies like Amazon and Walmart are the worst way to shop and epitomize all that is wrong with corporate America. Buy locally!

  3. Funny…a few weeks ago when I was shopping at the Evil Necessity store (my tongue-in-cheek name for WM), the cashier asked me if I wanted to open a WM credit card. I simply replied, “No, thanks.” She said, “I’m sorry, but I have to ask you that. We’re instructed by management.” I said, “That’s ok, I know.” She then said, “It’s not a very good credit card anyway” and she laughed. I got a chuckle out of that – straight from an employee’s mouth!

  4. Hi Brenda, I applied for this Walmart credit card promotion in 2016 and had no problem with it. I was buying some blinds for the house we were moving into and was quite happy to save $25 off of them and free shipping. I still use the credit card to this day. It saves me a lot of money and I pay the balance off every month. I don’t particularly care for Walmart overall, but this has been a good thing for me and I just wanted to share a positive experience with you, although it was over two years ago….

    1. Absolutely. This is one reason I never open store credit cards, even when they have promotional offers for doing so. The only store credit card I have is Kohls, and I’ve had that one “forever” and pay it off right away if I buy something.

  5. Also your temporary account number should be….the 2 letter got your state and then your drivers license number. If it was not put in correctly that will be another issue and until you get your card you can ONLY use it at the store you opened your account at!!

  6. As a Walmart Associate I am aware that the cashier has to scan a barcode to make it valid. If they did not scan that then it does cause a problem. Yes Sychronry is not the best and they will be switching to Capital One. ..just a little FYI!!!

  7. I would LOVE to pin this, but I’m not sure how! When I click the Pinterest sign on one of the pictures only the picture comes up to post. Will your whole post, ah, post? Help!

  8. I was researching how to complain effectively for another type of situation and found this post that might be helpful to you. It is by Adam Dachis at, entitled “How to Complain to Get What You Want (Without Being a Huge *******)” It sounds as if you have already done quite a lot of what Mr. Dachis suggests, but the article gives good tactical information and information on the mindset of those in the corporate world who deal with complaints. I apologize for not providing a link to the article, but I don’t know how to do that.

  9. I was offered this “deal ” when I checked out at Wal-Mart today. Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.
    We did make a major purchase at Home Depot recently and applied for their credit card at that time. We received a $25 coupon that we could not apply to the purchase we made but could use it on other things in the store that day . This was all done in the store in person and I think that makes a difference . Hope you get this resolved.

  10. I would call the Attorney General of your State. This is clearly fraud and they should be charged. I also would go to their facebook page and tell people what happened. I have had more problems solved by showing how awful their customer service is on facebook. Good Luck!

  11. I second the idea of calling your local ‘consumer justice’ reporter; they seem to get answers to lots of these problems.

  12. Hi Brenda! I had a situation with Williams Sonoma. I use to buy things that were on sale sometimes online. The last bundt pans I bought, 2 of them had fingernail marks inside. Yeck! They were also splotchy! Something prompt me to take pictures b4 I sent them back. Yep, you guessed it! They were patched up and sent back to me! They wouldn’t take them back either! I had bought something else earlier and on the box it had demo on it. I didn’t notice that til later on. Now I buy it from Amazon instead with no problems.
    I had also put something on layaway locally and decided against it. I’m still fighting for my money back! If it’s over a year BBB won’t help. I’m sick of getting screwed over bc I’m a woman! Thanks to you, now I have a few other places to look into. I won’t give up til I get my money back! I took it out of my 401k, that’s why it’s upsetting!
    Have a great day Sunday!

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry this happened to you. Especially since you took the money from your 401K.

  13. Hi Brenda ,Looks like this has happened more than once .So sorry to hear that you have the loss of the $25.00 .If I was you I would move on to greener
    Pastures ,nicer retailers thàt practise what they preach and see what happens with the dispute .When we stress over issues out of our control it does all kinds of awful things to the body and mind .If you are already having health issues with your back and other parts of the body it only makes them worse.
    If it were my dilemma I would move on and hope for the best and never shop with them again .Taking your money to another retailer is your best revenge .Believe you me I love being in control but sometimes we find ourselves out of control .I have had to learn that very hard lesson myself in 2018 .
    Let it go and move on and enjoy your wonderful companion ,your new air conditioner ,and your lovely cozy little house and lovely garden .
    By the way I feel your pain and love love love your blog!
    Hugs to you !

  14. Did you alert the Better Buisness Beurue BBB? Maybe they can do something if they get enough complaints.

  15. Brenda, do you have a local TV station that loves consumer stories?? Go for it!!

    1. I don’t know. Probably. I actually never watch local news. I got tired of hearing about the local violence.

  16. Brenda, on an issue like this, your local TV station may have a consumer fraud specialist on staff. In Dallas there is one through the NBC affiliated station. I would look at the local television stations websites to see what you can find. The other alternative that I have used is to go to the corporate Walmart headquarters page and find the President or Vice President of the appropriate department that would be applicable for consumer or credit cards. Working in marketing for large corporations I know how quickly you get a response when you go to the top. They don’t get much of that type of correspondence and it actually gets read and acted on. I have personally used both methods with excellent results. You are an excellent communicator so you should get a response.

    1. I called the corporate office and my claim is in dispute. I will still have to pay the bill as is without the discount. If they rule in my favor, I will get the $25 off my next purchase in a few months time. To me, that is not fair representation of their promotion. I don’t plan to use the credit card again, so what am I to do when there won’t be a next purchase?

      1. They should rebate you $25 by check since you aren’t going to be using their junk credit card during this lifetime!

          1. Even if you talked to someone in the corporate office, you should not be in dispute or have a credit applied to future purchases. I would take it further up the chain, because what have you got to lose? But that’s me, I am very proactive on matters that I feel like I was taken advantage of. I think being passive leaves you angry and that only affects you. I learned long ago from a controlling ex that I am the only one who can take care of my own issues!

  17. I have not had this problem, but am glad to know about it because the publicity has been effective with me already. I recently placed 3 online orders with WalMart for toys for my grandkids. Prices were the same as Amazon, 2 day free shipping (over $35) was promised, and I figured I could return rejects locally. My orders arrived on time and in satisfactory condition. I do not recall being offered the $25 bonus. Despite my personal satisfaction, I support my sisterhood, and will place future orders with Amazon – even though I don’t have Prime and will have to wait longer for shipping.
    A similar situation happened to me at least 5 years ago, though, with LL Bean. I successfully placed an order for a $600 area rug. My price included a 20% discount and free shipping (minus a $10 large item fee clearly stated). Before I clicked “submit order,” the screen flashed with a large photo of my rug and screamed “SAVE 10% ON THIS ORDER WHEN YOU OPEN AN LL BEAN CHARGE ACCOUNT!” Wow. Didn’t really want or need another card, but an extra $60 seemed too good to pass up. So I opened an account. You guessed it – no $60 off showed up on my total. I ordered anyway and then fired off an email to CS. I used the phrase “fraud” in my message. I received a phone call shortly after from a very nice woman who nonetheless, kept defending herself by asking, “but you DID get the 20% off, didn’t you?” Well, yes! I did, but I was promised an additional 10% if I opened a charge account as well – DUH!!!! No method of explanation helped me. I received the card, cut it up, and never used it or ordered from LLBean again – even though I love the rug and received a good price on it. Very disappointed in a company I know has a good reputation, but this was my version of your WalMart experience, Brenda, and companies who treat customers like this in the age of Facebook and blogging can expect a drip, drip, drip in customer loss – one of us at a time until the bucket is empty!

  18. WTG Brenda and anonymous person!
    Walmart hates bad press and there are A LOT of employees that seem to make up the rules as they go.
    You go girls!!!!!!!!

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