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  1. I have always loved blue and white – so classic! Although I really enjoy the convenience of online shopping, I still prefer to see my furniture in person. But, that’s becoming harder and harder!

  2. I love blue in all it’s many shades. I’ve used it in my home for years. I recently have become somewhat attached to teal, also, mixing it in here and there. And white or it’s various subtle shades always works in combination with the blues. Your lamps are gorgeous and I think they will wear well for years in your decor.

    A fun post. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Blue and white are awesome…blue and silver ok too…but anything blue has always made me feel happier!!

  4. I like red, wte and blue colors around in the summer for decor. Some pastels in the spring to liven my house up. In the fall I love all the rust, golden, orange colors that are vibrant in my house. Of course Christmas I decorate every room downstairs and some upstairs too!

    Leave a big pot of water on the stove than u can heat it up for hot water if u need too!

  5. Blue is my favorite color! If I was to buy an item that came in several colors, I would pick the blue one!

    1. That’s me, but with purple! 💜However, blue is my second favorite color. 💙

  6. I’ve always like blue and white. It’s very crisp and clean in appearance. My bedroom is primarily blue (dark denim) with splashes of white, red (my favorite) and a little pink. Very peaceful and serene.
    I know you have a scrappy blue quilt, Brenda but do have a scrappy red quilt? Two color scrappy quilts are fabulous.
    Goodness, I hope your hot water issues are resolved today.

  7. My all time favorite color combination, although I love green more and more. Peaceful, serene colors.
    Sure hope the water situation gets fixed sooner than later.
    Hang in there, Brenda and Ivy!

  8. I’m not typically a fan of blue, but that bedding set is gorgeous. You always find the best stuff, Brenda.

  9. Do you think there’s a trend to blue decorating in response to the global heating we’re experiencing? I wonder if it’s subconscious!
    Before my current green and red whole house scheme, I used blue and rust. Blue, however, was too dreary for north facing rooms. I moved to warm tan and red for those and I’m much happier now.
    You found some great pieces to decorate with. I love the contrast between the lamp and the orbs…..dark, light, size, shape…..all those elements of design nicely utilized!

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