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  1. How nice ! I just dicovered you blog and I really like It. I starded a similar one in french – – an I hope I will be able to get it as nice as yours. Peace, calm and quality of life are much needed around the world at the moment, and it is inspiring to see people sharing such good vibes. 🙂

  2. I noticed today that some woman has taken it upon herself to pick out the best garden space and start planting. I’m going to have to talk to them again about it, but there are so many problems from the tornadoes and the virus that I hate to bug them. I hope your cold weather is past and you can get going on planting. xo Laura

  3. After a decent weekend, we are back to cold weather here in northeast IL. It is only in the 20’s with the wind chill factor today because the winds are whipping around like crazy. Looks like it’s only going to be in the 40’s all week. So it’s still going to be another couple of weeks or so until I can get annuals. All the garden centers here are curbside pick-up only. You have to order what you want ahead of time and they bring it to your car. I’m not sure if Home Depot’s nursery will be open but if so, that’s where I’ll be shopping. If not, I’ll have to resort to the online thing. Like you, I’d much rather be picking out my flowers and herbs and veggie plants myself.

    I hope when you go to your daughter’s house to pick up food, that she leaves it on the doorstep for you and that you don’t go in her house. Be safe!

  4. Thanks for solving what is going on with me. Yesterday I was so ansy and just didn’t know what was the matter. I know one thing I got into some sugar which makes me so nervous anymore. Just bored I guess BUT I knew that wasn’t the only reason. When I read your post I got my answer I am so ready to garden!!! I don’t want to puzzle, embroiderer or read I am ready to be outside. I am like you I want to pick up my own plants. Today I am going to put my wish list of vegetable plants on paper and call and see what I can get. I’m even going to see about tomato and pepper plants. I can keep them under lights here. Thanks for helping see what is going on with me. I am so ready here in Illinois to get into soil. My garden is all tilled but it is 37 degrees today and to be that tomorrow. At least, I can get moving about it.

  5. Both of my daughters, working from home…one of them taking an online course, etc seem to be very happy and more healthy than at times…so yes, this isolation can bring some good things too!!

  6. Our week ahead is cold, cold, and even colder!!! Today it was warmer but raining and incredibly windy – my power has been off since morning, but the generator is doing its job thank God. There are huge branches down all over my property, but thankfully (so far at least) no trees down. I have a very intense work week ahead of me, so I guess it’s just as well the weather isn’t better or I’d be itching to be out in the garden rather than stuck at my computer!

  7. The weather in Florida is very warm along the Gulf Coast. I just finished washing my windows and window frames. Once the pool guy comes to clean the pool, I plan on cleaning the pool deck. I love the warm weather and there is a nice breeze out today.
    I hope you and your daughter are able to get out to the nursery for your plants. I need to go get some flowers, but will not get that done today.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  8. We have roses and a lot of flowers blooming, with our crepe myrtles putting on buds and now a forecast this week of one night of 28 degrees (perhaps), so our plants just may be in trouble. Yesterday, Easter, was a lovely, bright, warm and sunshiny day!
    Here in Texas they say: ” If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute….”. So true!

  9. Hi Brenda,
    I am longing to see our weather get nicer here in Illinois so I can get my garden going and flowers.
    Glad you are seeing really nice weather.
    Have a great start to the new week.

  10. The weather – the forecasters sure had that big storm front sweeping in called correctly. We were lucky here in SE Wisconsin on Saturday. Although the forecast called for cold and rain, the sun came out, the winds died down for hours, it warmed into the mid-50s and felt positively balmy outside, good enough for me to work outdoors without a jacket and get more yard clean-up done. We had a few little sprinkles here and there, that was it. With all the raking I’ve done this year (and still a lot more to go), I should have the arms of Popeye by now but, nope. The rain held off until yesterday evening and I got some more done yesterday too – a little bit at a time and eventually it will all get done. Today the rain stopped well before dawn, but much cooler temperatures and strong winds out of the north. We, however, dodged the bad weather up north where I have relatives with more than a foot of snow. As far as I know, we had no severe weather events here, not like the states down south that were hit with the tornadoes at such an unfortunate time.

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