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  1. I know this is a bit late seeing your cable guy is coming today… we were having similar issues and we finally got a guy who figured it out. I’d ask them to double check your hardware b/c maybe they’re in need of replacement with newer models. Cable guys as a necessary annoyance so hopefully you’ll get someone who is willing to go the extra distance to fix your issues.
    I bought a 50 pack of disposable masks and large gloves just in case we need someone at the house to fix something. I like to be prepared for any situation. I saw story on GMA about cable and people working from home and she gave some tips. Some of them wouldn’t apply to you because you’re only 1 person in a small apartment. The one thing she suggested is some sort of booster that you buy separate for about $50 and Amazon had several to offer.
    BUT…. this just seems like they’re making excuses to you for taking a lazy way out.

  2. Brenda
    I’ve been reading your blog for years and enjoy it so very much. You know what’s interesting? In all this time, I’ve never really noticed the ads. I think, perhaps, people allow things to bother them when honestly there is no reason to be bothered.
    Please keep doing just as you have always done. Your blog is a joyous part of my day.

  3. Your ads don’t bother me! I just want to read your blog, which I love. I just scroll on by!

  4. Sounds like Cox might have to up their game if they are saying the outages are due to so many people working from home. That seems like a huge amount of outages a day too. We gave up cable but just have it for the internet. I pay $7o a mth now for my internet and phone line.

    My Ziggy goes in the morning to remove a cyst from his eye. It is growing and needs to come off. Ok hoping it’s benign. So will be sending positive vibes out to Charlie too.

  5. Our cable wire was pulled out by a large truck lat week. We had to wait two days before we could get an appointment. The cable man fixed it so now we have television and internet. There is a problem. The TV in the parlor has one channel with no sound and another has the baseball channel in Spanish but the commercials are in English. It seems it has to be rebooted.

  6. Found your blog the other day after joining Bloglovin’ and it’s such a relaxing blog to read. As for the ads on the site yours are minimal and much better than many, many other sites out there. I remember back in the early days of blogging when we didn’t have to dodge ads but I understand wanting to monetize the content. As the wife of a guy who works for a cable/internet company (not Cox) I can tell you that losing your internet that much isn’t due to everyone working from home. That’s ridiculous! I hope the technician figures it out for you. Hopefully someone isn’t hijacking your internet connection. It happens more than you think. Good luck with your vet appointment Charlie! I hope everything goes well and you’re breathing easy very soon. Really enjoying your blog!

  7. Ads are not blocking me from reading your news there on life’s happenings. They provide an income so we can read your nice words and see your pet pictures.
    Saying a prayer all is well with your boy at the vet.

  8. Tell those gripers to ignore the ads or quit reading. I just read the last 3 days and couldn’t begin to tell you what was advertised!!!

  9. I “HATE” dealing with cable people. Our TV went out a few months ago, so that means we have no internet or land line, while we had to wait. We don’t own a cell phone, so can’t call 911 if we have to. One of these days, I suppose we will cave in and buy one. I know it’s the smart thing to do, but I am not good with new technology. Hope everything works out well for you, and your tech gets you set up with no problems. Also…I will say a prayer that Charlie’s visit to the vets, will have good results. Hugs from WI.

  10. Brenda, don’t get rid of so many ads that you aren’t making money off the blog. Hoping you are still covering your expenses. I don’t know how the ads are set up but I would just not use the ones that will cover any of your content.

  11. I’ve never had a problem reading your blog due to ads being intrusive. Yay! I currently use Via browser most of the time and it has an ad blocker that hides them all! Just thought I would mention it in case anyone else wants to give it a try. Best one I’ve used for this purpose. Have a greatcday!

  12. Don’t you just hate dealing with the cable companies. My mom has problems in her apartment building because of so many using the same internet and cable. I think that is stupid if everyone has a modem and paying for service they should get service no matter where they live. Hope you can get your problem solved. Keep good thoughts for Charlie’s Vet appointment. Keep us posted on that sweet handsome little guy.
    Have a good week.

  13. We’ve become so dependent upon internet and cable for our news and entertainment and communications via computer – and me with my ancient land line telephone – that when it goes out it is a major disruption in one’s life. I was without internet/telephone for 2 days about 2 weeks ago. And that finally forced me to the decision to get a cell phone even though I really did NOT want one and won’t ever use it except to dial 911 in case of an emergency. But I need something in case I go down with a heart incident at home or on the street or something happens at the house that requires a 911 call. Argggggh. I won’t complain about paying $40 a month (plus taxes) for my internet via ATT, which I thought was a rip-off because 20 years ago it was $14.99, after hearing you’re paying more than $100 a month for it. Holy Hathor! The morning glory is gorgeous. The blue and the purple-blue ones are stunning, but there’s something to be said for subtleness and God’s infinite variety in the wonderful things Mother Nature presents to us, if only we pay attention! Charlie, like many of us, is getting older, and that brings its own complications. Hard enough to deal with in oneself, but in a beloved family member or friend (human or non-human) it’s even harder, and difficult to find the strength sometimes to even just deal with it as best we can. But we do because that’s what moms do, whether we’re actual moms, “honorary” moms, or moms to non-humans. We’re all with you, Brenda, if only in spirit.

  14. Dear Brenda~
    I was the only person that i know of who threatened to leave due to the oversized,overly abundant ads!
    I humbly apologize and am eating crow as type!
    Out of curiosity, I kept following your posts..
    I have not seen one single ad for several days..
    Nothing but beautiful pics and written words..
    again, i humbly apologize..
    Now am praying for your cable to be back up to th standard for which you are paying!

    1. No worries. I don’t like big ads either. But they are rotated so I don’t have much control over much in ad world. If you do see ads just add an ad blocker and see if that works for you.

  15. Sorry about your tv and internet. It’s always something. Trying to go to the DMV during covid is such a pain. I have chronic back pain and trying to make an appointment is iffy since I’m never sure what days I can walk and can’t. The morning glory is gorgeous. I love it’s subtle color…. like a shy little thing but just gorgeous. Now I’m off to try to find a man to cut my yard. Like I said…. it’s always something. Oh and the ads don’t bother me a bit.

  16. The ads are better. Your story would be over the pictures sometimes and under it at others. With the ads added to that it was distracting.

  17. Hi Brenda, the ads don’t bother me at all. I just ignore them and read your blog! I’m not sure why some are complaining! Hope Charlie has a good report from his vet appointment !

    1. Ads don’t bother me. I just keep scrolling. Please don’t apologize.


  19. Can you tell me where you got your red and white curtains? I can’t find any that look as good as yours. Thanks!

  20. I honestly can’t see how ads are so bothersome. I just don’t focus on them
    and just read what you have written. Seems to me people are making a big deal out of nothing!

    Being in a rural area and having to rely on satellite for tv and internet is a hit or miss thing most times. It if gets cloudy and rains, they go out. Internet is slow by comparison to cable. I really don ‘t think ‘streaming’ would work much at all for me. Yet, I hear so many people living in metropolitan areas complain about cable as well. It is so aggravating to be paying a lot of money for such unreliable service. Hope you get your cable and internet straightened out!

    Charlie is such a cutie. I hope you get a good report tomorrow on his checkup and xrays.

  21. I know you need to have ads on your blog so this is not a complaint but just to let you know — it seems this past week as if there are more ads than there were before the “complaint” you received. I’m not sure if it shows up when you look at your blog and maybe it’s just I’m more aware of them now but just want to let you know.

    Hope Charlie’s vet visit brings some good news for you both.

    1. You’re seeing more ads? Wow. Maybe my mind is just attuned to not seeing ads much or even at all. I just ignore any that pop up anywhere. I get them even on my rather expensive subscriptions to online mainline newspapers; I mean, I see them, and ignore them. And Brenda’s site is free to read/visit.

  22. Hello Brenda hope all goes well with Charlie and I know cable tv can be a pain i don’t have it now but ours would go off and on like crazy hope you have a good day enjoy seeing your morning glories and your fur babies it’s a little cooler here in upstate SC this week only 84 each day yah!! Those 90’s and the humidity is too much I’m sure you know too well ps I think the ads are fine they don’t bother me

  23. The ads are annoying but if you get some income from them I can tolerate them. I scroll through.
    We had to change internet companies and have satellite tv.

  24. Good morning Brenda I saw your ads they are small I just ignore them and keep reading .I hope your cable gets fixed .And I hope Charlie is okay at his appointment .Have a great day Brenda, Charlie and Ivy .

    1. Good Morning Brenda,
      I think the quirky internet is everywhere with people and kids working and schooling from home.
      I wouldn’t cut down your ads, that helps your blog and income. Readers can just scroll past. It has never bothered me.
      I so enjoy your updates!!

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