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  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday lunch with your daughters. I can’t wait to see the tree all decorated in your “new” apartment! I can’t believe you’re there almost a year, but your first Christmas is something to celebrate!

  2. I love your new tree and agree that quality over quantity is always the better value long term. I just seem to get more use from things I really love and I end up keeping them forever! My friend calls it price-per-wear (relative to clothing)! The price you paid seems very good for Balsam Hill – one person said to watch the price and I agree – many stores will adjust if it goes lower in a certain timeframe – but Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing may be exempt from that “normal” policy. It never hurts to call and ask though! Lunch w your girls is so special:)

  3. Happy birthday. I always appreciate celebrating my 39th birthday every year (does anybody remember Jack Benny and his perpetual 39th birthdays???)
    The new PE branches on artificial Christmas trees look like the real thing and they are much softer to the touch and don’t scratch like the “old” PVC branches do, but with the PE branches comes a much higher price, too. At the end of 2020 I bought a combination PE (for the parts of the branches including the tips that show the most) and PVC (for the interior of the tree) artificial Christmas tree on sale, and I was very happy with it when I put it up in 2021. I’ll be using the same tree again this year. Your tree is beautiful, and it’s great that it comes in its own decorated pot.

  4. I have Balsam Hill Garlands and they’re gorgeous. Use them outdoors. All of the material looks like real fur tree cuts. They’ve been through hell and back with extremely hot temperatures and flooded displays , temperatures below 5 degrees, freezing rain, driving snow and crazy squirrels. A section of lights went out but I replaced them with a cheapie light set and voila, good as new. I’ve had the garlands for years. Still simply beautiful, no fading. And truthfully, as I write this , I don’t think I’ve ever known if they were outdoor rated or not. Expensive ? Most certainly. But in the long term , cost effective. ( Didn’t even think to look for coupons or price rebate.)

  5. Well Happy Birthday to your daughters! I hope all three of u made tons of memories together and took a few pictures!

  6. Have a wonderful visit with your girls. I love being home where I feel safe also. It is wise to give a gift where the girls can get anything they need or want. I love your tree and can’t wait to see it decorated.

  7. Had a look at the trees at Balsam Hill, they are just lovely. Even though I do not decorate for Christmas I am tempted to buy one. We have quite a big porch and I can see it standing in there. I wouldn’t decorate it so it would be good for any season.
    Hope you are having a lovely visit with your daughters.

  8. I have a family member who just buys for the sake of buying. Doesn’t seem to care when she gives it to you if it’s working or not, whether you have it already, if it’s being regifted and seeing tags , so can relate to buying and not being happy afterwards. It is kinda silly when you think of it.
    Love your new tree and I am sure you will enjoy the warm glow at night. Have a wonderful time with your birthday girls. We had our latest booster and it didn’t bother us one bit. Kinda like getting the flu shot now for us. Seems the friends we know getting sick said they were putting off getting their booster and now wished they hadn’t.

  9. Take a picture of you with the girls, please! The memory will be in your heart and head but you can also have a physical copy… I’m sure your girls are good at selfies to get all 3 of you!

  10. Glad you are getting together with your daughters for their birthday dinner! Enjoy your visit! I love your tree and can’t wait to see it all decorated. You are right about you get what you pay for! I have found it is much better to go with a good quality item. You are better off in the long run!

  11. Have a wonderful day with your daughters. I love nothing more than spending time with my family making memories with them.

  12. Cant wait to see your decorated tree. We also bought a little 4’ tree last yr for the other room. And it is delightful. My daughter puts them up now and feels sort of weird having her decorate. She never wanted to have anything to do with decorating the tree when she was younger. I must say she does an amazing job on them though. Enjoy lunch with the girls. It will
    be fun to catch up.

  13. Enjoy your time with your daughters! Make wonderful memories!
    Love the tree and can’t wait to see it decorated and in its place in your home.
    Have a great day!

  14. I think you will love your tree! I ordered one after Christmas last year….the 8’ BH fir, unlit. ($600 then) Fast free delivery, great product! I set it up to make sure everything was there and was delighted! Didn’t need the gloves, but nice touch! Full tree, beautiful shape. Super nice lightweight storage bags (2) with handles on top and ends. Can’t wait til next Friday to set it up for its first full season. Will add a fir tree scented candle!
    Reminds me to mention something here for grandparents who buy gifts ahead for kids. Be sure to check that item works and all parts are present upon delivery. I feel badly when I read reviews that a grandparent (usually it’s us!) cannot return a non working item after Christmas because it was purchased in August.

    1. Brenda, watch the price of your tree over the next few weeks. They’ll refund you if price goes down in next 14 days….like over Black Friday. That includes the $50 coupon they sometimes run when you visit the site.

    2. Glad you liked it! I’m going to be getting it out of the box this week. And thanks for the tips for grandparents.

  15. Have a fun wonderful time with your daughters!! Glad you get to all be together for a meal!!

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