Yesterday was a calm day. I had “The Door Man” folks take off the shattered storm door and put up the new one.

Truth be told, I don’t think the maintenance men here knew how to do it.

When I was about to move in here and wanted the first storm door put up, that maintenance man, who is long gone, couldn’t figure it out. (Where do they get these guys? Central casting?)

So that’s how I got to know “The Door Man.” This was his third time to my home.

It took them about four hours. But it looks great. They do a remarkable job, as always. And they carted the broken door off. Cost me $150.

If you live in this area and need something done with doors or windows, contact this guy.

While he was here, he got a call. From what I could tell on my end, someone had had Lowes install a house full of windows.

The guy wasn’t pleased with the job they did. Apparently he wanted Jeff to come out to his house, take them all down and put them in again.

I heard Jeff say with obvious incredulity: “You want me to take them all down and put them up again?”

Get this: It wasn’t an hour later that a sparrow flew into my new storm door. So today I’ve got the wood door closed.

How can I keep these birds from flying into my door???


This clematis bloom looks nothing like the others. A mutant clematis flower?

I went outside this morning to do a little work. Dead heading flowers. Making sure the veggies are watered. Veggies need a lot of water because they do a lot in a short amount of time. Or at least that’s my thought.

Before I knew it I was transplanting a plant from the raised garden bed into one of the galvanized tubs. I had to pull out endless sedum that grow like weeds to put the other plant in the tub.

Charlie roams around sniffing and looking for critters through the small amount of space he can see through the fence slats. Last evening he obviously smelled something.

His little tail wagged like a wigged out clock hand. I never could see what it was. But he was very excited.


I started reading “The Good Liar” last night. I’ve been trying to pace myself and read more slowly because I gobble up books too fast.

I came across this image somewhere online yesterday. I copied it to show you.


Somewhere just beyond “The Rainbow Bridge”, you think? For those of you who haven’t read it before, here it is. Grab a hanky.

the rainbow bridge

I don’t think there’s ever been an occasion when I’ve read these words that I haven’t dissolved into tears. Whether I’m grieving or not.

Though it starts the tears flowing, the words are comforting.

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  1. Rainbow bridge is one of my favorites. Difficult to read, but I found with time it gave me great comfort. I hope it will be the same for you.
    Have a good day

  2. I’ve found that many times, birds see the light straight thru windows from my windows and doors and think they can fly right thru. That’s when they flyinto them. If I close a door or window curtain that prevents their line of sight and prevents them from flying into them. Just a thought. Are they seeing straight thru from your storm door to your patio doors or a window?

  3. I had tried at some point back when to find the history of Rainbow Bridge and found it interesting that it’s original author is unknown. Another site stated the authorship is in dispute but for however it was created, or by whom, I found it a fascinating piece of work. Some might think it’s an exercise in pure fantasy but when you discover how incredibly broad range the story of Rainbow Bridge has become, you might feel compelled to consider a little deeper.

    I remember a time when people used to laugh and say things like, “don’t be silly, pets don’t have souls” and I would wonder at the cruelty in the hearts of those that could actually say such a thing let alone believe that utter nonsense for a single moment.

    Whether it’s Rainbow Bridge or a simple cloud in the sky matters not to me personally. What does matter is the knowledge I can obtain that they are definitely “there”. Not everyone is going to search for a deeper meaning to the lives and death of their pets but there are some that have done some exceptional work in this field and are so worth giving time too for those who doubt.

  4. Search “How to keep birds from hitting your window” on Youtube. I just watched one that says to mark the inside of your window with a yellow hightlighter! Odd but they said it works…

  5. I have a white flower clematis and went out one morning and deer ate all the flowers. This is the first year this one had bloomed profusely. So far just those little wire like Curley cues no more blooms. 🙁

  6. I would not be able to go on without believing that my sweet doggies are there waiting for me and playing with each other until I come. And I refuse to listen to anyone who has ever tried to tell me otherwise. I’m so glad you got your storm door fixed. I love mine too. There were none here when we moved. I know some people prefer the beauty of the wood door to stand alone but I too need the feeling of security of having two locked doors and the enjoyment of opening up the wood doors and letting the light come in, as well as fresh air when it’s cool. And BreeBree and James Mason love lying in front of them to keep an eye on what’s going on outside.

    I don’t always comment, Brenda, but I do read and know how hard each day must be without her and how much just the day to day care of your little boy keeps you going. It does change us, makes us reevaluate how we want to spend our time and what is really important in life. It’s not how we want to be changed. We’d rather have gentler urgings but it does make us want not to waste time on non-essentials, doesn’t it? I take more time now just to look in the eyes of our new babies and try to understand what they’re trying to tell me. I talk to them more, all the time really.

    Best to you,

  7. Brenda,
    When woodpeckers (which we love) decided to eat one of our porch posts, it was recommended that we hang mylar strips on the post since they flutter in the tiniest amount of wind. I think he got the advice and the strips from our county Extension Service. Good luck!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  8. Poem is so sad and happy to know they are taken care of and are happy.
    Hope your days are getting better. I know what you are going through.
    Take care of sweet little Charlie.
    Best wishes,

  9. My parents did the decals too, vinyl. They put them

    About chest level if you were standing there.

  10. I’m another one who cries on reading “The Rainbow Bridge” poem ~ Every.Single.Time.

    Agree with trying decals on your storm door… HobbyLobby has them.

    1. Okay, will check H.L. I know what the words say to that dear poem. Still, I cry every time I read it, just like you.

  11. Brenda, I agree with you, every time I read this I cry. And at the same time it gives me comfort. I am happy that your door is fixed. I think i missed the post when you told what happened to it.

    Enjoy your sweet Charlie and your beautiful garden, I hope it is not too hot there today!

  12. Hi Brenda, my Dad used to put a few decals, like butterflies, on his windows as he had the same problem. Just a thought. Have a peaceful day.

  13. Hello Brenda,
    There are things in life that we each wish we had never had to live through. There are so many things we have experienced that we never would have chosen to see or hear or feel. There are so many lessons that we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves. We never would have checked off the boxes to pre-order many of our life experiences if that is how it worked….

    We do not like to feel pain…we do not like to feel discomfort. We are wired for joy!

    The beautiful fact is….sometimes there is simply no other way to get to the other side of something…or to the best destination, without first traveling through places we never would have chosen. There are tools we need to pick up, there is armor we need to put on, there are muscles that need building, there is knowledge that needs to be absorbed BEFORE we can get to the places that we have been working so hard to get to.

    And sometimes, the way we get those tools, that armor, those muscles and that knowledge…is by surviving experiences that we never would have chosen for ourselves.

    There are so many things in life that are not possible without resistance, struggle and growth…….but then comes the joy, then comes the reward, then comes the good stuff.

    So, dear friend, if you are in a season of struggle…take heart. Keep going. Plug away at it….and give yourself a pat on the back for all of the tools, armor, muscles and knowledge that you are earning. Your life will be so much better for it. Even when things are difficult, find the joy along the way…create the joy along the way…and decide how you will spread joy along the way with all of this awesome new wisdom you are gaining.❤

    1. Beautiful and wise words. I know that who I am is because of my prior experiences in life. As it is for everyone.

    2. Your words made me get chills, they are so on spot, sensitive and wise. I have a dog who is my best friend and he doesn’t have long to live. I’ve been grappling with how I’ll handle it (and Brenda is a great example), so your words meant so much. Thank you!

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