I have been searching for decorative ways to use your bedside furniture for additional storage. 

The premise here is to forgo nightstands for other types of furniture that serve your storage needs in a more creative fashion.

These old trunks look fantastic as coffee tables, but they also look great as a side table next to your bed. You can store linens, quilts, blankets, or anything else in these trunks.
Below is another example. Using a dresser for a bedside table. I have one on either side of my bed. And I love the storage they allows me.

You might also put a desk next to your bed. Then you have another piece of furniture you can utilize as a night stand, while also serving another purpose. 

This ladder serves a multitude of purposes in the bedroom. There is room to fold blankets or quilts and add them to the bottom shelf.

You could add decor or books to the second. 

And the top could be used for reading glasses, an alarm clock, or whatever you need to have next to your bedside.

Carts are another great way to get storage out of a small space. Not only that, but it carts look stylish and pretty.

I doubt I would ever have come up with the pegboard idea below. But it’s pure genius!

It doesn’t take up much room either. Once again, another great use of vertical storage!

Cubed furniture can serve all kinds of purposes for whatever you need close by your bedside. It’s also attractive.

File cabinets have rolled onto the scene lately as a popular use for a bedside table. You could use it for files. Or skip the files and just use the space inside.

Good places to seek out storage ideas for your bedroom is IKEA, Betta Living, and Wayfair.

Do you have additional ideas for storage that I haven’t shown here? I’d love to hear about them.

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  2. At this point in my life, I think I have tried everything known to woman-kind. I have a pair of tables with three drawers now, cute but not ideal. So underneath I have big cloth covered bins holding things that won't fit in the drawers. It works, but could be better. I had some that were better designed, but not tall enough. It's always something….

  3. All good ideas…I may try to find a smallish dresser to replace the nightstand which is woefully inadequate. You always find the best ideas!

  4. I have "nightstands" with three drawers on either side of bed and like that idea best for bedside storage. There is a trunk also. It has an extra blanket and throws. The shelving is beautiful, but not practical for our situation. We like spots for books and lamps and J's medical data machines and c-pap etc. We also have the adjustable mattress now and I haven't found a good spot for the controls. I'll figure it out. We've been here less than a year, no time at all!
    The top photo is my favorite of all the rooms. I would just move the trunk and have stand with drawers. This is the sort of room we like.

  5. I like most of these. I do not care for a lot of bulk in my bedroom. I chose a vintage, yellow chippy kitchen step stool. It is narrow and has three tiers. I love it and it is unexpected.

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