1. I don’t know why but on your new blog I saw the picture of the wren and then throughout the blog only advertisements, 5 or 6, no other pictures you had taken!
    Missed seeing your pictures.

    1. I will add more photos. Google has asked that there only be a few photos for some reason. But I won’t follow that.

  2. Took me a minute to figure out you had changed the blog layout. Kept thinking it was me! Haha anyway looks really nice. It does showcase your photography which by the way, is exceptional. And your apartment and patio are just so lovely. Definitely a cozy little house.

  3. Brenda,
    have you seen the breaking story of N-95 counterfeit masks that were just seized? Apparently, Amazon has been trafficking in these and many have found their way into hospitals and other organizations for health care providers! Washington state has had a slew of phony masks that have put many healthcare workers at risk; not to mention their families and all the patients they have worked with. And, our MORON of a governor is more interested in carbon credits and sneaking in an income tax; then WHY our transmission rate of Covid-19 was spiking even with safeguards and protocals and lockdowns in place! Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezos should bear some blame for putting profit over people’s lives! Please verify that your masks are legitimate! I wear a different type of mask and use disposable coffee filters as a additional barrier inside. You can also use folded paper towels and then discard after wearing.
    Your blog looks good… BTW, I LOVE the picture of “Charlie’s” facial close-up yesterday and of course ” Miz Ivy” is always her beautiful photogenic self!
    Have a sweet, safe weekend with your fur babies…

  4. Blog website update is lovely. Really showcases your great photography!
    I was looking for a link to the other blogs you follow but didn’t find one? Please share if there is one. Thanks & have a great weekend!

  5. Last summer, in the space of a day, an enterprising robin decided to build a nest on top of my front porch light, which is covered/protected by a 2 foot deep overhang. Since that door is opened daily to check for mail (the mailbox is about a foot below the porch light) and/or deliveries from various places that are left on my front stoop, and used a lot during the summer when I’m doing yard work in the front of the house, a robin nesting where my head would only be a few inches away as I was stepping down out of the house and passing by – nope! I felt awful and guilty about doing it, but I took the nearly finished nest down and put it in the trash, then scrubbed off the mud and muck left on top of the porch light. I love birds, and I have many different kinds of shrubs and trees for them to find plenty of places to nest in, but it just won’t work in an area where I regularly go in and out of the house. I hope the little wren working so hard to try and get a nest inside your mail box figures out it isn’t going to work. You may want to replace the clothespin with a smaller spring clip used to hold papers together. I use one on the lip of my mailbox to hold out-going mail for the mail carrier to pick up. That will allow you to lower the lid almost all the way down so birds don’t have open access to the inside of the mailbox.

  6. Brenda~
    The new format is awesome!
    Much easier to read!
    Each subject seems to be just a click away!
    I for one, really like it!
    Thanks always for such a variety of subjects!

    1. I’m still working on it. I will continue to tweak it to fill the needs of my readers, as you let me know what you prefer to have on this blog.

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