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Blooms & Pets & Regrouping

It is cloudy and rainy outside. My patio garden is perking back up again, thanks to the rain.

There are more morning glories blooming. I look forward to seeing the alley fence covered in purple blooms.

The air purifiers were delivered last night and this morning I got them out of the box and going. One is between the dining and living space. And the other is in the bedroom.

Here’s what they look like. The photo is a bit tilted because I took it from my chair.

Everything was easy enough. A wrapping pre-filter comes with it (plus I ordered more to have on hand) that you simple wrap around the HEPA filter. And then there are velcro type fasteners to keep it in place.

The HEPA filter, according to the pamphlet, should only need to be changed every 3-4 years.

I am mostly battling dust and allergens and cat hair, so we’ll see how long the pre-filter lasts. I would never allow someone to smoke in here and I no longer use candles.

I have always liked the Honeywell brand. It is the brand of the purifier I already had.

I am doing everything I know to do to help little man Charlie. Salt lamps, house plants and air purifiers. He also gets medication and acupuncture and whatever else they deem appropriate to help him walk.

I will do anything and everything I can to help him feel better and keep him going. That’s all a person can do I guess.

Yesterday morning I managed to get an appointment with the nurse practitioner at my doctor’s office. I hadn’t been feeling well all week. She said I have a urinary tract infection and prescribed medication. It’s already starting to work, thank goodness.

My blood pressure was a strange number, I thought. 172/72.

I take two blood pressure medications every morning. But I feel off and tired. Like I can’t keep up. Like things are building up and I’m trying and trying to get up the hill, but I keep sliding back down.

Much of this is worry about Charlie. I tell myself that worry and regret are two worthless feelings. But nevertheless I feel myself start to worry till I consciously nip it in the bud.

I knew it would take awhile before my pharmacy would have the medication ready, so I decided to have lunch. There is a Panera Bread near my doctor’s office, so I went there. Haven’t been to one in years.

Had a turkey sandwich and some tasty tea. I forget what it was called, the tea. But it was reddish in color. I’d like to find some of that to have at home. I don’t care for hot tea, but love iced tea. It was just barely sweet.

I told myself I need to do that more. Just go somewhere and have lunch, rest a bit. I hate to be away from Charlie, but I figured another 45 minutes wouldn’t hurt. And I needed that time to regroup. Guess that’s as good a word as any.

Sometimes you just need a bit of time to yourself. Eat a good meal that someone brings to you. Watch people. Wipe the worry out of your thoughts and just sit and be for awhile.

Do you have a special way of regrouping? Mine has usually meant reading or gardening or taking photos. But I felt tired and just wanted to do something simple. Everyone has to eat.

Just look at the hyacinth bean vine. I planted it Monday! It’s growing like it’s on steroids or something. Soon it will be climbing up the fence.

Here are what the moon flowers look like during the day. They sort of fold up into themselves.

The petunias are making a comeback. Didn’t take them but 3-4 days after I cut them way back.

Ivy is playing with something under the couch. She sure can amuse herself and me too. I’ve never seen a cat that plays as much as she does.

Ivy has been here since October and hasn’t had to go to the vet once. In fact she came in here and hasn’t been outside in all that time. Cats are healthier if they are kept indoors.

And with all I’m doing with Charlie, giving him the many meds and supplements throughout the day, I’m lucky as well as thankful that she’s so healthy.

Last night she saw me open the drawer where I keep her brush. She took off to the bathroom and jumped right into the tub and flopped over, waiting for me to brush her.

That silly cat sure can make me laugh.


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  1. Brenda, I’m glad you took some time to have lunch at Panera’s and enjoy some time to yoursel-. I know you are worried about Charlie but remember, i- you don’t stay well you can’t care -or him like he needs you to. I know that you know all that but sometimes it’s hard to remember to put our own well-being -irst in the midst o- our concern -or those we love.

    The other day in my reply I mentioned the idea o- a dehumidiier when it is rainy and damp maybe would help Charlie. I didn’t know whether you saw the suggestion or not as there was no response so I tho’t I would just mention it again. In your climate you might only need it occasionally, but -or Charlie it might really keep him more com-ortable during those times there is a signi-cant amount o- humidity.

    Glad some o- your plants are reviving. I wish I could grow a Moon-lower vine. I’ve never had any luck with them. One year I bought quite a mature one in a pot but it never bloomed and I’ve planted seeds, too, to no avail. Maybe I’ll try again next year. The are so lovely and I have a special attraction to them as when I was in college I and a roommate visited a third roommate in N. Carolina and spent the week sitting by the lake across -rom her home reading aloud a book called The Moon-lower Vine which was a memorable and sweet story. A lovely experience. So I will try growing one again. Maybe do some research on exactly what they need.

    That’s all this time. Hugs to you and pats -or the -ur babies.

    1. Yes, I saw what you mentioned about a de-humidifier. Will look into it. Just bought two new air purifiers and if anything he’s worse. I just don’t know what to do. I feel helpless.

  2. The tea my niece and I drink is a passion tea by Tazio. Target has it. The colder the tea the better that it tastes .

  3. Brenda,

    Good evening! You are doing EVERYTHING you can do for Charlie, the most important of which is loving him. He loves you and knows that.

    Maker sure that you take care of yourself as well as you do your sweet pets.

    Have a great night.


  4. What a hilarious cat…thanks for the laugh Brenda!! I think one of the main things pet give us is laughter and some days we so badly need that!!

  5. The flowers are beautiful and everything is flourishing Brenda!

    I bought a beautiful fushia plant that had pink and purple flowers that I paid $20 dollars for it…container and all. Well, not long after I hung it up high on my porch, two robins took residence in it! I was afraid to water it bc I didn’t want to get pecked! I wasn’t taking any chances! She had her robins 3 or 4, I never got to watch bc I was always working. When they finally all left I tried to save my fushia but couldn’t. I never bought another one bc fear of repeat, but my Mom’s fushia that I bought her lasted bc she wouldn’t put hers outside on her deck. It was hung in her livingroom, so she could enjoy it. Lol.

    We use to have a Panera around here, that I went to a few times. I love their sandwiches on their yummy bread! It’s good to get out and clear your mind! I bake alot or watch a good movie and put my dog in another room or go upstairs, so I can unwind. Also go visiting someone for awhile helps too. Sadly I haven’t gone shopping like I use to, after being almost kidnapped and I had my granddaughter right with me! I’m starting to venture out though, with a sister bc that jerk isn’t going to spoil my life shopping or talking to people that I haven’t seen in awhile! Lol.

    If you drink cranberry juice or eat cranberry sauce, then that should help with your uti. That’s what one of my sister’s does and she says it works for her.

    Your doing everything you can for Charlie, but you also need to keep up your strength too Brenda! Buy something or do something that makes you happy! Try not to worry so much bc you’re doing everything humanly possible for Charlie and he knows it! Take care and have a great day with Charlie and Ivy! ☺

    1. You can also get a cranberry pill to take all the time. It is in the herbal section in the Walmart drug/beauty section.

  6. Hello Brenda,
    I believe you are referring to plum ginger hibiscus iced tea. I am addicted to it, lol. Unfortunately it is not available anywhere, not even online. ? Believe me have have searched high and low. The closest i found is Tazo Passion tea. It is reddish in color and has hibiscus and rosehips and passion fruit. I hope you and your babies are having a good day. Here near Albany, NY we are having our 3rd round of storms today. My Boston Terrier, Diesel is scared and curled up close to me so here i sit reading blogs and comforting him. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I’m sorry to hear your BP is up again. I’m sure it’s due to your worry over Charlie. They just give us so much love and I know you will do all you can to make him comfortable. I’m glad you have Miss Ivy to bring some laughter into your life.

    Yes I think it’s hibiscus tea you had. I love it as a cold tea. Celestial Seasons makes one. I think most stores carry that brand now.

  8. Hi Brenda – I like to have lunch at Panera occasionally just to get out of the house on the weekend. They have several soups that I enjoy, and I like that they have seasonal ones. The first photo at the top is really cool!

  9. So sorry Brenda, I know what worry can do to a person, how it can drag you down. But trying not to worry is easier said than done, most of us know that. Charlie is so very lucky to have you as his mom…I am so sure he feels your love, and it keeps him going. It also is good, that Ivy brings smiles to your face. You certainly need that..and she is QUITE good at it (grin)..I can just picture her in the tub waiting for you to brush her. They learn so fast, how to twist us around their little finger, if they had a finger…their paws can do the job, they are so cute!!! Wishing you a restful and happy weekend. Hugs from Wisconsin

  10. Mary again – I think your iced tea was probably hibiscus tea. And looking at Paneras website, my tea was perhaps the mango green tea. The hibiscus tea is caffeine free.
    If you liked the tea enough, I’m sure that you could purchase hibiscus tea online and brew your own iced tea. It sounds like a healthy beverage.

  11. Good for you, Brenda, having a little me time at Paneras. I love to eat there, but rarely do as there’s none close to me. They used to make a delicious iced tea, a melony flavor, green in color that was so refreshing. Perhaps some other reader will recall what it was called. Your reddish tea sounds good too.
    Love the photo of little Charlie – what good care you give him and Ivy. It’s lovely reading about them.
    Hope the UTI goes away soon. And that you are resting better.

  12. I’m sorry to hear that you have health concerns. You need to take care of yourself very diligently, the way you do for Charlie.
    Maryann Z.

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