I had to go out before I could sit down and write this.

JCPenney left one package at my old apartment yesterday. So I had to drive over there and get it.

Then another package, which was in fact part of the first shipment, came in last night. So I had to go back over there this morning because the management said they were leaving before noon.

Apparently they have indeed sold the property yet again. That’s no surprise. I’m so glad I’m out of there.

Anyway, back to JCPenneys. I shop their online site about twice per year. In the fall I’m sometimes looking for long-sleeved t-shirts, and in the spring I’m looking for short-sleeved t-shirts.

It’s hard these days to find t-shirts made of good quality material. Each t-shirt was $7.99 and I ordered 6.

The JCPenney order turned into a shipping debacle. I was sure I’d changed my address. But maybe I forgot to save it or something.

Customer Service:

In dealing with the shipping problem, I’ve had to talk to I don’t know how many people in customer service. And every single one, except for one last night when I called, didn’t speak good English.

Now I know this isn’t their native language and I try to put myself in their place, but you know how frustrated you can get trying to understand them.

And if I wasn’t trying to deal with figuring out what they were saying, I was dealing with automatic voice answering prompts.

You tell the voice on the other end something and often the computerized voice misunderstands what you’re saying.

Then they sometimes hang up on you because what you need doesn’t fall within the options they gave.

This happened over and over again.

They want your tracking number; it takes a minute to locate it.

By that time they’ve moved on and tell you to do something else. And the call gets derailed. If they don’t have your tracking number they can’t help you.

But you can’t get the automated voice to back up to the point where you can give your tracking number. Sometimes it takes a minute for me to locate it.

And if you attempt to then give the number, the automated voice goes down some other rabbit hole. Once they move on, you can’t backtrack.

They give you another option and it doesn’t fit your situation. So there are no numbers for you to push.

I just abhor this way of doing business. Being automated is what businesses are these days. I realize. But it’s like banging your head against the wall dealing with them.

Being Neighborly:

I’m getting my next-door neighbor’s mail this weekend. He’s taken his grandchildren out of state for the weekend.

His mailbox is right next to mine just outside my door, so it’s no problem at all.

Funny Gracie Story:

Ivy has always wanted to drink water from the bathtub spigot. So I keep it dripping for her.

If it isn’t like she wants it, she will run and sit on the tub when I go into the bathroom, and just stare at me.

I know she wants it to drip a little faster. So I adjust it, she takes a drink and hops down.

Now Gracie has apparently picked up on this bathtub thing. Except she doesn’t quite have it right.

She gets her entire head drenched. So I don’t know if she’s caught on to the fact that Ivy drinks water there.

Gracie may just be sticking her head under the spigot till it gets good and wet and not understand that she’s supposed to drink it!

Maybe she thinks this is what Ivy is doing. And you know how little sisters are. They want to emulate their big sister.

Kendra Moving Today:

This is moving day for Kendra, finally. The movers were coming sometime this morning.

She’s about to tear her hair out I think. Because the house isn’t finished.

The plumber made a mistake with her master bath shower floor, she said, and now will have to tear it all up in order to fix it.

She doesn’t have carpet in her bedroom (I don’t know about the kids’ rooms) so she’ll be walking on concrete for a while.

Her windows were ordered in October and are supposed to arrive in April, so that’s not far off. But that means there will be repainting around all the windows after they’re installed.

Marley is in some kind of softball tournament. Their dad is on a cruise, so he’s no help.

And Kendra and Kasi’s dad is in town.

She said earlier in the week that Marley had eaten crackers and cheese for dinner quite a few days in a row because she was spending all her time trying to get the house fixed up enough to move into.

I told her to let me take Marley and I’d make sure she was fed. But there’s the softball tournament, and they’re usually out of town.

Getting their stuff moved in will be a big weight off Kendra’s shoulders. I don’t know what else about the house isn’t finished.

But I know it won’t be pleasant to move her things into her new bedroom and have workers in there tearing up the shower tile and floor.

Imagine the dust!


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  1. I laughed out loud about the Gracie/shower story! Too funny! And, it is frustrating to deal with customer service most times. It’s shocking when it’s good and easy. Wishing Kendra a good move – hope all goes well. It’s a shame about that shower situation.

  2. Please post a picture of yourself. I’d love to see you!
    Been following you for a while and have never seen you!

  3. Have you tried one of the running cat fountains? That’s what I have for Clementine since she loves to drink water out of the faucet. You can get them on Amazon.

  4. Whenever my cat or dog stares at me, I wonder if they’re trying to communicate with me telepathically.

  5. Never have a problem with Amazon, but the cable provider here is way past awful!
    I asked an agent for someone that speaks English during a call and she got very insulted, stating that she spoke English, my reply was well, I can’t understand you…. Customer service is gone!

  6. The automated systems drive me crazy. Like you, I abhor them. Ugh!!!
    I’m so sorry Kendra is having to deal with the move and all the challenges involved. As someone else said, ‘this too shall pass’. However, in the moment if feels like it’s going to last forever.
    I hope you’ve enjoyed your day!

  7. Amazon sent us a box with ONE cardboard wardrobe box…and NO METAL HANGING BAR for the top…was supposed to be 3 full sets. They wanted me to send it back…REALLY? I told them no, I was far too busy moving and to refund my money and retry again and this time send the 3 sets…WITH METAL HANGING BARS!! We will see how it goes. Our car has already shipped…and son wont be here with rental van for a week yet…so guess, either Amazon fixes this…or we find other ways to pack maybe?? This move has been so full of troubles…someone fouled my 2nd credit card…I am just grateful the main one is ok!! ARGH….what a life.

  8. I don’t know if this works for every automated system but my son told me to push the zero button and it will usually send yu to a representative. Of course, then you have to deal with the people who barely speak English.

    1. OR… the automated system will tell you that is an invalid selection and it starts repeating all your choices over. They make it really difficult to get to a real person.

  9. Oh how I feel for Kendra. Been there and done that!! At my age (71), when I have to talk to those foreigners or robo thingies I always write down all the numbers on my package. This usually makes things easier but not always. Everything nowadays is just so dang complicated😖. Maybe Gracie has figured out she likes bathing. Have u seen those videos where someone turns on the bath water and their cat just jumps right in? Very cute. The cleaners I was telling u about is on the West side across the 44 bridge. Don’t think u wanna go there at this time. The new bridges are being built and it’s a mess. Please tell Kendra “This too shall pass”.

  10. I ordered a simple little speaker for my new work computer to boost the volume – I ordered in at 8 AM last Friday 3/18/2022. I as STILL waiting for the tracking number and for it to be shipped, from Amazon, and it is fulfilled by Amazon and was IN STOCK. Three days in a row, including about an hour ago, I contacted their chat line, to be told, again, that they are “just about to ship”, tracking will be put on my order on Amazon’s website and it is still expected to deliver on Monday 3/28. So they have been ‘about to ship that day’ for three days now, a week since I ordered the product. I didn’t want to run around in the bad weather this last week but I should have just gone to Walmart and bought one or Office Depot. this is ridiculous. It was a ‘mini’ speaker , which is really what I want but really – this is a ridiculous. 7 days and still hasn’t shipped … FROM AMAZON….

  11. I hate dealing with an automated system! I try asking for a representative, and it asks what you’re calling for, so it can get you to the right person. If you say something the automated system can do, it wants you to do that instead. It’s so frustrating!! I feel your pain. I’m sorry Kendra’s house it’s still a work in progress on her moving day. That has to be so frustrating and disappointing for her. Not to mention, stressful! I also ordered windows last Sept or Oct, and they are finally being installed early next month. I can’t wait to see Kendra’s house when it’s all finished. Usually when I go out of town, I have the post office hold my mail and packages until I return.

  12. Ordering from any place can often be a disaster now. I try and make certain to read everything ,,,,,, all the details.
    With clothes, trying to find 100% all cotton is almost impossible.
    If you do find, it’s very expensive.
    I cannot afford $50.00 for a tee or a blouse.
    Have also stopped purchasing clothing for grands & others.
    Just too difficult.

  13. Last night, a second package arrived from Target.
    The 2 bottles (glass) of salad dressing was in this box. 1 dressing busted.
    Everything was coated with it.
    Took time to let Target know. Thankfully, my sister took care of it.
    I can often loose my cool easily.
    From now on, the less we/I order online will be for the best.
    Just have to go into the stores.

  14. Chasing robots is not fun. I usually call back and use the Spanish option. They send me to the right place.
    I believe they can find someone who understands English and speaks it During the edit time I work on my filing system. My papers are sorted and ready for the files. It has taken a few years to do that.

  15. When Ifind myself running in circles with a robot I call back and use the Spanish option often that robot sends me to the other option. I work on my filing system while I wait. My papers are sorted and ready for the folders

  16. Can you do a change of address on line with J.C. Penney? Or if it isn’t too much of a pain in the neck (or your ankle and hip), go to a local Penney’s Customer Service Desk, and see if they can input the new information into the corporate computer system for you? I know what you mean about tee shirts. Trying to order something online without being able to see the quality of the material, it has not worked for me either size wise or material wise. I ordered 2 tee shirts last fall on clearance and while they were cute they were too tight even though I’m supposed to be a “medium” and the material was too thin. I want a “solid” or “thick” sort of cotton/poly material. (Sizing is also an issue, but that’s another story). But because of COVID-19, I didn’t want to go in person shopping. And who knows, maybe the kind of material I want just isn’t made any longer, or would cost more than I want to spend. And who wants to spend an hour trying on tee shirts to see if they fit – not me. I hope Kendra will be able to get her new home issues resolved quickly. Sounds like something of a nightmare right now.

    1. Ordering from any place can often be a disaster now. I try and make certain to read everything ,,,,,, all the details.
      With clothes, trying to find 100% all cotton is almost impossible.
      If you do find, it’s very expensive.
      I cannot afford $50.00 for a tee or a blouse.
      Have also stopped purchasing clothing for grands & others.
      Just too difficult.

  17. A month ago I decided to no longer order anything from amazon for this very reason. Over the past 6 months, I’ve had issues with three orders And could not get resolution with any of them (1- received an empty package, customer service said they couldn’t do anything about it since it wasn’t on their drop down menu 2-an order got lost while shipping and amazon contacted me to get a refund, I tried and the item disappeared off my order history so I couldn’t 3-I ordered 3 of the same items and then didn’t need them so returned them right away. I was given a credit for 1/3 items and every time I try to get a refund for the other two, they say they’ve completed the transaction— which they did— for 1 item!!!) I’ve been a customer since 1998 and have ordered so much over the years but I’m all done. Convenience isn’t worth the hassle. Then I started looking into the company and hoo boy they are horrible.

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