Isn’t this the prettiest Blue Jay? He has this weird blue tuft on his head I don’t recall seeing on Blue Jays before. 

Maybe I’ve just forgotten.

Same bird, but you don’t see the tuft on its head. Maybe it goes up and down???

I love all the shades of blue on these birds. Such striking colors.

Of course I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bird I didn’t consider beautiful!

Yesterday I got up, had some yogurt and went to see Andrew. They’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t seen him as much as I’d like.

My daughter gave me this photo. I just adore this picture of the two of them. Andrew has her smile.

Andrew wasn’t feeling all that well, but we got down on the floor and played cars. He had these plastic multi-colored tracks we put together for a highway. 

Here’s a squirrel getting a drink of water at the bird bath. 

The other day I saw a squirrel sitting in one of my outdoor chairs. Then it jumped over to the coffee table. Funny watching its antics.

Charlie saw him too. He always lifts himself up on his haunches with excitement when he sees a squirrel.

Abi says “meh,” I don’t care about those squirrels. “My brother is just silly.”

I finished “The Resurrection Of Joan Ashby.” And started another book. 

I believe six new books came in the mail from publishers/authors this past week. 

My daughter is the happy recipient of all my free books.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I love the photo of your daughter and Andrew. You can really see the love between mama and son in that photo. Your white tree with the red ornaments is so pretty.

  2. I enjoyed all your photos in this post. Especially the ones of wildlife and your beautiful daughter and grandson. How happy they look. Also your pretty red and white Christmas tree. Unusual, but very appealing and a testament to your love of red!

    I really have to get my bird feeders filled and placed. Seems like I just can't get to them. I really miss watching the birds. The blue jays are such a beautiful blue. One of my favorite colors. The cardinals that come to my feeders when they are up are so pretty, too. Seeing your photos of the jays is a good incentive to get my tusch in gear and get those feeders up.

    Reports on the pupsters are always entertaining. They each have their own personality and quirks, don't they? Can you imagine what Charlie would do if a squirrel actually came up to him? I can imagine he might turn tail, but maybe not. He seems dedicated to "hunting" them!

    Glad you got to play with Andrew. I visited my oldest daughter and got to love up her two boys the end of the week. Miles, the oldest is six and such a loving child and both he and Liam who's 2 1/2 are always so happy to see me when I visit. We worked on gingerbread houses with Grandpa–my ex– and what fun. They ate a lot of the decorations but had a great time. Such precious times and they do grow up so fast. Hope your week is a good one and your Christmas is a happy one.

  3. What a beautiful post this Sunday evening. Your daughter and grandson are beautiful/handsome, what a wonderful photo. I am sure that it is wonderful to live so close to family. I will be seeing almost all of mine over the holidays and I cannot wait.

    I have two pups, one is squirrel crazy the other doesn't care, just like yours.

    Have a wonderful week Brenda,

  4. Charlie is one smart boy! That is funny he knows when you pick up your camera it is a wildlife alert! Does Abi sometimes look almost as if she is rolling her eyes at Charlie when she thinks he is being silly? Our girl cat Sophie looks like that when her brother, Zeus, does something she thinks is silly. Our babies are so much fun!

  5. That is a beautiful picture of Andrew and your daughter! He does have her smile but I think he looks like you.

    Our two cats sure love to watch the squirrels. They know the word "squirrel" and come running if they hear us say it so we try not to unless there is one on the deck.

    Your tree is so pretty with all red and white! I hope you have a good week and enjoy all those books!

    1. Charlie sure knows the word squirrel! And when I'm sitting on the couch with them, if I lift up my camera from the table next to me, he's instantly on critter alert!

  6. Andrew is adorable.

    We will see our Andrew tomorrow. They were scheduled to fly in for a visit the second day of the Thomas fire in our area and we told them not to come. We get 8 days with the whole family on vacation, but Andrew is who we are most anxious to see.

  7. I was just going to say the same thing Wendy. You are fortunate to have such a nice picture to remember then at this time in life, since time passes so quickly.

    Brenda, I am sitting in front of my bedroom window and outside are the two large tee that house numerous birds in the summertime. Now the leaves are gone and the branches are so bare! I have been wondering where they go to live in the wintertime, but this morning here they all are, flying and jumping around on the branches. I love seeing them. I know nothing about birds, they are small, with rounded bodies, brown on the backs and tails, and creamy beige on the tummy's. Now some different birds have flown in, a bit larger and black. Not crows. They stayed their distance and then all flew of together.

  8. How fun to get to play cars with Andrew. Hope he's feeling better. Blue jays are so pretty but are rascals too. I finally got around to moving our bird feeders so we can see them better from a kitchen window. Now we have to get some more bird feed. I really like that little yellow table on your patio. It's a nice bit of color on a drab day. That one yellow daisy is so cute too.

    1. We had fun with the tracks and cars. He would get impatient if he couldn't get the tracks to clip together or the battery-operated cars to go. I tried to show him how, and he learned to give the cars a gentle push.

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