1. I know a lot of people who haven’t gotten the vaccine for the same reasons, a few of my relatives included. I’m one of those who can see both sides of the vaccine issue. It took a long time before me and my husband decided to get vaxxed. (We don’t have any underlying conditions.) Doesn’t bother us if a work person who isn’t vaxxed has to come in our house, as long as they wear a mask. And then I’d disinfect after they left. However, if you have an underlying condition (or conditions), then I probably wouldn’t take a chance. I hope you can come up with a solution for your toilet.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing that the pin fix lasted so long! Don’t blame you for not wanting the maintenance guy in your home.

  3. The part you need is a little clip that you squeeze so you can slip it on, probably less than a dollar, but if the safety pin works I wouldn’t give it another thought. Love the picture of your Japanese maple!

  4. My guess is if you google the brand name of your toilet , even if it’s not a brand name , someone will tell you what brand part to buy . Then do your googling or whatever that can help you put it back together .People are very
    Helpful that way .

  5. If I am envisioning this correctly, the chain that is attached to the rubber plunger that plugs the hole at the bottom on one end is also attached to a sort of “arm” that is attached to the handle that when pushed downward, pulls the arm and thus the chain up, removing the rubber plunger from the hole so the toilet can flush. When the handle is released the chain lowers the plunger back down into the hole. You could probably use several different things to attach the chain to the arm that is attached to the outer handle – like a twisty tie from a loaf of bread looped through one end of the chain a few times and then looped through the hole that is in the arm a couple of times, and twisted tightly closed. Any type of thinner gauge wire would work, something that is thin but strong and flexible. A large size safety pin obviously works too. If you know the maker and model or model number of your toilet, you might check online and see if there are any Youtube videos that show “fixes.” But if your toilet operates in the standard way with a handle-controlled flush mechanism, there are probably several Youtube videos out there showing “fixes” that would work on your toilet regardless of maker/model. Information for future fixes if needed 🙂 I have a family situation with some unvaccinated members. It’s sad but I am protecting myself however I can and that includes staying away from unvaccinated people as much as I can, masking up and social distancing when I have to go out and be around strangers. My unvaccinated relatives, they’re playing COVID-19 Roulette. Gambling with my life has never been my thing.

  6. I read your blog daily and gave gone back and read your older ones on pinterest.Enjoy them all…Recently lost my cat..it has been hard but our two little dogs keep us going.I am getting a plant stand and plants to occupy myself..luckily my daughter works at a greenhouse…all-your plant pics have inspired me…and your blog inspires me daily..thank you..

  7. That’s a really cheap fix and pretty standard at any home improvement or hardware store to get that part. I can’t believe they didn’t fork the money out for it.

  8. Hey, if your safety pin fix works, more power to you, lol! I don’t blame you for not wanting the maintenance man to come into your apartment, and if he has to, he should wear a mask and gloves. Years ago, we fixed a problem under the hood of the car using a little spring inside a pen. No kidding! It actually worked. I thought my husband was crazy, lol! What brand of toilet do you have that is taller? Is it a lot taller? Have a wonderful day!

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