This is the first bloom from my new passion vine. It was raining when I took this photo, so the flower is wet. It’s still beautiful I think.

I think the passion vine flower is one of the most unique flowers I’ve ever seen. I’ve always found the flower fascinating.

I have another appointment to take Abi to the vet this morning. I had to stop giving her the antibiotic after she kept throwing up.

I told the vet’s office that I them I wanted to look into tests for diabetes. And they will also have to change her antibiotic.

I’m washing linens due to her peeing in the bed. She can’t help it, my sweet little Abi. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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  1. That passion flower is beautiful!! You are so lucky to have that available to you & a green thumb to grow!!
    Please keep us updated on Abi. My little shih tzu just turned 13, but she is totally deaf. I love her dearly as I’m sure you do with your Abi.

  2. Brenda, I don’t know if Abi is having other symptoms but our Terrier who is almost twelve years old has Cushings disease and urinated large amounts many times a day. He was also anxious and had a
    voracious appetite. We were told this is common in older pets. We are using holististic meds that have really helped him. Check with your vet before using holistic meds of course after any type of diagnosis. Hope your furbaby gets a proper diagnosis and gets well .

  3. This is my first time to comment on your blog. I enjoy your blog so much. We have a chiweenie that has diabetes. We took her to the vet after she became unable to control urinating. Annabelle has been on insulin twice a day for over three years now. I hope the vet figures out what is wrong with your baby girl.

  4. The passion flower is just gorgeous; it is such an intricate flower pattern — Mother Nature is amazing.

    Hope you have good news regarding Abi. You should tell Abi that all of your readers adore her and Charlie. And we all wish her well.

  5. The Passion flower looks delicate and beautiful. I think it would be nice to be able to watch blooms form and open. I’m sorry to hear about Abi and I hope her troubles are soon resolved.

  6. Hi, praying for Abi,
    One of my pups developed diabetes insipidus, which is not related to sugar but a gland in her brain. She peed all the time, I don’t think she even knew it. Please ask your vet about this too. Dale

  7. oh dear bean. my heart to yours for Abi. i had that with my little cocker Sara.
    and i was given the patience of Job. she just couldn’t help it. that was years ago of course. she never had the loss of bowel but she would pee in the night. my mattress was protected as well. but i did finally put down the liner and then beach towels as i recall. they were wider and longer. quicker and easier to wash and quite absorbent.
    and her little accidents were not ever large. it’s just that neither of us wanted to smell it! or lie in it! but i can look back on it all now with wonderful memories of her and nothing but love. the patience was worth the every day laundry. i have good memories instead of horrible guilt. it’s only stuff. people who yell at them for it… when they’re sick. i can’t even imagine that. it’s probably how some of our very old humans are treated in the nursing homes. i don’t want to have to imagine that either.
    that little beating heart that is yours right next to you is what’s most important.
    and like all your followers here we would do anything for them! holding healing thoughts. bless you three. xoxo

  8. Poor Abi. I hope they can figure out what’s wrong. In the meantime, maybe you could try doggie diapers? Chewy.com has some that are well rated.

  9. I pray the vet will have wisdom in treating sweet little Abi.
    Ps Brenda, have you thought of getting a waterproof mattress liner to put on top of your bed linens? They make them with a terry cloth top over the waterproof part. Then you would only have to wash that one thing. Just a thought.

    1. Actually the mattress pad I have has something that keeps the urine from going through to my mattress. So I just wash that.

  10. Yes, please let us know what the test results come back on for sweet little Abi. I love that flower!!!

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