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  1. If you are lucky those little tomatoes are ‘Sun Gold’. They turn orange and are so delicious! They also grow very tall.

  2. do most caterpillars eventually become butterflies? I don’t have any garden space. and NO green thumb! so I shall have to google that I think. I’ve truly never thought about it before.
    I don’t know. but if you have plants and flowers that attract butterflies…
    is it possible that the attraction also even begins with the caterpillars? πŸ˜€
    probably a foolish thought. but then everything in nature is so connected! and you will sort it out I’m sure.
    I admire your tenacity and willingness to find out!
    I’m glad that little Charlie has something in his life that excites him! lol.

    1. Yes. Caterpillars hatch from the eggs of butterflies or moths. So, planting flowers to attract these beautiful pollinators means you will have caterpillars.

  3. Caterpillars are a result of the beautiful butterflies (or moths) everyone loves. They are one of the stages of the life cycle.

  4. Could be a possum or raccoon or groundhog. They’re all noctural.

    Sounds like you bought a yellow cherry tomato plant. We always buy/plant both yellow and red.

    Monkey spends much time in his cat tower, too. Clementine never sleeps in it like Monkey does; she only perches on it to look out the living room window.

  5. Brenda can the animal Charlie is trying to find be a rabbit? You said there was high thick grass was on the other side of your fence. That is great hiding place for rabbits.

  6. Yellow cherries are delicious and sweeter than red. I have good luck catching all kinds of garden critters with small pans of beer. Empty and freshen the pan each morning. It’s amazing who likes that stuff?

  7. What are the gorgeous purple/fuschia flowers in the first photo, please? Regular petunias or something else?

    Love your photos always!! πŸ™‚

  8. B~ about your catapillers..can you please post a picture of the unknown varmit.
    perhaps we avid gardeners could help with recognition of type and method to be rid of it.
    sometimes critters are carried along by strong winds, or washed from above by rains..
    I for one have had my curiousity aroused by your often mentioning of said Catapillers..
    hoping for a photo
    I’m so enjoying your garden!

  9. Can you add a picture before you transition to another topic? For example, when you were writing about pots and suddenly changed to your cat in the last paragraphs.
    Complete sentences make sense if you read them alone. I was taught to check my sentences by pretending a little green man from Mars walked into the room. When I read the sentence to him he could understand it. πŸ’•

    1. Or you know, you could just stop being a critical and get over it.

  10. Ivy looks so sweet. You can buy fox urine on line. I know it keeps opossum away and more than likely that is what is coming on your patio!

  11. One year I got the yellow tomatoes because they were all out — I had waited too long to buy them. However, the yellow tomatoes were very good and I would get them again.
    Ivy looks so innocent when she is sleeping! (smile)

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