1. I would love to know the exact product you purchased as ultrasonic pest repeller. We recently had a mouse visit our camper. I have got to get something quickly. Thanks

  2. You are not alone..think forgetfulness comes with age and it is scary. I forgot to pay the mortgage payment one month..making it 10 days past due…I pride in paying on time and good credit. Was so freaked out.. yikes..lol Most everyone prob has way too much stuff..I need to work on it, too..downsizing… It will be payback to my only child to have to deal with it all.. ;0) lol

  3. I don’t know that I’m getting forgetful or if I’m just preoccupied. There was a morning last week that just getting my coffee made, poured, and doctored up just the way I like it seemed to take forever. I was opening wrong cabinets, looking in the pantry instead of the refrigerator, just kind of wandering around like I was in a strange house which was a bit worrisome but then it occurred to me that I was so deep in thought about something that I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing. I find that’s the case quite often. I have a lot of really big stuff to ponder on, you know!

  4. I have a couple of the polka dot dishes and have always admired yours too. I’d be happy to pay packaging and shipping. . . .

    1. Problem is getting them shipped. I can pack them. Will Fed Ex or someone pick them up. Because I can’t tote something heavy anywhere right now. I haven’t shipped anything in years. Always the other way around. So I’ve forgotten who picks up what when. I need your email address or phone number. Send it to my email.

  5. Keep the dishes so we can occasionally, visually, visit them. I’ve tried to find them and had no luck. (I’m being silly, so forget I begged (=)

  6. I am sitting here laughing this sounds like me so much .
    The forgetting,the senior behaviour ,all of it .
    My new motto is keep it simple stupid!!!
    Minimal is better now for my spouse and me .
    Ask your vet if he would recommend CBD oil for your lil Charlie ,it sure helped our lil Mallory before her death .
    So glad u have Nathan and u have him !
    You need each other ..Hugs to all !!!

  7. That’s one of my favorite sayings about myself too…”I’d forget my head if it wasn’t tied on.” Good thing I’m a big list maker! I have a to-do list and errand list on the front of the fridge, a calendar on the side of the fridge where I write down schedules and appointments, etc. I also have a notebook at the ready right next to my laptop.

    We bought a couple of those ultrasonic plug-in things for mice in our basement and they didn’t do a darn thing. Go figure.

    1. You can’t have a current mouse problem and try them. The mice have to be gone and then plug them in. Of course I can’t guarantee anything, Melanie. But worked for me. Also, I think you have to have them plugged in all over. My place is 725 square feet and I have I think 6 plugged in in various places.

      1. Brenda I would love to know more about the ultrasonic pest control. Recently had a mouse get in our RV. I want to get exactly what you purchased since yours has worked so well for so long. Thanks

  8. I loved this post. I seem to learn so many things from you and cherish them all. Now I need to know the name of the things to get rid of mice. I have one that keeps visiting my laundry room.

    You are so good to Nathan. I know he must appreciate it so much.

    I just had a problem with my car payment. The bank showed it was to be paid every two mths and now I think I’m late on it. I have had so much trouble setting this one payment up. It’s crazy.

    I wanted to let you know my daughter bought a chocolate mint herb and it is a lovely trailing herb. I think you’d enjoy it.

    1. I think I might have chocolate mint out there somewhere in the current jungle. It rained again last night!

  9. Brenda, I don’t EVER consider your posts boring!! Please don’t be hard on yourself. I learn a lot, smile a lot, and have to try not to drool on my phone when I see the gorgeous pictures you share with us all.

    On top if that, you’re such an excellent writer that I, a fellow writer, am often moved by how deftly you craft words!!

  10. my biggest fear next to going blind, is going senile. i think of the weirdest things at times. i keep asking my daughter if she thinks i’m getting dementia; she says “‘you think too much.” ha ha.

  11. Hi Brenda. I can relate to some of your topics. I only have autopay on some bills, but there are others that I want to look at online first before paying. One month, one of those bills somehow got set on autopay and the bill already had been paid when I went to the website to make the payment. I really do not recall doing that, so I called and was told I had to send an email to request removal of autopay. So I did that, and there was no autopay done this month. So, that was good. You do have to keep an eye on things!

    I had a car get flooded by heavy rains because the creek near our house got out of its banks at night when we were asleep and it flooded our yard. My Toyota Corolla sat low enough to the ground that water got up inside of it. The truck my then-husband drove sat up high enough that it stayed dry. My car still ran after that, but it had electrical problems and some things never did work right on it, such as wipers and turn signals. So, I eventually got rid of it.

    Speaking of getting rid of something, I understand about getting rid of the dishes. I just got rid of some more things today with a trip to Goodwill. I once got rid of some dishes years ago and I was fine about it for years. Then one day I missed them! Fortunately, they are a Corelle pattern and it has been fairly easy to find pieces at thrift stores. Now I have four dishes and four cups and that’s enough to make me happy.

    Have a pleasant evening. Hope Charlie is feeling better.

  12. Oh my,you too?
    I’m getting so bad I drove through a red light in my town last December,totally freaked me out,I ran to the doctor and asked to get a brain scan done(hubby had brain cancer that took him very quickly and looking back there were many signs),it was totally clear and I’m still wandering from room to room wondering what I’m looking for,my newest seems to be forgetting to shut my car off for some reason.
    Hope he didn’t damage all the electronics that seem to run our vehicles these days, can’t imagine what that repair will cost…
    I’m another mouse hater,they make my skin crawl,bugs don’t bother me at all…my Buddy,Mr.Mischief,finds snakes,garden snakes,inside our house, he’s not allowed out,we had a long talk last time with me explaining that he can’t have a pet snake since I don’t like them,so far,so good but he keeps looking,lol.
    Have a terrific afternoon!

  13. I find that I have to write down more things than I used to. I seem to have so many things in my head that they easily get pushed out and quickly replaced by something else…thus, writing it down helps me remember. I so glad you have Nathan to help. Edward is tall so he can do/reach things that I cannot. It is a huge help! Love and hugs!

  14. LOL! a serious but lovely post. I have always related to the main thing you said…
    ” The older I get, the less I want to have to mess with. ” it becomes a mantra for my life!
    it’s true. and getting truer! in the sense that I only have what I truly NEED and use on a daily basis! I won’t label it minimalism because folks are probably tired of that word.
    but it’s such a beautiful calm and freeing way to live.
    and your garden is your passion! AND the way you find genuine ways to help that sweet boy who is a good father… well… to my mind those are the important things in life! bless you dearest bean! and love to Charlie Ross and Ivy and You! xo
    (and I’m the one who told you about the electronic pest defense. (there may have been others of course) but it is such a humane way of ridding our homes of pests. they don’t have to be killed! they just run from it and never even come in! they DO work!!!)

    1. Well, I sure thank you! There’s not much of anything I hate more than I hate mice. Filthy vermin.


    2. I look forward to your posts every day, no matter what they’re about! If I lived close to you, I’d grab up those cottage-y dishes!
      Nathan is blessed to have you in his life. <3
      Have a good day!

      1. I just write about whatever mundane things are going on. I can’t for the life of me imagine that they’re that interesting.

  15. I hope that somehow your auto-pay won’t make three $300 payments next month because you signed up for it twice. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but maybe you can double check to make sure you’re only registered once now for the particular payments you’re having taken out of your account. An extra $300 that wasn’t previously budgeted for is a lot of money! I”m sitting on extra dishware too. I have a fancy set that I never even entirely unboxed it years ago when I bought it on clearance from Gimbels in downtown Milwaukee, when Gimbels was going out of business. And I brought home from the office when I was still working a set of casual china that one of the attorneys was giving away. But I’m still using my old stoneware set by American Enterprises that I bought in 1968 or 1969 for my “hope chest.” Oh brother!

  16. Poor Nathan, I had the same problem with a car years ago….I couldn’t tell how deep the ‘puddle’ in the road was, and by the time I realized I was halfway through it! Messed up my car pretty good, sigh. That was many moons ago, but I certainly learned my lesson!

    1. Two little kids in car seats and water all around you. I imagine that was a bit scary.

  17. I hate to see you give away the polka dot dishes. They are so cute. Wish I was closer. Please keep the things that make you happy.

    1. I just still have too much in my kitchen. And I know, if something should happen to me, my daughter would end up wondering what to do with them. They’d still end up at a thrift shop.

      1. I’m doing kinda the same thing. I have about 24 plates and probably as many salad plates, bowls and bigger bowls in my cabinet. Since my daughter and 2 kids got their own house, I definitely don’t need all those. Trying to decide if I’ll sell on ebay, a local site or just box them up.

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