Katie, an interior designer, has lived in and owned this apartment in Camden, London for 14 years. It is 650 square feet.

She has turned an unremarkable Victorian two-bedroom flat into an open, airy and relaxed home.

She opened her space up by removing unnecessary doors.

In the kitchen, she came up with lots of ways to make the tight space more user-friendly.

With the price of London property sky rocketing, many Londoners are moving further out of the city in order to gain another bedroom or a few more square inches for a bathtub.

With her small space, Katie shows that clever thinking and good design can enhance your city home into a home you love without having to move.



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  1. Oh, my, that is a small space! I live in a house that is about 1,000 sq. ft. and I feel cramped. Altho' she has done a phenomenal job of organizing and decorating, I think I would feel claustrophobic in those cramped spaces. Maybe I would become used to it, but it would be a stretch for me to live year-round with that little space. I do applaud anyone who is willing to pare down that much, though. An interesting issue for sure.

  2. Reguarding your bathroom vanity with the arches at the bottom, Kari wrote that with the same problem to solve, they put wood strips BEHIND the arches, on the inside and thus showing the extra wood from the outside, like a second layer. That seems to be a good solution.

    My suggestion is to purchase some beautiful molding strips like one uses for ceiling moldings around the top of the walls and use them on the outside to cover your arched cutouts at the bottom of your vanity. It might be beautiful.

  3. OOPS! I guess it is only the living room wall and built in bookcase that is dark. It appears on my screen to be a really dark charcoal, and it is very appealing with the other white walls.

  4. She has done a very nice job with her home. I absolutely love the tiles above the bathtub! Still foggy here in Wisconsin, suppose to have more snow tomorrow.. Have a happy Monday..

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